The London Diaries: A Riverside Spot

Living in London has introduced me to both a love and hate of the Thames. Love in that its pretty, there’s a buzzy atmosphere almost all the time, and it’s somehow peaceful anywhere along the river. Hate in that I often have to locate a bridge in order to get where I need to be.

 photo Picnic at the Tower 34_zpstgwmlo3c.jpg photo Picnic at the Tower 7_zps6ssqddob.jpgHowever one time that I always have love for the Thames is in the evening. It’s both an oasis of calm and a hive of activity at the same time, and of course highly instagrammable. And what better way to enjoy an evening that a Riverside picnic of Pimms and Pastries (and sandwiches too, because carbs)…

Guoman Hotels invited a group of bloggers to enjoy a summer picnic on their new ‘lawn’ – an area of grass along the riverbank complete with pop-up bar and giant lawn games. We were greeted with plenty of Pimms, and I settled down to have a chat with some lovely ladies.

 photo Picnic at the Tower 12_zpsnwkegv6s.jpg photo Picnic at the Tower 20_zpshcuvovcb.jpg photo Picnic at the Tower 23_zpsjcznqthb.jpgDinner was served in little lunchboxes, the blogger in me slightly disappointed at lack of wicker hamper. A selection of sandwiches were yummy – though the Ham & Mustard was inedible sweet. Some non-white bread varieties would have been a perfect addition perhaps…

The second box contained a selection of pastries, along with obligatory scone. And yes, I did sit and pick the fruit out of my scones.

 photo Picnic at the Tower 29_zpswb59yv14.jpg photo Picnic at the Tower 25_zpsomjxkamg.jpg photo Picnic at the Tower 27_zpsmeowzdav.jpgWine followed the Pimms, and we laughed and chatted and giggled as the sun set over the Thames. A few rounds of Jenga were played, many photos were taken. Including a variety of accidental ones from me, damn touch-screen shutter!

The Lawn is a pop-up bar area, a unique setting that can be enjoyed by all. You definitely wouldn’t think you were a short walk away from the giant office blocks of the City! I’m not sure when the Lawn closes but if you fancy a leisurely riverside drink then I’d get yourself there sharpish.

 photo Picnic at the Tower 8_zpsbvruyafl.jpg photo Picnic at the Tower 9_zpsfljx6sod.jpg photo Picnic at the Tower 32_zpsu95jq6xe.jpgAnd with nearby views like this, why wouldn’t you?!

Where’s your favourite spot in London? I only have a few weeks left living here so please send over any must-visit recommendations!