Fashion: The Summer-Autumn Transition Dress

You know when you spy a piece of clothing in a shop and you just know it’s perfect? You keep thinking about it, you ponder over your finances, you even turn down a drink after work to save towards it? That’s exactly how I felt about this dress.

 photo Summer Autumn Transition Dress 4_zps29yqhc1t.jpgI first spied it in my local Topshop. Then again on a mannequin in a store in central London. Then a girl on my train was wearing it. But every time I logged onto the website I changed my mind (it looks hideous online!). Eventually I got told to go and try it on. And once it was on, well there was no question. I was having it. No matter that Topshop don’t accept Love2Shop vouchers so I didn’t technically have the money. It’s my perfect dress.

 photo Summer Autumn Transition Dress 2_zps4exzossw.jpgThe fit is perfect. The Size 8 (!) is baggy enough to look relaxed, yet fitted enough around the shoulders so I don’t look like I’m wearing a (brightly flowered) sack. It doesn’t gape at the top, doesn’t sit too low, doesn’t have to be worn high-necked. The length at the front is an inch above my knee – the perfect length as it looksfine with bare legs, or thick tights. At the back its slightly longer and whilst I was originally planning on chopping it even, I’ve come round to it. And the quality is great – which at £38 I was expecting! A thick material that is in no way see-through, doesn’t bobble, won’t develop any pull-threads, I can’t find anything about the dress I dislike.

 photo Summer Autumn Transition Dress 3_zpsfmeybj8p.jpg photo Summer Autumn Transition Dress 5_zpsi9g5smn2.jpgSo far I’ve stuck to wearing with bare legs, sandals or flats and my cream satchel. I wore it on our trip to Devon to meet up with family (whom I hadn’t seen for many years!) and felt comfortable, stylish and still practical. I know for a fact it looks great with boots, having tried some at the BigBloggerConference courtesey of Shoeaholics (these ones – I was desperate to win them in the #shoefie comp!), and I can’t wait to whip out the thick tights as the weather gets cooler.

 photo Summer Autumn Transition Dress 1_zps2niwnbcj.jpgAnd it matches my dog. Kinda...

It’s having clothes like this in your wardrobe that make you look forward to crisp Autumnal air and wandering through crunchy leaves….

What do you think of this dress? What’s your favourite Summer to Autumn transition piece in your wardrobe?