Lifestyle: Being Happy & 5 Happy Things

I’m the sort of person who really easily gets bogged down with mundane things, easily upset by thoughtless remarks, quickly stressed out by a lengthening to-do list. The last few weeks have been immensely stressful for me, handing over my placement responsibilities, finishing off projects, saying goodbye to colleagues and generally just leaving behind a part of my life that I’ve loved. It’s safe to say I’ve not been in the happiest of moods!

 photo Emergency Happiness Project 5_zpsglzmwnfj.jpgIn order to get myself back on track I thought I’d do another of my Happy posts (read my first here), injecting a bit of positivity into my life a la Little Miss Katy. Coincidentally this down period of mine coincided with the launch of Viking’s #EmergencyHappiness campaign – perfect timing!

A cute parcel, this smiley face box was enough to put a smile on my face. Filled with lots of little treats, nothing extravagant, it was the little pick-me-up I needed. Sometimes it’s not about a big treat, but some thoughtfully picked out bits and pieces that make you feel so much better. I snuggled up on my sofa, cup of tea (and cheeky shortbread) from the treasure chest, and it just felt like a big hug.

 photo Emergency Happiness Project 4_zpsbhabpsa8.jpg photo Emergency Happiness Project 2_zpsfx8adapj.jpgMy little box of treats including fairy dust, a penny (to remind me that no matter what, I’ll always have a little bit of money), and even a lottery ticket. I loved the slogan on the notebook, and the parcel even including the most ridiculously extravagant pen I’ve ever tried to use. There was even a few cheeky sweeties too!

It was just what I needed – a reminded that no matter how I feel, no matter if life is getting me down, that “I rock”. I’m not one to moan usually, as I have so much to be thankful for, but with change comes apprehension, and thinking about it too much meant a not so happy Chloe…

Yet there have still been plenty, plenty of happy things;
 photo Emergency Happiness Project 6_zpscpvu056o.jpg

Cosy Nights In

W went away to a wedding over the weekend (SO many W’s in that sentence!), which meant I had the flat to myself. I put on Disney films, cooked myself some yummy food, stocked up on snacks and enjoyed always finding the toilet seat down.

Expanding Blog Knowledge & Exciting Collabs

I was lucky enough to attend the #BigBloggerConference a few weeks back, and I’m hoping that what I learnt is starting to pay off. The main bits I concentrated on were improving my SEO courtesy of Jasmin, and Pinterest. I do have a Pinterest account but I really need to start utilizing it for my blog. Next week’s project is to sort out my pins, wish me luck!

I’m also off up to Manchester this evening ready for a fab collaboration with one of my favourite brands. I’m going to be doing some filming (?!), and hopefully having a blast. I’m terrified as it’s a little out of my comfort zone and it’s been a while since I’ve done a proper camera interview – but equally I’m so excited. Blogging has given me so many opportunities, it’s unreal!

 photo Emergency Happiness Project 1_zpssdjg48jb.jpg

Thoughtful Leaving Gifts

I really ummed and ahhed about including this as it felt a bit ‘braggy’ – but it really did make me happy! It wasn’t so much the present but more the thought that had gone into everything I received. I teared up in the team meeting when I was presented with everything. Of course the lovely kind words didn’t help either!
 photo Summer Autumn Transition Dress 4_zps29yqhc1t.jpg

The Perfect Dress

I’ve mentioned it a couple of times already but I’m completely and utterly in love with this dress. A flattering fit, easy to dress up and down, washes well and perfect transition colours – I kind of want to buy a back up. I love it THAT much.
 photo Devon 2015 9_zpszuajafuj.jpg

Fish & Chips in the Cold

A trip to the British seaside wouldn’t be complete without fish and chips, and the Bank Holiday trip to Devon wasn’t an exception. The Friday night saw us on the seafront, nose dripping, eating fish and chips with our fingers. Slightly warmer than when my family usually visit this town – we usually go down in March and have done this in the snow!

A dose of positivity was just what I needed – now its time to get up and at ’em. I have grad schemes to apply for, second year notes to look over and plenty of exciting blog collabs planned. Whatever this September turns out to be, it certainly won’t be a lazy one…

What would be your emergency happiness fix?