The London Diaries: St Moritz, A Hidden Swiss Gem in Soho

I fell in love with all things Swiss three years ago, when my boyfriend’s parents so wonderfully treated us to a trip away following our A-Level exams. With W on his tenth holiday there I had a fab guide to introduce me to the country! We were based in Interlaken and visited so many places my head was spinning. The scenery was breathtaking, the people so friendly, and the train system so bloody efficient (take note Southern!).

 photo St Moritz Restaurant Review Soho 12_zpsxj1zl5o7.jpgThe food was pretty good too. Memorable meals include schnitzel, veal sausage (alongside onion ‘sauce’ and rosti = heaven), both from mountain-top restaurants. And fondue, lots of fondue. When we found out about a tiny little Swiss restaurant in London we just had to visit. We first visited last summer, before I got my camera and before I started blogging about everything I do. This summer we decided to celebrate Swiss National Day in the best way possible – a duo of fondue. Try saying THAT ten times faster…

 photo St Moritz Restaurant Review Soho 15_zpsevlcu7s6.jpg photo St Moritz Restaurant Review Soho 14_zpshxt8v4lc.jpg photo St Moritz Restaurant Review Soho 21_zpsifhxvg0l.jpgSo, Saturday 1st August saw us head off in the afternoon sun for a battle down Oxford Street (seriously, how does anyone shop there?!) before disappearing into the peace of St Moritz. The restaurant is old-fashioned, as Swiss as you can get in the middle of Soho, complete with Alpine Horn and Raclette station.

We went for a duo of fondue…

 photo St Moritz Restaurant Review Soho 8_zpswdlh4any.jpg photo St Moritz Restaurant Review Soho 9_zpsx3tcftet.jpg photo St Moritz Restaurant Review Soho 10_zpsnrswt6rs.jpg photo St Moritz Restaurant Review Soho 13_zpsldrnvumt.jpgFirst up, the Fondue Moitie-Moitie (or half-half). This is a mix of Gruyere and Vacherin, served with bread and new potatoes. Previously we had the Fondue Neuchateloise (gruyere and emmental, served with bread only) – and found that this time round the fondue was stronger, slightly more liquid, and the potatoes added a welcome change from bread. I’d highly recommend!

We ate all the potatoes and we halfway through the second basket of bread when we admitted defeat and began worrying about what all the cheese was doing to our insides.

 photo St Moritz Restaurant Review Soho 20_zpswrwiyrmd.jpgA quick pause followed by an even quicker decision on pudding. Chocolate Fondue just had to happen, and this version didn’t disappoint. On that note, last time we had a Coupe Denmark which didn’t hit the spot – but we were definitely spoilt with these when we were in Switzerland!

 photo St Moritz Restaurant Review Soho 17_zpsm3esxrlw.jpg=St Moritz served their molten pot of chocolate with some sugared biscuits, a huge selection of fruits and some marshmallow. The chocolate is the perfect balance of sweet and bitter, it’s obvious there’s good chocolate being used here! The biscuits offered some welcome crunch, the fruit was all fresh, and in all honesty it was just a delicious desert.

We left clutching our stomachs, both looking several months pregnant, and three days on I still wasn’t up to eating more cheese. It’s not a cheap place, we paid around £70, but St Moritz is a brilliantly quirky little spot, hidden away, quiet and the perfect stop for some comfort food.

Have you tried Swiss food? What is your favourite hidden foodie gem?