Lifestyle: What’s On Our Bedside Table (Couples Edition)

I’m not sure if I’ve ever written one of these before, but it’s a post/topic I love reading on other blogs. I’m nosey, I want to peek into other people’s lives, and I want this space to feel like you are getting to know the real me. Well, the real me doesn’t have a bedside table that looks like this.

 photo 2015-09-11 09.04.00_zpsc6largik.jpgOur ‘real’ bedside table is messy, it’s got receipts and pennies thrown on it, it’s covered in lipstick smudges, it’s invariably dusty. For this photos I wiped off the lipstick and the smudges, and threw the mess onto the bed. Disclaimer over…

 photo 2015-09-11 09.03_zpsj9cdhaop.jpgOur bedroom is was (*sad face* – we’ve now moved out of London!) teeny tiny, with just a small amount of bedside space on one side. I did utilize the windowsill for vital cups of tea, but otherwise this is all we had. I think we did pretty well to share this small space!

 photo 2015-09-11 09.04.13_zpsocxfjwvk.jpgMy makeup took up a significant amount of room (and yep, everyday essentials and lipsticks were kept elsewhere!), but so did his books…

I use “Muji Dupes” easily found in stationery shops like Rymans. They’re significantly cheaper than Muji, but also significantly smaller. Foundation bottles don’t fit, nor do eyeshadow palettes. One day I’ll invest in Muji and be a proper blogger…Longer items and makeup brushes were thrown placed into a large pencil pot and placed on the floor.

 photo 2015-09-11 09.04.39_zpsccopkafu.jpgThen we have books. The majority are his, though I kept my Once A Day Diary at the bedside. That was pretty much in vain, as I’ve hardly used it recently. I really need to go back and start filling in days I’ve missed!

 photo 2015-09-11 09.05.22_zpscafzrwz7.jpg photo 2015-09-11 09.05.12_zpsfocqtlux.jpgOn the top we have a lamp I originally hated when we moved in (I thought it was far too bulky and masculine) but I’ve grown to like it – it definitely is a feature in such a small room. I usually have my ASUS tablet* and Kindle on the top too, for easy access. Espeically in the past few weeks after finishing my placement…I could just lie in bed all morning…The tablet is great for catching up on TV, re-reading blogs and just generally relaxing without a laptop.

Last little bits are purfume (I’m currently using Tom Ford Velvet Orchid, I’d love to be able to afford to make this my signature scent). W wears Paul Smith Extreme, and has since I bought it for our first Valentine’s back in 2013 (all together – “awhhhh”). And of course, no bloggers’ bedside table would be complete without a tub of Nuxe Reve de Miel…
 photo 2015-09-11 09.03.47_zps8e83ibv2.jpg

What’s on your bedside table? Send me a link if you’ve written a similar post to this!