Lifestyle: September Favourites & October Goals

September saw me return to university after a year off, all ready (kinda) for my final year. It was full of ups and including a few downs. There’s a big part of me that loves the start of a new school year, getting my diary ready, buying new stationery. Then there’s the part of me that knew September would bring an end to living in London, living with W, not having to study…

 photo Sept Favourites_zpshqtylt3t.jpgBut now, let’s concentrate on the ups!


I do love the few weeks where summer turns into autumn (definitely the time of year I’d love a big day to be…). I’ve been loving putting together some Autumnal fashion looks, dying my hair back to ‘Cinnamon’ and of course pulling out the fall-inspired makeup. Plum lips were made for me!
 photo Homemade Bagels 7_zpszt6tzrbd.jpg photo The Breakfast Club Clapham Battersea Review 9_zpsoztln2fh.jpg

Alllll The Food

So much food was consumed in September. I decided to make bagels on a whim; they turned out surprisingly well and now I’ve made them a couple of times. Turns out they are perfect for packed lunches and pretty forgiving when I forget about the proving dough! I also made some epic roast dinners, ate a fabulous brunch, andddd…
 photo Pump Shoreditch 13_zpsomhybyno.jpg

Meeting One of my Fav Bloggers

I finally, finally met Katy. She’s as lovely in real life as she seems on her blog, her chatty positivity is infectious, she has a gorgeous camera andddd is as enthusiastic about eating all the noms as I am. More about our adventures next weekend, it’s worth the wait!
 photo 2015-09-10 12.09.51_zps5t9clqxz.jpg

Pushing Myself

At the beginning of the month I ended up to Manchester for a whirlwind 18 hours for a collaboration. Which involved filming. Well, being filmed. Let’s just say I was welllll out of my comfort zone, but I did it and am super excited to share the result with you soon. Plus the area I stayed in was super lovely, out in the countryside and really peaceful.
 photo 2015-10-04 12.54.01_zpslg1pwlfs.jpg photo 2015-10-04 14.17.13_zpsiiy6uiap.jpg


Yep, bit of an unusual one for me. Of course it is the Rugby World Cup at the moment (though trying to get around London on the opening night was not my idea of fun), and whilst England have plummeted out I’m still pretty excited by it all. And then last weekend (so technically October, but…) I went off to watch the NFL at Wembley. A great experience, just a shame it’s really relegated to an annual trip!

Back to University

Both an up and a down point for me this month, but on the whole I’m pretty excited to be back at university. I’m living with two of my best friends, we have a gorgeous little house, and final year isn’t too daunting yet. We drove over to the coast on Saturday to watch the sun go down and it was the perfect finish to my first week!
 photo 2015-10-03 18.15.49_zpsmiebei7h.jpg

Goals for October

October is looking to be a busy month for me. Tomorrow brings mine and W’s fifth anniversary, he’s coming for a visit at the weekend to celebrate and (hint hint) spoil me. I’ve got graduate applications on the go, coursework, awards evenings, a whole host of things planned. And here’s what I want to achieve;

  • Bake bread at least once a fortnight. I have all the ingredients so it will work out cheaper than buying it in.
  • Limit pasta to one night a week. So far I have only had pasta once since returning to university, a step in the right direction!
  • Keep up to date with notes. I was terrible at this in second year, resulting in me rushing it at the end and giving myself RSI for the exam period.
  • Make more time for friends. I want to go out a bit more this year, and make the most of my final year. I’m not a big drinker so this will be a challenge for me!
  • No spending! Unless I use vouchers, I want to spend as little as possible in October. That means no makeup, no clothes, no pretty stationery…

A whole host of little goals, I’m really hoping I manage all of these. My September ones didn’t quite go to plan after I ended up with suspected Lyme Disease, so I’m determined to work harder this month!

How was your September? What do you want to achieve this month?