University: My Final Year Room

I’ve loved doing this post each year, and this year I’m super proud of my room. In my first year I made my halls rather homely, in second year I filled my huge room up as much as possible. I didn’t really get to personalise my third year room, as I’d rented it through Spareroom and lived in with my landlady. This has only resulted me going all out with my room this year!

 photo University Room Tour 3_zpsovbo3xie.jpg photo University Room Tour 4_zpsil2jewbb.jpgAnd it just so happens that I’m also in the tiniest room ever.

My placement year room was small, but it was also full of furniture. This year my room is crammed with a double bed, side table and wardrobe. No room for much else, I’d really prefer a single bed and a little more space, though I have squeezed in a fold-up desk. It actually turns out that I love my little space, it’s a lot cosier than the rooms I’ve had before!

I’ve squeezed in a lot of stuff, I’ve even got an empty drawer at the moment! I’ve picked up some great hints and tips for storage, I don’t think my room has ever been this organised…

 photo University Room Tour 1_zpsy3lofhfl.jpgMy favourite buy has got to be this shower caddy from Wilko. I’ve put in on a coat hook above my desk and it’s the perfect fit for my stationery. I’ve also turned my bags into a bit of a feature – popping my leather tote on the hooks (and using it as storage), and also my mini-satchel on other hooks on my wardrobe.

Speaking of my wardrobe, I’m super proud of how tidy and organised it is! I picked up an organisation system from Sainsbury’s (£10 – bargain!). I’ve used the two shelf racks in my wardrobe to store just about everything – I’ve found that storage solutions are so key when living in a tiny room! Literally every single item of clothing I have with me is crammed in here! There’s no space for much else, hence the spending ban I’ve put in place…

 photo University Room Tour 2_zpsf9olngnp.jpg photo University Room Tour 7_zpsrzxojgjm.jpg photo University Room Tour 6_zpsais08jdp.jpg photo University Room Tour 5_zpsamnjtszx.jpgI’ve got a few nick-nacks, but I’m definitely gone a lot more minimal than previous years.

Another great buy was the slim wicker drawers, again from Wilko. They are a perfect size for hiding away bits and pieces – though most of them are storing my makeup. Whilst I love having acrylic drawers, I’m also enjoying having things hidden away.

 photo University Room Tour 12_zpss4jeegen.jpg photo University Room Tour 10_zps3x44t9ce.jpg photo University Room Tour 15_zpswnprsa4v.jpg photo University Room Tour 8_zpsg9vm9b9h.jpg photo University Room Tour 13_zpsrvawnnzg.jpg photo University Room Tour 16_zpspag3ntfp.jpgI couldn’t resist showing you around our not-so-little house either. We’ve actually rented one in a little village just outside of Canterbury so it’s super quiet, a little cheaper, and still only a ten minute walk onto campus. The stroll in often involves saying hi to the local horses, I’ve even filled my freezer with blackberries. We have a gorgeous original fireplace, which we’ve decorated with candles and fairy lights. I had some gorgeous flowers delivered from Appleyard too – the Hot Toddy bouquet* fits in wonderfully with our living room and just adds the finishing touch. If only we could afford fresh flowers all the time!

The house is lovely, my housemates are even lovelier – it’s going to be a great end to university!

Have you done a room tour post? Link me if you have – I’m so nosey and love them!