Beauty: An Easy & Sophisticated Halloween Look

Not being the hugest fan of Halloween, I never go all out with a costume. I’ve never been trick or treating, I highly doubt I would enjoy apple bobbing, and the smell of carving pumpkins makes me feel a little queasy (though I’ll still do it, purely for virtually unlimited roasted seeds!). This year is the first time I’ve gone out for Halloween at university, and I’m actually quite excited.

 photo Halloween Makeup5_zpsyhkr4sri.jpg photo Halloween20Makeup4_zps4v0jm49m.jpgUnfortunately, “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it” is taken all too seriously. It was getting insanely difficult to find an outfit that covered areas I don’t wish to display publicly, especially one which didn’t threaten to bankrupt me. In the end I’ve gone for ‘Vampire-ess’ – a red dress I have stolen borrowed from my sister, a dracula cape (£3.79 inc delivery from Ebay, thank you very much!), and some dramatic makeup. The perfect excuse to buy yet another lipstick…

 photo Halloween Makeup 1_zps124neqd2.png

My makeup look is actually something I’m really proud of. I experimented last Wednesday with it (good use of studying time!), and decided I liked it enough to take multiple selfies and share it. Because realistically, if I can do it in about ten minutes, anyone can do it in five!

On the night I’ll be setting my palest foundation with talcum powder, adding in some severe contouring and getting my housemate to backcomb my hair. However the stars of the show here are the eyes and lips…

 photo Halloween20Makeup2_zpsa1mcyyth.jpgThe lip colour is the darkest I managed to find on the high-street, and the cheapest too (thankfully). At £1 from Makeup Revolution this isn’t the best quality, I find it stings a little, it takes a couple of apply-blot-apply routines to get a solid colour. However it is dark, purple, makes my teeth look whiter and is completely different to anything I own. I’ve bought a dark lip liner (Barry M) since which I’m hoping will ease the application, the weekend will tell!

 photo Halloween Makeup6_zpsvv58wp37.jpg photo Halloween Makeup7_zpspzmlqb68.jpgThe eyes! I was seriously impressed with how I managed to create this eyelook! I started by lining my lower waterline with a black liner (I’ll be lining the upper too on the night, just for more drama), before taking a big fluffy brush and blending a matte purplely-brown colour everywhere. I used my Smashbox Double Exposure palette, but I’m pretty sure this kind of shade can be found pretty easily. I then piled on a matte black shadow onto my actual lid, blending the two together slides. Some heavy mascara and it’s good to go…told you it was easy!

I’m in love with this makeup look…I’m already wondering about whether I can pull of this lipstick on a more standard night out.

What are your plans for Halloween this year?