Lifestyle: Seaside at Sunset

There’s few things I love more in life than a stroll by the sea. Despite living as far away from the coast as is physically possible in the UK, I love the peacefulness of it, the sound of the waves crashing in.

 photo 2015-10-03 17.57.23_zpsjl4sshyk.jpg photo ba21188c-ec47-4d95-871b-fbc071eec34f_zps71y99oge.jpgLiving in Canterbury has a fair few advantages. First and foremost there’s Pork & Co. Opening towards the end of my second year, I finally managed to introduce Will to one of my favourite places. A bargain compared to London prices, they offer a large pork brioche roll, sauce, topping (black pudding for both of us!) and crackling for £5. Their scotch eggs look pretty awesome too!

 photo 2015-10-03 18.17.15_zpsobapkiq9.jpg photo 2015-10-03 18.12.45_zpsdhnq7lsn.jpg photo 2015-10-03 18.07.37_zpseinqa1if.jpg photo 2015-10-03 17.53.04_zpsvff4bgem.jpgThe second advantage is living so close to the sea. Whitstable is a ten-drive drive from our house, it’s a lovely seaside town during the day. And turns out it’s stunning at night too. My housemates and I decided to head out and blow away the cobwebs for a few hours, managing to catch the sunset whilst we were at it.

We managed to pick such a perfect night to do this. It wasn’t too cold, the sunset was absolutely stunning, and the sea was so still. It was probably one of the last beautiful evenings of the year too, if the last few weeks is anything to go by.

 photo 2015-10-03 17.54.08_zpseynefr7o.jpg photo 2015-10-03 17.53.50_zpsybe56gpz.jpg photo 2015-10-03 18.09.25_zpss6pznu9r.jpg photo 2015-10-03 17.55.29_zpsmgso3hdr.jpg photo 2015-10-03 18.23.23_zpsybr08qwc.jpg photo 2015-10-03 18.15.49_zpsds9kh88q.jpg photo 2015-10-03 17.48.28_zpsr7ganlox.jpgWe wandered, snapped shots, chatted and just generally chilled out. It was the perfect antidote to a long day of studying – turns out I had definitely forgotten a lot of maths over my year out!

Are you a fan of the seaside? What do you do to relax after a hard day?