Lifestyle: A Little Update & 5 Happy Things

A bit of a cheat post today – I’ve been really stretched for time over the last few weeks, my scheduled posts have dwindled down to nothing and although I have lots of photos, lots of half-written drafts, time just seems to be running away with me. So here’s just a little light-hearted update about what I’ve been up to…

 photo 2015-10-03 17.53.50_zpsybe56gpz.jpgSo, why have I been so busy? Well, I definitely underestimated the stress of both final year and applying for grad roles. I’m in the situation where taking a gap year really isn’t feasible, so I’m concentrating on job applications in every scrap of time that isn’t spent studying. I’ve ever worked constantly on my train journeys up to W, whereas before a copy of Glamour was definitely on my travel must-have list! I’m finding it all a bit stressful if I’m honest, coupled with my horrible flu-virus has caused a fair amount of tears over the last few weeks. I’m feeling a bit more clear-headed this week, so fingers crossed it will all work out soon!

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Bonfire Night

I just love Bonfire Night – there’s something so magical about fires and fireworks. We celebrated with an overload of sugar (W made smores brownies – gooey whiskey brownies, a buttery biscuit bake, topped with grilled marshmallows), and worried about the rain. Luckily it held off, we watched a lovely display before heading back to catch up with the Apprentice.
 photo Picnic at the Tower 34_zpstgwmlo3c.jpg photo Picnic at the Tower 32_zpsu95jq6xe.jpg


I’ve been travelling in to London quite a few times over the last week for interviews, and it’s really made me realise just how much I love and miss the city. It’s where I’m aiming to be working after I graduate, I have a list of areas I want to live in, so now I’ve just got to make it happen!

Dippy Eggs

Comfort food has very definitely been on the menu over the last few weeks – and dippy eggs with buttery toast soldiers is always one of my top choices. It’s taken me until this year to crack boiling an egg and now I’m taking full advantage. Runny yolks all round!

My degree is so cheery… #mortality #studying #notes #uni #universitylife #finalyear

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Neat Notes

Bit of an odd one this, but hear me out! I’ve had to change my writing style completely due to recurrent repetitive strain (yep, I’ve written this way all my damn life, and it causes a problem at the age of 21…). It’s meant I’ve had to say goodbye to my pretty cursive style (though it was a bitch to read!) and go plain – and I’ve been hating it. I’ve finally either started to get used to it, or just made it look slightly nicer, but my notes are finally starting to inspire me into studying for final year. Better late than never I suppose…

 photo Falling for Autumn 6_zpsn9gpuxil.jpg

Oversized Scarfs

One of the biggest pros to Autumn is that its appropriate to cover up in scarves, the oversized the better. I feel so much more cosy in a scarf, and I love layering them with a leather jacket on more milder days – though I can imagine I’ll be pulling out my big winter coat in not too many weeks now!

And now I’ve caught up with you all, it’s probably fair to say that you can expect a few less posts per week for a little while. I don’t want to risk my degree by blogging too much, I don’t want to miss application deadlines because I’m plugged into social media. I love blogging, I’ve missed it over the last few weeks, but for now something has got to give. Sorry guys!

Did you find final year tough – tell me I’m not the only one?!