Lifestyle: A Quick Lunch @ Little Joe’s Deli, Canterbury

The guys behind Pork & Co have done it again, and thought up a lovely little spot just around the corner. Despite the menu seeming like a confused jumble of dishes, the slightly confusing set-up and the giant pinball machine taking up half of one of the eating areas, it works. An extremely well-priced and casual place for a quite bite to eat, I can’t wait to get back and try out more!

 photo 2015-11-07 15.21.59_zps01vluscq.jpg photo 2015-11-07 15.07.42_zps93xkjb9h.jpgHaving already bought a pie for dinner I was a little gutted I couldn’t try out their Ham & Pea offering (next time!), so I went with a toastie. As they do seem to make up their toasties in advance they did me a special no-tomato one, but it wasn’t a problem at all – I hate being ‘picky’ in places! I ended up with a Chorizo & Cheese one, with the chorizo being some of the best I’ve ever had. The cheese was stringy and crispy around the edges, with no hint of sogginess at all. I pretty much inhaled the massive portion…

 photo 2015-11-07 15.01.39_zpsvvtbuaxr.jpg photo 2015-11-07 15.01.21_zpsp738kw8g.jpgW went for a Chilli Dog – and I was lucky to get these blurry photos before it disappeared! No complaints from him, and it certainly looked amazing!

I also had some fresh pear juice from the dispenser. Sweet, refreshing and utterly delicious, I wish more places offered it.

 photo 2015-11-07 15.09.41_zps4tq7azxx.jpgFor two supposedly “light” meals and drinks it came to just under £10 for the two of us (I was only charged for half a toastie, as that was what I ordered, but cos they had to make it allergen-free they gave me the whole lot). A complete bargain, and an ideal place to hide from the rain. If you can resist when you walk past Pork & Co of course!

Have you ever been to Canterbury? Where would you recommend visiting?