University: Reducing Bills

Bills are becoming such a bugbear of mine. I’ve previously lived in rented accommodation inclusive of bills so never really had to worry about accidentally leaving a light on, or the costs of having weekly baths (with several top ups of course!).

 photo Reducing Bills_zpscfoitbiy.jpgThis year we’re paying our bills separately so I’m more conscious of the energy I’m using. It’s only been a few weeks but I’ve already started picking up a few times that might just help save a few pennies.

Keep The Heating On

Might sounds strange, but I really do advise against turning the heating off completely! It takes more energy to turn the entire system on that it does just to up the thermostat if it gets chilly. Plus it prevents pipes freezing in the holidays. I always keep the heating on and have never received an overly expensive bill!
 photo Falling for Autumn 6_zpsn9gpuxil.jpg photo 2015-09-23 09.23.39_zpsroq6am6x.jpg

Wrap Up

Rather than turning the heating up, I’d always put a few extra layers on first. Do this before you get too cold and you’ll find that you’ll notice the benefit more than heating up the whole house. I personally have to constantly make sure my feet are warm – with our kitchen tiles slippers are a must or I’ll never get warm!

Find Alternative Heating Sources

Our house this year has a lovely conservatory, perfect for studying in. Only problem is it gets bloody cold! Rather than upping the heating up to try and warm it up, we’ve gotten hold of a little electric radiator. While electricity is more expensive per unit than gas at the moment, it certainly is cheaper than (over)heating the whole house! Turning it on for five minutes every hour or so keeps it cosy enough – though I’m beginning to like studying with a blanket over my lap!
 photo 2015-11-09 14.52.59-2_zpsxi64uvdv.jpg

Warm Lunches

I find that if I’m at home all day, eating a warm lunch keeps me a lot warmer – saving me upping the heating! Making a batch of soup to blast in the microwave is my favourite, with this lentil one being super-cheap anyway. And I’m loving a good egg and soldiers too (and turning the hob on warms the kitchen up nicely)!

Use A Slow Cooker

Some of my favourite winter-y meals are stews and casseroles, but it can get expensive to have the oven on for four hours at a time. A slow cooker makes it possible to cook up these meals whilst using less electricity, and it also means I can leave things cooking whilst I head off to lectures. There’s nothing better than coming in to the smell of dinner already ready to be eaten!

 photo Report Done_zpsftdrj8vk.jpgFollowing these tips has already begun to save a few pennies – fingers crossed it continues as the lure of Christmas party dresses is starting to take it’s toll…

Do you have any tips for saving money on bills?

  • Jennifer K

    Living in a small house, with only one other person, and being out all day! My bills have shrunk massively this year – but then that’s to be expected when you go from a 6-bed to a 2-bed flat. I try to do little things like not leave the TV on or only boil the kettle with the water I need. It’s also worth checking your energy tariff – our landlady let us know that we were on a particular one that means we pay less for energy used between certain hours. This means I’ve programmed our boiler to come on during these times (for us it’s something like mid-afternoon and very early hours of the morning).

    Jennifer x

    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

  • Josie

    These are great tips! My mum is forever telling us to put another layer on haha! x

    Josie |Sick Chick Chic

  • As another alternative source of heat – I’d really recommend an electric blanket! Even if it does sound granny-ish, they really don’t cost much to run and they are so helpful for really cold nights. Extra layers is definitely a must and so is a onesie in my opinion 🙂 x

    Charlotte’s Road // Beauty, Fashion + Lifestyle

    • ninegrandstudent

      I’d never considered getting one of these, will have to look into it! x