Lifestyle: All The Black Things

I always thought Black Friday was a big thing in America, but it seems to have taken the UK by storm over the last couple of years. Not that I’m complaining – any excuse to save a few pennies on my shopping is fine by me! Having it just before Christmas makes it an ideal time to pick up presents too (though luckily I’m almost done with all of that – plus the six birthdays in the surrounding fortnight too!).

 photo Black Friday 3_zpsegjdikrw.jpg photo Black Friday 4_zpswgbrbwcz.jpgTNT Direct have put together a #LittleBlackBox in celebration of Black Friday – an imaginative and far more exciting alternative to the little black dress of the party season. The contents of the box was pretty exciting – some super-dark 100% chocolate, black lipstick and nail varnish (if only it had arrived in time for Halloween!), and some lovely vanilla scent candles. It got me thinking, though, about all the black things I love. I’m very much a colour person, I rarely wear black outfits (bar a pair of jeans), but it turns out I own a lot of black bits and pieces!


I always think black tech pieces look so much more ‘techy’ than other colours, even if white looks a lot more sophisticated. I’m torn between loving my white tablet, but preferring the sleekness of my black phone. And my laptop doesn’t help matters, being brown (not quite sure what I was thinking!).
 photo Black20Friday202_zpszhjwix1l.jpg


Not quite black, but still quite dark for a candle, this just happens to be one of my most favourite scents ever. I’ve had a couple of these candles and whilst the scent payoff isn’t the best, it gives change from just a handful of coins and a lovely jar after burning. Cheers Primark!
 photo Cocoa Amore Leicester 3_zps3ekrdxmq.jpg


I’m a huge fan of proper chocolate (post coming up soon, and it will explain that delicious brownie!), and do love a bit of dark chocolate. A square or two of dark chocolate satisfies any sweet craving without me raiding the biscuit tin – I’m determined to keep the weight I lost off so this is definitely helping!
 photo Black Friday 1_zpsyvhgnml2.jpg


I just adore black and white photographs! There’s just something so elegant and timeless about them – they look impossibly romantic. This photo was taken nearly four years ago and I love it, every time I catch a glimpse of it I smile. I’d love some more professional photos of the two of us in the next couple of months as we’ve both changed a LOT since we were sixteen/seventeen.
 photo Black Friday 5_zps0h6i8kez.jpg


I said I don’t wear a lot of black outfits, the exception being black jeans and shoes. I do love a chic pair of black boots, and probably have around five pairs lying between a few houses (is it only me who keeps a few options at her boyfriends – 150+ miles away?!). These boots from LIDL have been an absolute bargain, and I’ve recently picked up some black patent ankle wellies. I can see them becoming a staple if the last week’s weather is anything to go by!

So a surprising amount of love for black things things from me! Are you a fan of black, or are you a more colourful person?