University: Things I Wish I’d Known Before Moving Out

I can’t quite believe I moved out of my parents home three years ago – the time has quite literally flown! Admittedly I haven’t properly moved out. I still go back for holidays or weekends where I just need a bit of looking after (c’mon, we all get those days where we just need our mums to make us a cuppa and a boiled egg with soldiers!), but for the most part I’m away from home.

 photo Before Moving Out_zpsy3zdt3fh.jpgI’ve been thinking recently about how moving out was for me, whether it was easy (it wasn’t particularly easy, but I wouldn’t say it was difficult either – just strange!), and what I wish I’d done differently. I’ve put together a little list of things I wish I’d known before heading off to university – thought it might come in handy to some of out. And potentially make quite an entertaining read…

How to Change a Lightbulb

Believe it or not, I hadn’t actually changed a lightbulb before I moved out to university. In fact I didn’t need to change one until a few weeks into my second year – and then I had to wing it. It didn’t help that the light in question was a dodgy fitting, above the bath, and we didn’t exactly have stable chairs to stand on! I managed it, the light still worked after and I didn’t kill myself, I just wished I’d known how to do it beforehand.
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How to Make a House a Home

Where you live has a huge impact on every aspect of your life, from your financial circumstances to your health and happiness. Whether you own your home or rent it, it should be the place where you feel most safe and secure. I don’t think I did too badly in making my halls a home (read about my university halls here), however I wish I’d known the importance about separating my life and study – I did far too much studying on my bed and my sleeping definitely suffered!

How to Pick a House

Whilst I’ve ended up with two lovely houses, I do think we could have gone about picking our houses better. The Rough Guide to Property has a great checklist for property viewing, though for students points I’d add would be to check for any mould in kitchen cupboards, and ask current tenants views on the property and property management. The other financial guides are pretty good too!
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How to Make My Mum’s Beef Stew, and Make A Boiled Egg

Something I’ve never quite got the hang of! Sure, I can make a pretty good beef stew but it isn’t a patch on my mums. I have no idea how she gets her gravy to be so thick and meaty!

It also took me until this summer to be able to boil a good dippy egg – pathetic right?!
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The Costs of Renting

Before signing a contract, it’s so important to check what is included in your monthly rent, as general running costs may or may not be included. Also bear in mind the initial upfront costs involved with renting, what part of your deposit is refundable and what you’ll never se again. Also make sure to check how is in charge of garden maintenance – I know several friends who have been stung by having to pay for the lawn to be mowed.

How to Downsize Possessions

Yep, I’m still failing on this one. I have a LOT of stuff and I really need to slim it down before properly moving out into a real flat (hopefully with W, permanently this time!) next summer.

How to Find a Single Room

Something more for graduates I guess, and luckily I experienced this when searching for accommodation for my placement year. I ended up using Spareroom, a site which lets you search for rooms in shared flats or houses, and lived with a lovely lady and her three dogs. Got to say, though, I was terrified trying to find somewhere as I didn’t know the area at all! It’s definitely more nervewracking searching for a place on your own, as if it goes wrong it’s all on your head.

 photo University Room Tour 11_zps5lkerh8w.jpgAnd now I’ve probably scared all of you who haven’t moved out yet! But in all honesty I’ve never found it overwhelming, I’ve enjoyed pretty much all of it. Bar some of my stew attempts…

*Disclaimer: sponsored post in association with Legal & General, as always all opinions are my own!

What do you wish you have known before moving out?