Lifestyle: November Favourites

It’s Christmassssss!

…Well, actually, it’s not as there’s a very important day tomorrow which needs to be celebrated first (que singing that Taylor Swift song!).

 photo Nov Favourites_zpsmhw3c6lu.jpgNovember is always my least favourite month. It’s grey, dark and gloomy and feels amazingly long once Bonfire night is out of the way. There’s plenty of deadlines and job application closures, and no birthday cake to treat myself to. By contrast December brings fairy lights and lots of cake – so it’s all good despite more deadlines. November this year has been hugely stressful for me in terms of graduate role applications, I’ve ended up with 3 interviews taking place in 26 hours, done countless online tests and have been permanently attached to my phone. Here’s for a quieter December, and here’s what I’ve been loving this past month…
 photo 2015-11-07 20.09.25_zpsxzhd3vwh.jpg

Bonfire Night

This just happens to be one of my favourite nights of the year – I love fires and fireworks. Me and W went over to the local display after devouring hot dogs and S’mores brownies. A perfect night!

Birthday Celebrations

I headed up to my parent’s last weekend to kick off my birthday celebrations. Whilst it wasn’t as huge a deal as last year it was just as lovely. I insisted on not going out, but having several lovely meals with close ones. W’s dad cooked one of my favourite curries on the Saturday night, and then my dad did a full-on traditional roast beef dinner for the Sunday. With plenty of wine. Yum yum!
 photo Cocoa Amore Leicester 3_zps3ekrdxmq.jpg

The World’s Best Brownie

I really need to share where this is, but I’m also so reluctant as I want to keep it all to myself! All I can say is this was so worth the calories. And feeling sick for hours afterwards. Such a chocolate overload.
 photo 2015-09-17 20.27.40_zps9esnhnre.jpg photo Clean Eating Challenge6_zpswpgkj2mz.jpg

Mexican Week

I was craving Mexican food, and as it’s really difficult to buy just one meals worth of bits I ended up eating Mexican-style for a whole week. I started with chilli, and also managed to eat fajitas, quesadillas and a burrito. Far too many carbs were consumed that week!

Lovely Comments

I finally got a chance to read through recent comments, and I was so, so touched by the lovely words about my filming collab with Aldi. It genuinely made me cry – several times!

So a good month, if a little quiet. I can’t say I did too many exciting things! December is already shaping up nicely; birthday plans, Christmas, Harry Potter studio tour (again!), and a surprise romantic (at least I hope!) weekend away once term finishes. Eeek!

How was your November? Excited for what December brings?