Lifestyle: Recently Read #1

One of you lovely readers asked me to start talking about the books I read. When I do read (I go through phases) I read a LOT! Like, five books in a weekend a lot. My Kindle is probably the bit of tech I couldn’t live without (seriously, I’d give up a smartphone first!), I’m also rather attached to the overflowing bookcase still at my parents. I can’t watch a TV program without a book in my hand, I can’t sit on a train without reading something. But I’m also a speed-reader and very guilty of missing bits. I only understood the ending of Harry Potter recently because I’d been reading it too fast each time. So in that sense, don’t expect detailed book reviews from me!

 photo Recently Read December15 6_zpskshr1sjh.jpgThe thing is, I also have a degree to be getting on with, so it’s during busy times (a.k.a. now, hello December tests!) that I have to hide my Kindle from myself and concentrate. So I resort to reading blogs instead. Queen of procrastination! So these round ups will include everything. Books, blogs, articles, you name it, if I’ve read and enjoyed it will be here!
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The Shopaholic Series

Bit of a trashy one this, but perfect comfort reading. I have to say I’m not as keen on the latest ones, but I’m still buying/reading. There’s something so addictive about Rebecca’s life, and whilst the plots are getting more and more unrealistic, whilst this is a far more girlie genre than I ever read, I still love them. Not a fan of the films though!

Unusual Driving Laws

I found this post by Simpson Millar really interesting – I’m not a driver myself, but I did start on the theory back at the tender age of 17. I remember being baffled by all the different rules etc, and nothing has changed! Though if I’m honest I do find the theory of driving quite interesting, but getting behind the wheel pretty much terrifies me. I’m a lot better than I was at even being a passenger in a car, so it’s definitely a 2016 Resolution that I’ll begin driving lessons!

Anyway, there’s definitely some odd rules out there – though luckily for taxi drivers the hay and oats one was repealed back in the seventies! They’ve also published the matching infographic, so you can go and have a gander at the strangest driver laws around.Told you there were some strange ones! Do you know of any odd laws or rules?
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The Four Streets Trilogy

I’ve just finished reading this trilogy, and oh my did I cry at the end! This has to be one of the best set of books I’ve read in a long time, though they pretty much stand alone too (the second one is the best). It’s based on a collection of Irish Catholic families living in Liverpool, bringing together a high-profile pedophile ring, abuse in Convent-run mothers homes, and family bonds. Okay, so it’s not a cheery read, but actually the strength of the families’ love was touching, and their positivism shone through.

Jasmin’s Scotland Tour

Jas is one of my favourite bloggers and she’s just as lovely in real-life. She was lucky enough to do one of my dream holidays a few months, a road-trip around Scotland. I loved reading all about it – her Edinburgh post in particular made me feel so nostalgic!
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Jamie’s Everyday Superfood

My name is Chloe and I am a cookbook addict. I have SO many cookbooks, and this is the latest addition to my collection. I have to say I’m not as in love with it as I am most of my other Jamie books, but I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the recipes. The breakfast chapter is particularly hunger-inducing!

The Uphill Blog

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but I stumbled across this ‘mummy and baby’ blog as I read Ruth’s beauty site. Pretty obviously I’m not in any sort of situation which would mean I was looking to have a baby right now, but something about this parenting blog has really drawn me in. It’s refreshingly honest and downright hilarious.

Rachel’s Wedding

One of my favourite bloggers, the girl behind The Inelegant Wench, got married a few weeks back. Her wedding looks quite similar to the kind of day I’d love, I’m so looking forward to hearing more about it. But seriously – just look at that dress!

 photo Recently Read December15 2_zpszcl9nk23.jpgSo yep, I read a lot (possibly too much for a maths student!), and I’m hoping this gives you a bit more insight into me too. Though you’ll be thankful I haven’t shared any of my university related reading with you…!

What have you read lately? What do you think of the Unusual Driving Laws article?