Lifestyle: A Dog is for Life, It’s Not a Pair of Socks…

One of the most important things in my life is my dog, Tee-J. He’s snuck onto the blog a couple of times in the past, though he’s not a huge fan of cameras, but I’ve never really spoken in depth about my fur-baby. Then River Island got in touch last week about their latest campaign working alongside Dogs Trust – and it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

 photo Devon 2015 23_zpsywixjl0x.jpg photo Devon 2015 11_zps54ydp060.jpgYou see, Tee-J himself is a rescue dog and the subject of dog adoption is very close to my heart. Luckily Tee-J wasn’t in any way mistreated, but even he seemed to be a victim of ‘buying a dog on a whim’ – admittedly he was a bit of a handful (he has now learnt he’s a terrier, not a terror!). We’ve had a pair of puppies who were separated from their mother at 4 weeks old and fed weetabix, we’ve had a collie who arrived terrified of arguments.

My family has always had at least one rescue dog, and there’s always something so special about them. I almost think they are twice as loving because they’ve been given a second chance at life. So it absolutely breaks my heart so hear some of the frankly disgusting excuses for giving up a dog. I honestly couldn’t bear the thought of my boy in a kennel, away from us, and I just cannot comprehend how people can easily get rid of a dog. I do know that there are circumstances where it is unavoidable, however there’s far too many people who think a dog is almost a throw-away commodity. As it says in the video, it’s a dog, not a pair of socks…

Luckily there are people out there to help. There’s families like mine who will actively look to adopt a dog rather than purchase a puppy. There’s charities like the Dog’s Trust who will take in unwanted pets, look after them, and find them a loving new home. Not so luckily – there just isn’t enough space. Far too many dogs don’t make it to a rescue space after being found abandoned, far too many dogs are left in kennels day after day. Trust me when I say this; if I could go in now and give them all a home, I would!

(fact: I nearly went to Battersea Dogs Home for a visit in the summer. I chickened out as I knew I wouldn’t be able to break down at being unable to take even one little one with me)

 photo Dogs Trust_zps1mb1flvp.jpgRiver Island have teamed up with Dogs Trust over the festive season, and it’s a campaign I wholeheartedly support. Whilst obviously you can’t waltz into River Island and rehome a dog, you can rehome a ‘dog-equins’ this Christmas. The life-sized four-legged mannequins, which come in all shapes and sizes to illustrate the range of dogs you could meet at a rehoming centre. The mannequins will be available to purchase in selected stores only on a first-come-first-served basis from Monday 7th December (sorry I’m late!). Prices range from £6 – £48 – I’m gutted that my local store isn’t on the list, I’d love a Tee-J shaped dog-equin to ease missing him whilst away at university!

 photo 2014-07-18132844_zps4adad749.jpg photo Devon 2015 1_zpsp4iwzonf.jpgSo on Christmas morning, when someone has shredded wrapping paper everywhere, has tripped everyone up in the kitchen waiting for the goose liver, has almost knocked the tree over multiple times, I won’t be thinking about how to get rid of my dog. I’ll grab him for a cuddle and give him an extra treat. Because as annoying as he can be, he is for life.

Disclaimer: River Island sent over some goodies for Tee-J in exchange for this post – he was delighted with his parcel!

Are you a dog-lover? Have you ever rescued a dog? Would you buy one of these dog-equins?