Lifestyle: 2015 Resolutions Review

As I said yesterday, it’s been a damn good end to 2015 for me – I’m almost sad to see it end! There’s definitely been some ups and downs but I’ve come through a much stronger and better person (I hope!) and I’m excited to see what the next few years will bring!

 photo 2015 Resolutions Review_zpsh8zq2gvo.jpgOf course, it wouldn’t be the end of the year without discussing my progress on last year’s resolutions. I like to make a lot of goals, some big and some small, so that I’ve got plenty to work on throughout the year. I definitely had my work cut out for 2015, and if I’m honest it’s a bit of a mixed bag, there’s been lots I’ve achieved, some areas where I’ve failed, some that were halfheartedly started then given up. Oops…


2015 Resolutions: keep blogging, never get stressed, improve photography skills.

Well, I’m still here so I’ve definitely kept the blogging going! I’ve managed to post at least 4 times each week this year (with the exception of last week, where I kept myself virtually completely offline), even posting daily at one point. I’ve never felt toooo stressed to get a post up, nor completely out of my depth. I’d like to think my photography has improved too!

There’s been some fabulous blogging highlights this year too. I’ve met some fabulous people in real life (shout outs to Immy, Leanne, Jas and Katy!), I’ve built up my following but most importantly I’ve got a treasured bunch of regular readers. I’ve found some brilliant blogs for myself to read, I’ve kept mine moving at a pace I enjoy and I have SO many ideas for 2016. My blogging highlight of 2015? It would have to be the filming opportunity with Aldi!


2015 Resolutions: cook joints of meat, bake my own bread, move away from lunchtime sandwiches, drink more water.

This is probably where I’ve had the most success. I’ve cooked joints of meat, I’ve started baking my own bagels, and I pretty much lived on soups for lunch whilst on placement (oh, how I miss having access to a kitchen at work!). I’ve made a few curries from scratch, though what I’d really like to do is continue working on the water goal and start to lighten up my regular meals.

The best meal I’ve had in 2015 has got to be something I’m not evening properly featuring on the blog – a celebratory tasting meal at The Kitchin in Edinburgh. Amazingly good! The best meal I’ve cooked though? It’s a tough choice between Mac’n’Cheese (because YUM), a lighter Asian steak salad, or my roast chicken – though I think the Vegan White Chocolate Pancakes has to be my favourite!


2015 Resolutions: gain more experience, power through the start of final year, maintain a good study-life balance.

Working full-time for a year definitely gave me a pretty decent work ethic to head into final year with – as I’ve discovered I’m a morning person I’ve been starting studying at 8am quite a few days a week, and am feeling like I have a pretty good work-rest balance right now. I did, however, find getting back to studying difficult, and job hunting has been pretty tough too. Fingers crossed it all pays off!


2015 Resolutions: start running, keep a diary.

Oh, the running! Well, I did start this, but then my ankle decided to keep straining, life got in the way and I just stopped. I did love it though, and I do want to pick it up again. I wasn’t a total failure though as I did keep up exercise. I ended up losing two stone in the first half of last year and kept it off, so I’m feeling pretty good about myself. On the diary side it was a slight success – I keep forgetting to write in my ‘Line A Day’ diary regularly so often sit filling in weeks at a time. It’s a start I guess!

I think I’ve lost a bit of weight… #diet #lbloggers #fbloggers #healthyeating #fitness #weightloss

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2015 Resolutions: sort out skincare, stop picking spots, clean makeup brushes more regularly.

Bit of a tough one this, my skin has been up and down over the year, at some points it’s been the best ever, right now it’s suffering from the excesses of Christmas. I’m hoping kickstarting my diet again will boost things up a bit – and pretty predictably I’ve not managed to curb the dreadful picking habit…

I have managed to slim down my makeup bag though, I’ve found some of my holy grail items (including the Hourglass palette, much to the dismay of my bank balance), I’ve started to develop my own fashion style a bit more, and even began doing a few outfit posts – something I’d love to do more of!

So, not a total failure, but I’m definitely failed on a couple of areas – I’m currently putting together my 2016 Resolutions so hopefully I’ll be able to continue to work towards those goals, maybe making them a little more attainable. A good year though!

How did you do with your goals and resolutions this year?