Lifestyle: Hogwarts in the Snow

I’m a huge Harry Potter geek, along with my sister, and despite spending a good four hours at the WB Studio Tour in April there was still so much more we wanted to see. Deciding to go again during ‘Hogwarts in the Snow’ was a good decision – we managed to catch the bits we missed out on before, whilst experiencing some new bits too.

 photo Hogwarts in the Snow 14_zpssacggb3e.jpg photo Hogwarts in the Snow 4_zpsnkbjf3qb.jpg photo Hogwarts in the Snow 3_zpsyz5zks9o.jpg photo Hogwarts in the Snow 5_zpsfu2jqsx4.jpgWe ended up spending another three hours there! The only reason we left was because it was wayyyy past dinner time and two sisters getting hungry is not a good combo…

The Great Hall was decorated with numerous Christmas trees, and for a few seconds when you’re in The Great Hall, they light the Christmas puddings on fire. We’re gutted we missed this part! It was all wonderfully festive, and the ‘roast turkeys’ looked delicious.

Once done in The Great Hall, you are ushered out – so everyone else behind you can experience the same effect. For the rest of the tour you are on your own to explore for as long as you like.

 photo Hogwarts in the Snow 7_zps5ibvo5uo.jpg photo Hogwarts in the Snow 6_zpsdiflmgy6.jpg photo Hogwarts in the Snow 9_zpswijvcatv.jpg photo Hogwarts in the Snow 10_zpssq6shl4q.jpgSeveral of the film sets have also been adorned for Christmas. It would be perfect to go pre-Christmas to get into the festive spirit, unfortunately it felt a little flat going just before the New Year! During ‘Hogwarts in the Snow’ there’s the chance to experience how the snow, ice and fire effects are made – including putting your hand in a burning fireplace, playing with snow and watching the Goblet of Fire lit up.

 photo Hogwarts in the Snow 1_zpsiekp8kj1.jpg photo Hogwarts in the Snow 2_zps1uf9bspm.jpgWe didn’t fly any broomsticks this time, but did the obligatory trip to Platform 9 & 3/4. We also still didn’t get a chance to really explore the area outside between the two sound stages where you can find the Knight Bus and Harry’s house on Privet Drive – both times it has absolutely chucked it down making it far from enjoyable. Guess we’ll have to go back again…

 photo Hogwarts in the Snow 12_zpsd6gwzmkn.jpg photo Hogwarts in the Snow 8_zpszsywqnal.jpg photo Hogwarts in the Snow 13_zpspnvg6ar3.jpgThe next part of the tour is taken up with special effects, creatures and modelling – including THAT castle model. I find it amazing how well this was used in the films. This time the castle was covered in snow and ice, which is applied by hand for the exhibition. I can’t imagine how painstaking that would be!

So, another trip to Hogwarts and I STILL want to go back again. I’m desperate to go to the Harry Potter World in Florida too…

Are you a Potter fan? What house would you have been in? (I’m a Ravenclaw girl myself…)