Fashion: Clothes I Forgot I Had

I never meant to have two wardrobes, but it’s a luxury I’ve been taking advantage of for a good couple of years. I simply have far too many clothes to take to/from university, so I split my wardrobe in half. The massive upside of this is that I can go home and refresh my look without spending anything. The downside – I occasionally forget what I have any buy what are virtually duplicates.

But everyone needs 20 white shirts, right?!

When I went home for my Christmas holidays (which seem SO long ago now!) I was rather limited for suitcase space, having had to pack notes in one case and a small overnight bag of clothes for my weekend away. I ended up having to rely on my ‘second’ wardrobe over my four weeks at home, rediscovering some pieces I wish I hadn’t forgotten about, as well as some I wish I had!
 photo Clothes I Forgot I Had 1_zpsnw6dguwv.jpg

The Cheap Skirt & Expensive Boots

This was a look I relied on a lot over Christmas, whenever I had to go out for something remotely more than a nip to the shops. Casual coffee with friends? Yep. Will’s birthday meal? Outfit sorted! I’d completely forgetten that I owned this skirt, despite having owned it for a good five years. I picked it up in Primark for £2 (!) as something to wear on one of mine and W’s earliest dates, and it’s still going strong. Admittedly it’s far too big right now, but with a jumper tucked in and my pretttyyyyy (and hellishly uncomfortable) ankle boots on it looks a lot better than a Primark cheapie!
 photo LBD_zpsglfgsmg7.jpg

The Classic LBD

Oh, my perfect LBD! How I wish I had received this lovely little black dress after I’d lost weight, as it is a bit bulky now. That said it was a key piece in my wardrobe over my holidays as it was so easy to throw on. I love it simply belted with a pair of patterned tights.

4 Billion Pairs of Plain Black Tights

These were a complete Godsend of a find! I spent a week up in W’s uni flat and it was freezinggggg for the first couple of days. The very first day I sat studying in five pairs of socks and gloves and was still more than a little grumpy when I eventually got instructions on how to turn on the heaters from the boys. Tights saved my legs from frostbite – I love layering pairs to make them warmer, or throwing a pair under jeans to stay toasty. Can never have enough tights!
 photo Clothes I Forgot I Had 7_zpsqmlagrgc.jpg

The Jumper Dress

I love a good jumper dress, and when stressing about what to wear for NYE I’m so glad this (quite literally) fell on my head. A beautiful plum colour, flattering fit without being too flashy (I was catering a dinner party for 14 so needed something comfortable – and easy to change into ten minutes before guest arrived). I reckon this even make the cut into my suitcase back to university.

The Glittery Nail Polishes

With a second wardrobe comes a second (and third, and fourth…) makeup bag. Admittedly I have far too much makeup, but leaving my glittery nail polishes behind was a conscious decision on my return to university. I knew I wouldn’t wear them until the holidays so I definitely made the most of them. Especially as I was showing off my sparkly ring at every opportunity…
 photo Clothes I Forgot I Had 2_zps1zmyudpr.jpg

Do you forget about clothes you own? Tell me I’m not the only one!