Wedding “Planning”: The National Wedding Show

I mentioned a few weeks back that me and W were tentatively attending the Wedding Show in Birmingham. We were nervous, scared and apprehensive – we had no idea what it would involve, few ideas about what we wanted for our big day. We essentially felt like children role-playing a wedding day!

 photo The National Wedding Show 2_zpsdecksrvf.jpgWe were invited to attend the day as VIPs with Debenhams – so kicked off in style with glasses of bubbles. I flicked through bridal magazines (my new obsession) and he planned out route around the various stands. I half expected to have to drag W along with me, but actually he was probably more enthusiastic than me about the whole thing!

 photo The National Wedding Show 22_zpsdeigedb7.jpg photo The National Wedding Show 18_zpslljj4xff.jpg photo The National Wedding Show 16_zps8o9q9uik.jpg photo The National Wedding Show 12_zpscz1h5fgg.jpgHeading to the (very pretty) Debenhams stand first I was hugely excited by the discovery that Jacques Vert now do bridal gowns – and one in particular is really rather nice! I used to work for JV in a Debenhams so I’m pretty familiar with all the wedding things they have to offer, but it was nice to root around some of the more exclusive brands. I’m definitely in love with some Jenny Packham bridesmaid dresses, and W was rather taken with some of the suits they had on offer.

Unsatisifed with an extremely expensive and decidedly lukewarm-on-the-verge-of-cold jacket potato, we made our way round W’s planned route…

In all honesty, we discovered it’s probably a bit early for us to go to things like this. We aren’t actively planning, our ‘in our heads’ set date is well over two years away – but it was nice to get some ideas of what we want. And what we don’t want (looking at you, wedding abroad stands!).

 photo The National Wedding Show 7_zpsajkjhsp5.jpg photo The National Wedding Show 6_zpsz9cb0lnu.jpg photo The National Wedding Show 5_zpsdzmrmlhy.jpgNow, I didn’t really look at any dresses. One, W was there with me and let’s just say I suck at poker. He wants a complete surprise and the last thing I wanted to do was give it away. However I did have a cheeky run through some of the bridal stands and… I wasn’t impressed. None of the dresses came even close to me wanting to try them on, and actually the thought of parading around for everyone to see gave me palpitations…

We did, though, find the most lovely photographer who is very definitely on a ‘maybe’ list. We got some great decoration and guestbook ideas. And we found the confetti I’m pretty sure I want (I have a horrid aversion to the papery stuff, it makes me feel a little ill!), along with an adorable company providing favours.

 photo The National Wedding Show 1_zpsrzyolu0g.jpgAll in all, a fun day out, it was a lovely way to spend an afternoon with W. We’ll definitely be heading back when we’re a bit further into the planning!

Any tips for wedding novices?