Beauty: Drugstore Favourites

I wrote a few weeks back about my high-end favourites, well today it’s the highstreet’s turn. Whenever I wear makeup it’s more often than not a combination of pricier items together with budget-friendly picks. For one, I can’t afford to plaster my whole face in high-end products, and two? I’m pretty sure that I’d struggle to find a higher priced alternative that does a better job!

Drugstore Makeup 5

I must admit I shy away from cheaper lipsticks and eyeshadows, but everything else? I’m a magpie for a bargain!

These bits are all favourites of mine. Some of them I use every single day, other’s I have rediscovered over the last few weeks and need to refit into my routine. I can’t believe I’d forgotten about some of these gems!

 Drugstore Makeup 12

Bodyshop’s Mineral Foundation

This is on the verge of not being budget friendly, shooting up to a price of £15 nowadays (I’m convinced it was £2 less this time last year). However it is my most-commonly worn foundation, my everyday foundation if you will. A light dusting of this takes under 30 seconds to apply, yet evens out my skintone and lasts all day without feeling heavy. A pot lasts me a good eighteen months, so when there’s a 40% off code floating about it’s not too bank breaking!

Max Factor Match Masterpiece Foundation

My ‘going out’ foundation that has quickly replaced my entire Rimmel collection – the finish of this one just looks a lot more natural and it photographs well (full review here).

Drugstore Makeup 13Drugstore Makeup 7

No. 7 Illuminating Stick

One of my favourite products of 2014, since I’ve stopped wearing liquid foundations this has been a little neglected. It’s a shame as it’s a lovely daily highlighter – enough to add a glow, but not too OTT or glittery. I’m definitely aiming to use this more over the summer!

Max Factor Blushes

I’ve spoken about these a few times, they were pretty hyped up this time last year but (typically) the blogging world seems to have forgotten about them. By far the best drugstore blushes I have tried, these definitely deserve a lot more love! Pigmented, yet with natural colours, radiant without being glittery, super-blendable and a good shade range – these are on a par with Hourglass blushes that I have swatched and winced at the price of.

Barry M Light Reflecting Concealer

This is something that is hugely overlooked – it’s my go-to undereye concealer. With an amazing shade range for pale peeps, this is a light fluid that actually soothes the undereye area, brightens it up and makes me look a whole lot more awake. It’s not the highest coverage I’ve tried, but the fact that it NEVER creases means it’s a winner in my makeup bag. I would avoid using it as a spot cover though (I pick up 17’s Stay Time for that job!).

Drugstore Makeup 16

Burt’s Bees Coconut & Pear Lip Balm

Whilst I’ve a big lover of Nuxe Reve de Miel in evenings, I find it too heavy to wear during the day. I picked this up when visiting W one weekend (my lips suddenly decided to chap and I needed some form of balm). The scent is gorgeous, it’s hydrating yet matte, sinks in quickly and actually makes a difference. Kinda like what I hoped the Nuxe stick would be!

Drugstore Makeup 8

Of course, there are other bits and pieces I love in the drugstore. There’s KIKO lip liners (of which I want to own alllll the colours), Revlon Matte Balms (though admittedly these now irritate my lips), Natural Collection mascaras (because nothing has done the job better), and Barry M nail polishes. Oh, and Collection’s Gel top coat – by far the best I’ve tried.

What’s your favourite bits and pieces of drugstore beauty?