Beauty: A Natural Blush

Up until around this time last year, I rarely wore blush. It seems like an unnecessary step in my routine, I occasionally threw on a light highlight-contour combination but felt that my blotchy skintone was just exaggerated with a swipe of blush.

 photo Blushers 1_zpshtxdvkff.jpg photo Blushers 5_zpsluntmkdw.jpgNow I rarely head out for the day without blush. It’s become almost as necessary as lipstick…

The obsession started when I finally got my mitts on Nars Douceur just as it was discontinued. It’s an extremely easy shade to wear, a brown-tinged rosy pink that is matte and overall neutral in colour. It can be used to add a pop of colour to the apples of the cheeks or into the hollows as a natural-looking contour. I’ve found myself slightly contouring with this even on ‘no-makeup’ days as it’s simply so easy and quick to do.

 photo Blushers 4_zpsyh25qy7p.jpgDespite having a good half-pan left of the Nars, I panicked. And bought Tarte Exposed. The colours are pretty much spot on, though I find the Tarte offering to be a little more plum-pink-toned. It’s also a little trickier to get perfectly blended, though once it’s on it lasts slightly longer.

Then my lovely housemate picked me up Milano Dolce Pink for my birthday. Probably my first foray into non-matte blushes (apart from my first ever bit of high-end makeup, which I really should have the courage to wear more often!), this requires a very light touch to ensure I look fliushed rather than disco-ball. It’s worth it though – the colour it gives is utter perfection with my skintone. Slightly peachy, not to warm, not to cool, just a light glow. I can imagine this will become a staple once the weather warms up!
 photo Blushers 6_zpsljdhoub6.jpg

What blushes do you were regularly?