Lifestyle: A Day in Deal

There’s nothing I love more than being by the sea. I’ve no idea where my love of the coast came from; growing up as far inland as you can get in the UK meant it was reserved to a couple of times a year, usually in the winter. Yet still nothing calms me down more than wandering along the coast listening to the waves crashing against the beach.

 photo A Day in Deal 3_zpsx6w4oiwr.jpg photo A Day in Deal 2_zpsyaqit8vi.jpg photo A Day in Deal 1_zpssrqusrrz.jpgWhen W forced me to take some time out a few weeks back, he put me in the car and we drove out of Canterbury and towards the Kentish coast. We usually head towards Whistable; 10 minutes away and lovely, but we fancied something different. Deal was somewhere I’d heard mentioned a few times, so Deal it was!

A strange little town, it was a very odd combination of absolutely delightful independent shops and bakeries, right next to discount chain stores. Disconcerting, though I can imagine in five or so years it will be the most wonderful bohemian seaside town!

We wandered along the pier, turning back to discover the loveliest view of the seafront.

 photo A Day in Deal 7_zps7oneqaxh.jpg photo A Day in Deal 4_zpss8rwzcwj.jpg photo A Day in Deal 6_zpsw8hbsf4p.jpg photo A Day in Deal 5_zps8msojubx.jpgWe sat on the beach and chattered to each other, skimming stones and enjoying the almost warm sun.

We strolled up to the castle, but decided the extortionate entry fee for not a particularly exciting castle wasn’t happening.

We gorged on burgers and many sides. Wandered some more. Sat on the beach some more. Treated ourselves to ice-cream.

We wandered around the many lanes that Deal seems to have, some of them reminding me of the posh parts of London almost.

 photo A Day in Deal 8_zpsxdrw10i2.jpg photo A Day in Deal 9_zpsjxpheaz7.jpg

Other than the fish-and-chips, it was your quintessential day out at the good ol’English seaside. And it was the perfect day. It cleared my head, it got the sun on my skin, and it made me realise how important getting some good fresh air is. It also reignited my love for the sea, and now I’m determined to visit more often…

Are you a fan of the English seaside? Have you ever been to Deal? Any recommendations in Kent?

  • Sophie

    Ah I have had Deal on my list for a long time but not quite made it there yet. i want to visit the castle!
    A Story of a Girl

    • ninegrandstudent

      It’s such a pretty town! x

  • There’s something magical about sea air that’s just better than inland air 😉
    Pity about the castle, though x

    • ninegrandstudent

      Oh definitely! x

  • Rachel Wood

    This town looks absolutely lovely!

    Rachel Ellen

    • ninegrandstudent

      Yep, definitely was worth a visit! x

  • Your photos look beautiful! Nothing beats a British seaside 🙂 x

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

    • ninegrandstudent

      I completely agree! x

  • I’m the same as you, I grew up about as far inland as you can get, but I really love the seaside. Lucky for me, Rich grew up on the south coast, and you can actually see the sea from his childhood bedroom, so I love to visit his family whenever we can!

    I’d never heard of Deal before, but I’ll keep it in mind, just in case I happen to ever be down that way and get the craving of the seaside.

    Rachel x

    The Inelegant Wench

    PS – I’ve mentioned you in my post about 8 Blogs to Follow if you want to be nosy about what I’ve written! x

    • ninegrandstudent

      How lovely, I would love to be nearer the sea when I eventually buy a house! x