Lifestyle: May Favourites & Life Update

I’m back!

I have to say, taking a whole month off blogging was the oddest thing. Whilst it was lovely not to have extra stress (trust me, there was enough of that in my life over the last few months!) I did miss it. I went almost completely cold-turkey on Twitter, only posted a couple of times on Instagram. I felt weirdly disconnected from the blogging community – so I’m glad to be back.

 photo May Favourites_zpsrp1qtagq.jpgWell, back in a way. This week I’m up and down the country a fair bit, and managed to leave laptops and chargers in two separate places. So whilst this post is going up, normal service should resume at some point next week. I’m super excited for some posts to go up!

Weirdly, a lot has happened over May. With six exams over a fourteen-day period I was expecting it to be a quiet month. I was expecting to have no more than a few evenings off, to spend many hours punching numbers into calculators, looking up figures in statistical tables. Those things definitely happened, but punctuated with some very exciting news too!
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Wearing my Engagement Ring on my Left Hand

Being left-handed, I find my engagement ring rather uncomfortable to wear whilst writing for prolonged periods – meaning that for the entirety of my exams its lived on my right hand. It’s been so nice over the past week to have it back in it’s proper place!


Weirdly, once my exams got started they weren’t as bad as I was expecting. Certainly they felt a lot nicer than second year, I didn’t have any (let alone multiple!) that made me want to break down and cry, so I’m hopeful that things have all gone well. I have no idea if I have done enough to get the grade I want, but I have everything crossed!

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Taking a Break

Actually, I have no idea what to do with myself! For the first time in months I have no studying to do – and dare I say it, but I’m bored! I’m hoping to get back into the swing of a normal life soon, get up a bit of a routine, but I am missing my to-do lists, ticking off past questions and topics and having the 9-5, 7-10 library time structure to my days!

That said, I have so much enjoyed taking a break. Lying in bed without feeling guilty (though the 5am wakeup calls can stop, thank you very much internal body clock!), reading a book, travelling up to W without studying on the train, even just taking the time to bake something new. I even managed to have a good long session of wedding pinning – so satisfying!
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First Signs of Summer

After what seemed like months and months of cold, grey weather, summer is definitely starting to show itself and I couldn’t be more excited. We had a lovely blossom tree bloom in our garden, it’s been lovely to dry clothes outside, and I even went bare-legged to a family event last week. Though I probably should get some colour to my legs before doing that again…

In retrospect, maybe I tempted fate by writing this. I’m editing the day before publishing, on the last day of May for God’s sake, and I’m wrapped up in PJs, dressing gown, three pairs of socks and a blanket. And the heating is on. Summer my arse, France next week better be warmer!

Upcoming Plans

Now exams are finally, finally over, I can actually think a little bit more about summer. As sad as it may seem, I simply haven’t been able to get even the tiniest bit excited about anything whilst my head was full of equations, but now I’m almost fizzing over with excitement. My summer really kicked off yesterday, with myself and family heading off to hopefully order my wedding dress (eek!), then I’m travelling back to uni to celebrate properly with my girls. We’ve got a big BBQ planned and of course our summer ball, before we jet off to the South of France to do precisely nothing for a few days. Cheese and wine, I’m coming for ya!
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Waking Up to Baking Smells

My dad is a super-keen baker, and being at home means I’m often woken up by the smell of early-morning baking. His latest creation was a Malteaser Blondie. Not only did the house smell amazing, the resulting treat was so, so good. I’m hoping he’ll share the recipe soon…

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Exciting News

And now my absolute favourite bit from the month of May…I HAVE A GRADUATE JOB! After so many tears since September, everything has finally come together and I couldn’t be more thrilled with my future position. It also bases me in the City, so I guess that means I’ll be moving in with W towards the end of summer. I’m so very much looking forward to getting started with my career, finallllyyyy moving in with him, and getting back into the London lifestyle. Work outfit hunting and flat browsing are fast becoming my favourite pastimes…

So yep, a rather exciting month for me! How was May for you?