Fashion: Sun-Seeking in Floral Dresses

Would someone like to inform the sun that it is now June, and an appearance would be most appreciated?

 photo House of Fraser Dress5_zps1qkmykpz.jpgSince I came back from France, I’ve seen the sun for a total of two hours at the very most. I’ve gotten soaked in the pouring rain. Dug out my cosiest winter pyjamas. Even turned the heating on for a cheeky hour. Whilst it’s lovely to snuggle up with a warm drink and a good book (oh, how I’m loving reading for pleasure instead of studying!), I’m now positively aching for a bit of sunshine, a hint of warmth. I have new clothes to wear, and so far every time I’ve tried I’ve ended up scampering back upstairs to throw on something slightly warmer…

Despite the not-so-nice weather, I simply couldn’t resist sharing my newest dress*.

 photo House of Fraser Dress3_zpss3mmnnl7.jpgMade of the floatiest material (i.e. one that makes me feel rather feminine and pretty, but that shows my knickers with the slightest breeze), cut to gentle pleats, and with just enough dark to toughen up the soft pastel floral pattern, this is my new favourite summer dress. Or it would be, if it was warm enough to wear it!

Whilst the vast majority of my wardrobe is floral dresses and skirts, this is still very different to my usual style. It’s high-necked, with a collar and slightly ruffled detailed along the bust – both things I ordinarily avoid. It’s yellow, again something I’m not overly keen on. But for some reason, I fell in love with it. The length sits perfectly just a couple of inches above my knee, the waistline pulls me in.

 photo House of Fraser Dress2_zpsnb6rryen.jpgStill unable to buy myself the correct size after loosing several dress sizes last year, I took a chance and used the House of Fraser “how will this fit you personally” guide – and it worked! I popped in my favourite dress manufacturer and size, and a few other measurements, and out popped my size. Despite my sceptism, it really is the perfect fit. And surprisingly, so is the other dress I also bought using the guide – a tighter, figure-hugging showstopper for graduation.

Until the sun comes out, I’ve been pairing this with skin-coloured tights, navy flats and a navy cardigan, grabbing a brown or tan satchel for good measure. However I’m looking forward to wearing the dress bare-legged, with some delicate sandals, for a good ol’British picnic. Now I just need the weather to play along…

What have you been wearing lately? Are you struggling with the British weather at the moment?