University: Why I Went

Going to university was probably the hardest decision I ever had to make. Sure, perhaps not the most life changing (that one goes to asking a tall, skinny boy to help me get to grips with A-Level chemistry), but probably the one that needed the most thought. It definitely wasn’t a decision I took lightly, it was far from easy, and I’m rather hoping I don’t have to make such a huge decision again!

 photo Why I Went to University_zpsncsnldpd.jpgYou see, I was never planning on going to university. I’m not a fan of alcohol (give me a glass of wine with dinner, or a cocktail and a burger and I’m your girl, but getting beyond tipsy is not something I enjoy), I’m not keen on crowded social situations (things like standing in a concert crowd gives me palpitations). I get insanely stressed over exams, I’m a perfectionist when it comes to coursework. And I like shopping. I honestly thought an apprenticeship scheme was the way to go for me.

 photo University Goals2_zpsrujei6ip.jpgAnd then I discovered a career. A job I thought I would love. A job that appealed to all the skills I thought I had at the time, that at the age of 16 I could see myself doing. A job that very much requires a degree.

Nearly six years on, preparing to graduate with a First Class Honours, with that job all lined up for September, I couldn’t be prouder of myself. I pushed myself to move away from home to get the best degree possible, I made the decision to put myself and W through an LDR for four years. I stayed true to myself under pressure to “drink more and enjoy myself,” I finally beat my own demons and realised that I don’t need to make myself ill to get the grades I want.

 photo FB_IMG_1466251622119_zpslhkyvahi.jpgI didn’t go to university for the ‘student lifestyle.’ I didn’t go to university to meet new people, to experience new things. The only reason I went was to get the degree I needed to get the job I wanted. Possibly not the best reason (what if I hated the job? At least a placement year means I don’t have that worry anymore!), but that’s why I went to university.

I don’t regret it. Yes, I might not have experienced the typical university lifestyle, but I’ve made some of the closest friends I could imagine having. The past four years have defined me as a person. I’ve learnt how to cook, how to eat properly. I’ve learnt how to study until the early hours of the morning, how to put up with working in groups where no-one pulls their weight. I can do food shops on less than £15 a week and still afford the bus home, I’ve become a whizz at finding discount codes.

 photo 2015-12-08 12.03.46_zps7ankjz1y.jpgMaking that decision to go to university is highly personal. I’d never, ever suggest doing it because “everyone does it” – I know that for me, had I not decided on this career route, university wouldn’t have been the path for me.

Why did you decide to go (or not go!) to university?

  • I loved this post. You’re so right that going to university should be a personal choice. I didn’t have a career in mind when I started uni but some of the careers I was considering required a degree, and I totally wasn’t ready to give up learning. I wanted to learn more about the subjects I study and improve those skills. Even if after uni I don’t get a job which requires a degree, I would never regret going because of the amazing experiences I’ve had, the people I’ve been able to meet and the things I’ve learned 🙂

    Hannah xx

    • ninegrandstudent

      I completely agree with you, and that’s a fab way of looking at it! x

  • I decided to go just to experience life away from home really – I’m not a fan/wasn’t a fan of getting blind drunk and clubbing every night but I did go out and have fun and I definitely gained lots more confidence in myself at Uni.

    • ninegrandstudent

      I completely agree with you – having fun at uni isn’t all about getting drunk and clubbing! x

  • I love this post and what you’ve said. I went to university because I needed to for my chosen career too, but I guess also because that’s what I’d kind of assumed would be my next step after school anyway. I had a more ‘atypical’ student lifestyle thanks to studying medicine, but that suited me perfectly – I would certainly not have coped well with minimal contact hours and a lot of partying! I was apprehensive about drinking and going out at university because that’s not really me either, but I was fortunate enough to find other ways to occupy myself. Going to university was a great choice for me, but that’s almost definitely down to the course choice!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

    • ninegrandstudent

      I definitely think my course choice helped a lot with how I got on at university too – without it I wouldn’t have met some of closest friends, but equally I enjoyed a lot of content hours and a really challenging degree too! x

  • You sound exactly like me! I’m going into my final year & haven’t experienced the ‘student life’. I’m happy at home with my BF tucked up on the couch every night watching GoT. No crazy nights or living in halls for me. I just went to get my degree, thats it. I’ve made incredible friends & it’s great for that but I do kind of regret going, purely because of the level of teaching I’ve received. Such an interesting post to read someone elses opinion! Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday. 🙂

    Katie // Words by Katie

    • ninegrandstudent

      I do have doubts about some of the teaching I’ve experienced too, but I wouldn’t have changed my choice looking back! Glad you’ve had a good time of your degree so far, and good luck for final year! x

  • This was a great read, I wasn’t a “typical” student and my degree (law) was so much harder than I expected it to be but I’m so glad I did go to university and six(!) years after graduating I have so much nostalgia for those years. I went because I wanted to study something that I hadn’t before and it did end up choosing my career path for me! x

    • ninegrandstudent

      Sounds like you made the right choice in going – I’m still shocked I’ve finished with university now! x

  • Aww so inspiring. Loved reading this. I have one more year left of university!

    Enclothed Cognition

    • ninegrandstudent

      Oh, good luck with it! x

  • Rhiannon Blewer

    Aww, I loved this! I’m about to go into my final year and I hate the pressure on people to drink and party! I’m much happier with a book and a cup of tea!

    Good luck with your new job and I hope graduation is awesome <3

    • ninegrandstudent

      You sound exactly like me! Thank you my lovely! x

  • Congrats on completing your degree and getting the job! I think no Uni experience is ever the same as the next and people go for all sorts of reasons – I enjoyed my time overall but am much happier now I’m not doing a LDR and am finally able to earn some money! Steph x

    • ninegrandstudent

      Thank you – ending the LDR is definitely the biggest highlight! x