Lifestyle: June Favourites

Mid-way through the year already, how on earth did that happen?! It’s been over six months since the best few days of my life, my degree is over, and I graduate in less than a week’s time. Scary stuff!

 photo June Favourites_zpsn5en1c3i.jpgJune has been a weird month, and if I’m honest I’ve found myself getting a bit depressed at times. Sure, there’s been some massive highs, but finishing university, packing up the house I’ve loved, realising I’ll no longer live with friends – it’s gotten me down at times! I guess I was so intent on finishing university, so focussed on getting my exams over with, I didn’t realise quite how much of a shock it would actually be! Now my final year house is fully packed up and spotlessly keen I’m hoping I’ll spring back into a good mood!

And now, what have I loved this last month?
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The big one here, and the one I’m most excited about. I’m so pleased that after four long years of bloody hard work, I’ll be graduating with a First in Actuarial Science next week. There’s been tears, arguments, threats to drop out. The four years have seen me use masses of paper, get through five calculators (heavy use causes the numbers to rub off!). They’ve seen me through a relatively serious, though quick, operation and the long recovery period.

Even better that just getting a First, my actual final year module results made me even more happy. By far my best year in terms of marks, despite being the one I considered the hardest in content. It just goes to show how much a positive mind and lovely living environment aid studying! Now I’ve just got to brave graduating, I can’t be the only person who’s terrified of the actual ceremony…?!

 photo South of France 2016 12_zpsabaigxgm.jpg photo South of France 2016 14_zpskofesv1e.jpg photo South of France 2016 19_zpsk71ya854.jpg


My relaxing few days in the South of France feel so long ago now, I really can’t believe it was less than a month ago. It was definitely a big highlight of my month though, who wouldn’t want time in the sun with best friends, indulging in wine and cheese?


Possible a bit premature for this one to make it into June’s favourites, actually, but I couldn’t leave it out! This week W and I have a whole host of appointments and meetings planned, all wedding related. I don’t want to say too much yet in case it all goes down the pan, but fingers crossed by the end of the month we’ll actually have started to plan our wedding!

Finding THE Best Concealer

I have pretty dark under-eye circles, and its one of my biggest insecurities. I hate them, I despise how I always look tired and how there’s pretty much nothing I can do to make them look better. I’ve tried so many concealers over the last few years, but they either clash with my pale skin-tone horrifically or just don’t do a thing. I finally found an NYX stand a few weeks back and simply had to buy something, though with W hovering I knew I wouldn’t get away with any kind of lip product – so I grabbed their Under Eye Concealer. Turns out it’s a miracle product! Superbly pigmented in just the right shade to conceal without resulting in a reverse panda-effect, I’ve never looked so awake. The amount of product is disappointingly small for £6.50, but I’ll cope. After all, no-one’s asked me if I’m ill since I’ve been using it!

PS – it’s also incredibly long-lasting. The ‘gram above is from when I was getting ready for one of my oldest friend’s wedding. My makeup lasted from 10am to 11pm with only a brief powder and lip touch-up. No creasing under the eyes, no dark circles showing through. I’m a very happy girl to have found this before graduation!
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Coldplay & Busted

For someone who hardly goes to any concerts, I’ve been to two in the last month (and a bit – I can’t remember exactly when Busted was!). Both concerts were excellent, though I felt Busted’s stage presence was nothing on McBusted or the Busted I remember seeing in 2003. Maybe it was the fact that I thought I had booked a table at Frankie & Bennys so was calmy wandering around, til I realised that I had clicked the wrong restaurant location and queues were 90 minutes long, but I didn’t find the O2 a hugely enjoyable concert venue. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the performance but it wasn’t quite their usual standard!

Coldplay, on the other hand, was blooming amazing! We went on the six-month anniversary of us getting engaged (time flies!) and it was so lovely to dance and sing along. Our pre-concert dinner of Mac’n’Cheese was delicious, as were the Krispy Kremes I picked up inside Wembley. I even managed to get a seat for the majority of the train home – though I had bloated up from dinner so it could be that the ever-so kind gentleman thought I was pregnant…


A weird one for me! I hate keeping things clean in a general sense (the monotony of a weekly dust just destroys any good mood I’m in!) however I do love a good, thorough, proper Spring clean. Cleaning my final year house ready for handing the keys back was definitely that! It was back-breaking work (I actually cried when I lay in bed after day one as my back ached so much), but the satisfaction was unreal. I especially enjoyed cleaning the oven!
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Relaxation, Days Out, Quality Time

Other than that, it’s really been a case of making the most of having nothing to do! Next week is graduation week for both me and W, the following week we have a mini-break away, and then we’ll be frantically planning an engagement garden party alongside finding a place to live in London! It’s been so nice to sit on the sofa knowing I could stay in PJs if I wanted to. We’ve enjoyed some lovely days out, had a few days down in Kent where we weren’t cleaning, and generally just enjoyed seeing each other without lecture notes as company! Some cheeky baking may have happened too…

How was June for you? What are you most looking forward to in July?