Personal: Bear With Me

You might have noticed the lack of new posts over the weekend. Maybe the slight lack of social-ness on my Twitter account. The lack of imagination of my Instagram snaps. The truth is, despite not having an awful lot to do, I’m pretty exhausted right now.

 photo 2016-07-20 20.19.27_zpswzntutcg.jpgThe very morning after graduating, I came down with a sore throat. By the time W’s graduation rolled around I felt like I was struggling to swallow, I was coughing unbearably when lying down, and getting through boxes of Kleenex at an alarming rate. Despite us disappearing off for a relaxing few days in Brighton, things still haven’t settled down and we are now approaching a solid fortnight of feeling rubbish.

There’s nothing seriously wrong, certainly nothing overly diagnosable though I’m pretty sure I’ve hit my first sinus infection since having them operated on three years ago. I just feel extremely tired, run down and fed up.

I’m also spending a large chunk of my time flat hunting right now, ready to rent mine and W’s first little home together in London. We’ve found out that looking for a flat is really difficult when you are currently based well over an hour away from your preferred areas, the London rental market moves so quickly. We’re fast working out what we definitely don’t want in a home, which I guess is a bonus, but also starting to feel a little stressed that we won’t find anything. Who said adulting was fun?!

 photo Severn Valley Railway 25_zpshvowo3vp.jpgSo this is just a note to say, bear with me. I’ll be back soon, when I feel a little better and things are (hopefully!) calmer! Unfortunately Wordpress has ‘lost’ post drafts which were virtually ready to go, so I can’t even get those up to cover the little gap in posting I forsee – but what I will try and do is stay a bit more active on social media, share a bit about my holiday and the flat hunting process, and generally just enjoy some time off. I have a mountain of blog posts to actually read too – I’m looking forward to catching up with those!

Apologies, and I hope to be back soon! Feel free to leave me with some blog links for reading whilst snuggled on the sofa (or on numerous train trips to London!).