Lifestyle: Lately #1

I’m finally, finally starting to feel a bit better. I’m not sure whether the lingering illness was the problem, or whether it was the fact that I was so, so tired and exhausted. I was going from doing nothing one day, to a whole 13+ hour day flat hunting the next and my body just wasn’t happy with that. Since the middle of the week I’ve been making sure I get enough rest and I think it’s paid off. A little wander round Tesco isn’t resulting in a nap like it did on Tuesday at least!

 photo Life Lately 1_zpsarh4lxxf.pngAnyway, I thought I’d introduce a few more semi-regular types of post around here, something to give me a bit of inspiration in a few months when I’m working full-time. Something which gives a little bit of an insight into my life, without being too long and ramble-y. Sometimes I feel like my only really personal posts are my monthly favourites, and I definitely want to try and change that – so here’s a quick run-down of bits and pieces I’ve been doing.

Doing – flat-hunting, coughing, sunbathing, blowing my nose, emptying the loft.

Visiting – Brighton, London.

Watching – Breaking Bad, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2* (love this, and fans who buy a copy on DVD or Blu-Ray will receive a £20 voucher to redeem against a meal until October at The Real Greek restaurants), The Disappearance.

Reading – The Pact, (very) old issues of BBC Good Food magazine.

Eating – bad things, plenty of ice-cream, hedgerow muesli* (link).

Craving – KFC, zingy salads.

There are definitely a few changes coming soon to my little space on the interwebs. I’m desperate to introduce a Happy Monday style post inspired by Katy, so fingers crossed I’ll figure out a way to do that (and keep doing it when life gets busy). I also need to step on it and sort out my little rebrand too…exciting times ahead!

What have you been up to lately?