University: 10 Things To Keep With You

I’ve done quite a few of the “What’s in my Bag” posts before; I love writing them, I love reading them (it’s my nosiness!), and in fact there will be another heading your way soon. However when Stagecoach offered to send me over their guest post listing “top 10 things every new student needs in their purse” I decided it would be a great way to show off what the essentials are, minus all the unnecessary rubbish I carted around…

 photo 10 Things To Carry_zps54hnoupw.jpgHeading off to uni? With the rush of socialising, studying and general shenanigans you’re about to undertake, it’s easy to forget the little essentials. From what you’ll need in your bag to what you should pack in your purse, this is a list of the top ten items to carry with you at all times.

Student Bus Pass – sure, you’ll probably walk around campus. But, unless you’ve paid extra for student accommodation right near your university, you’ll generally be placed in halls that are a few miles away. Grab a student bus pass from a company like Stagecoach – sure beats walking through the rain.

Cash – the universal way to engage in pint-drinking, snack-eating or stationary panic-buying. Make sure you’ve got some on you.

Bank Card – cash always runs out, so it’s handy to have a backup on you at all times. Debit cards are a great way to keep cash nearby – especially after loan day.

 photo Whats In My Handbag - Intern Edition - 6_zps8ky5beln.jpg photo Whats In My Handbag - Intern Edition - 4_zpsrtuffmze.jpgDriving Licence/ID – unless you’re (un)lucky enough to look 25+, you’ll need a valid form of ID to get into clubs. Nobody wants to be turned back at the door when you’re with a group. A driving licence is the best type of ID, as it fits into your purse.

NUS Card – you’ve heard about a student discount, hit the shops and then suddenly you’re out of luck. How do you get all these great deals? A NUS card! Despite the fact you’ve got to pay a fee, they’re great to have and the savings outweigh the price.

Student ID – if you need an ID card to get into the library or other campus facilities, you should carry it at all times. After all, you never know when the need to study will strike.

Pens – okay, so these won’t fit in your purse – but you will need them. Don’t be the girl in lectures who has to ask to borrow one.

 photo 2016-08-01 14.50.47_zpsmjw4h7ke.jpgChewing Gum – heading out after a day in class? You’ll need a way to perk yourself up. Chewing gum helps keep your breath fresh and it’s easy to carry with you.

Railcard – if you’re heading back home and need to hop on a train, a railcard is a great little extra to buy that helps you save. National Rail do lots of student discounts and you’d be mad not to cash in on them.

Condoms – nobody wants to be captain safety, but carrying some kind of protection on nights out is handy so you can avoid any potential disasters.

 photo 2016-08-01 14.51.47_zps29wwbwq9.jpgI have to admit, not too sure about the last one – carrying the same one around in a wallet feels a bit unsafe to me (surely the constant friction wouldn’t be good?!) but other than that, some pretty good advice from Stagecoach here. I always used to carry some sort of snack on me too, usually a Nakd bar or similar, just in case of any sudden hunger pains!

*Post in collaboration with Stagecoach.

What do you always carry with you?