University: Suriving on a Student Budget

Over the last month or so I’ve been talking to a few younger people, a few people who are just off to university. First off, I genuinely can’t believe it is over four years since I moved away for the first time; it still feels like yesterday. University definitely flew by in no time at all! Secondly, it was so, so clear that the fears I had are still the biggest worries today; how will they cope on a student budget.

 photo Student Budget_zpss6by45ja.pngNow, I definitely have my own tips – cook fresh, choose shorter washing cycles, use low-energy bulbs, shop around for deals on bills – but retailer B&M are offering students their best tips on how to survive on a student budget with an infographic.

I thought it gave some excellent advice. Having a clear-out to raise extra cash is something that I did between my first and second year and I raised a lot of money, just from clothes and ‘junk’ I had lying around. I even got £80 for a old phone with a completely smashed screen! However my biggest tip is to utilise a piggy bank – throw any loose change into a jar at the end of the week and leave it there. It’s an easy way to save the pennies you would otherwise spend without thinking!

 photo 2016-08-01 15.49.21_zps3ogjjody.jpg

*Post sponsored by B&M, all opinions are my own.

What are your top tips for living on a budget?

  • Some really fab tips, I’ve got a pile of stuff waiting to be put on depop and I keep putting it off, so I’m going to tackle that soon!! I also definitely agree, eating fresh and prepreparing lunches goes a long way!

    Can also definitely recommend Envirophone! And I put all my copper change into a jar instead of it clogging up my purse and take it to the bank every now and then to get some good money out of it!!



    • ninegrandstudent

      I’ve never used Depop, I really should have a browse! x

  • I *need* one of those bags! I really need to get into the habit of saving up my spare change. I managed remarkably well on my student budget last year, but this year I’m hoping to save up for next summer, so these tips should be pretty helpful.
    Lx | Lightly We Go