Lifestyle: Hygge

Hygge is perhaps the biggest buzz word of Autumn 2016 within the blogging community. Ignoring the hype, it’s a concept I’ve been both familiar with and actively trying to incorporate it into my life for a while now. Hygge means creating a nice, cosy atmosphere, enjoying the good things in life, making the most of the people around you. The warm glow of candlelight is hygge. Friends and family – yes, hygge too. A good plate of your favouite dinner. Snuggling into bed. All hygge.

 photo Hygge 2_zpsnj1shpic.jpg

Hygge (pronounced ‘hue-gah’) is a quality of presence and an experience of togetherness. It is a feeling of being warm, safe, comforted and sheltered. (source). 

And what better way to really ‘practise’ hygge that create a cosy bedroom sanctuary, just perfect for Sunday evening pamper sessions, lazy Saturday mornings and for just hiding away from the world.

Whilst we have settled into our flat, it’s not quite ready to show off to the world yet. Whilst most things have found their place, I’m still waiting on my bedside shelves to be completely finished off, I’m still waiting on finding the perfect lamp (because hello adulting). I’d normally have done a ‘room tour’ by now after moving in, but I’m just not quite up to sharing it yet. These snaps are a bit of a sneak peek, if you like!

 photo Hygge 4_zpsxaecnrr1.jpg photo Hygge 6_zps5xq4rny8.jpg photo Hygge 7_zpsvqdmbzmx.jpgRight from our move-in date, SleepyPeople helped us feel completely at home by providing us with a Silentnight Complete Bedding Set*. Having a good night’s sleep and feeling settled go hands in hand for both me and W, so it  says a lot that our bed was cosy enough to settle into pretty quickly. Good bedding is so important for a decent bit of kip, and this duvet is just the right balance of thick and comforting, without being heavy and hot – a godsend for weirdos like me who can’t sleep without a duvet even on the hottest of nights!

We’re also doubly thankful – after fifteen minutes of attempting to make the bed on move-in day, we sadly concluded that our new bed was in-fact a king-size. This collaboration email came literally about ten minutes later, saving both us and our bank balances from having to buy yet more bedding!

 photo Hygge 1_zpsqxscdzgj.jpgFor me, fitting hygge into my daily life is about making time for me, whether it’s leaving five minutes earlier so I can really enjoy the walk to the tube station (I cross the river on a footbridge and the view is gorgeous), or taking the time to cook a particularly nice dinner (courgette risotto has been a highlight recently). It’s about taking ten minutespost evening workout to do a spot of yoga and a few breathing exercises. It’s sitting with a facemask, deep conditioner and book. It’s taking an hour to eat a single bar of Dairy Milk (a rare but much-loved treat). For me, it’s enjoying the little things in life.

Do you try to fit hygge into your life?