Lifestyle: Heatwave in Numbers

I can’t be the only one that’s ever-so slightly glad London has cooled down now! The heatwave of mid-June was, was frankly, a little bit too much for me. And that’s coming from someone with an air-conditioned flat, who gets the District Line to work (also air-conditioned) and an air-conditioned office. Even my 10-minute walk to/from the station was a little bit too much – and a midday walk to the highstreet left me feeling physically ill. In hindsight, going out already thirsty wasn’t the best plan, but what’s a girl gonna do when she realises she’s all out of moisturiser?!

 photo Battersea Park 1_zpsgnpzsvwe.jpg photo Leeds Castle 10_zpshikrmzbv.jpg photo Leeds Castle 7_zpsd5btlglp.jpgInspired by Rhyme & Ribbons ABC of Summer I’ve penned this little post. I want to try and be a little less scripted/organised when it comes to blogging, a bit more spur-of-the-moment (I kinda need to do that in general, but hey-ho).

15+ flat viewings. Not pleasant in the heat.

3 naps. It’s the only thing I have energy for when it’s hot.

1 dumped duvet. It lived on our sofa for nearly a fortnight as it was too hot to even sleep on top of it.

4 loads of extra washing. Cos apparently we have a limited number of summer clothes.

2 snapped scrunchies. I like to pineapple my hair overnight when it’s hot, but I have a LOT of hair.

8 early alarms. I refuse to get even the relatively cool District line in rush-hour, so was leaving at least half an hour early each morning.

 photo Leeds Castle 9_zps1hxwcprr.jpg photo Cronut_zpsaa7nzudk.png1 evening picnic in the park. Very middle class with falafel, quinoa salad and fresh strawberries (+ cream and homemade meringues).

5 lunchtime picnics. Various parks.

184 (approx!) moans of “It’s too hot.”

2 arguments with dogs owners. Do NOT leave your dog in a car, and do not talk it for a walk along the pavement in 33 degree heat. The poor thing was hopping as it’s feet were so hot! Grrrrr.

4 nights when I refused to put the oven on (1 where I refused to eat anything hot). Our Cusinart grill machine was a life-saver!

25 seconds in the flat each evening before I turned the air-con on.

 photo Battersea Park 2_zpsdwrkex5x.jpg3 Mars Bar ice-creams. 1 Mr Whippy 99. 1 tub of sorbet. 1 bowl of semi-frozen lime jelly. Basically ALL the frozen things.

And now I have a craving for a Mars Bar ice-cream…! How did you find the mini-heatwave? Are you enjoying the slightly cooler weather or praying for it to get blisteringly hot again?