Personal: Radio Silence

So, I’ve been a little absent lately. It’s the first unplanned blog break I’ve had in a while and if I’m honest I’ve not been remotely happy about it. I feel gutted that I just wasn’t able to balance everything last month and blogging was the thing that got the cut.

And that’s the reality of blogging, particularly with a demanding full-time career as well.

 photo 2016-12-27 16.21.14_zpslp8ekdep.jpgIt’s not all free “blogger mail” and cocktail-making press trips. It’s not receiving meal vouchers and theatre tickets. Of course, those things do happen (though not as often as soon might think!) but the vast majority of blogging is just bloody hard work.

Right now I have 34 emails in my inbox I have to reply to, after deleting another 27 that are spammy, generic or just don’t warrant a response. I have a list of 89 posts I want to pen up at some point. I have 10 posts I want to go live this month, all of which have photographs that need editing (because I luckily have a backlog of photos taken, otherwise I’d have to do that too). I have God knows how many old posts I need to go back and edit. And that’s before I even think about social media.

But this post isn’t meant to be a ‘woe is me’ pity grabber. My point is that blogging isn’t a walk in the park. And realistically, my career (my day job and the study that comes with it) have to come first. When I found out I passed the exam I took in April, despite that fact I was overjoyed, it also meant I wouldn’t be resitting in September. So I’ve had to pick up another exam instead – and with tutorials timed virtually straight away I had to throw myself into the deep end. Oh, and we moved flats too. And went on holiday (we picked up the keys to the new place about 10 hours after landing back at Gatwick!).

 photo 2016-12-27 17.01.57_zpssee0leme.jpgBasically it’s been busy. I stopped blogging. And I’m sorry. Fingers crossed I’ll carve out a bit of time over the next few weeks to get back into it.

There’s also some changes I want to make to this space. A bit of a rebrand, a bit of a redesign. I had planned to get that all done and THEN come back and start blogging. But I missed typing away and my to-do list just wasn’t getting any smaller. So keep an eye out for these changes, all will be revealed soon…

How have you been the past few weeks?