Lifestyle: A Sneak Peak of Our New Flat

You’d think since we moved in a month ago (time flies!) that I’d be ready to do a full-on flat tour, but apparently not!

 photo Flat Tour 2017 53_zpsfvj2zisx.jpgWhilst we got super lucky with the delivery of our sofa, with it turning up about 1 hour after we got access to the flat, we’ve been less than organised when it comes to sorting out a dining table, chairs and other bits and pieces. In fairness, we’re actually designing a dining table pretty much from scratch so it’s taking a while, but eating off a teeny tiny desk is taking it’s toll!

Our new flat is in a converted school – and the building is full of original features. The corridors are glazed brick, and from the top floor stairwell there’s a stunning view across London, taking in the Eye, Westminster and all of the iconic buildings over in the City (yep, I can see my office, and yes – it’s a little depressing to do so from your home!). Unfortunately our flat doesn’t have quite so nice views, looking over the new modern school next-door, but hey it’s better than bins or a carpark! The best thing though? Wooden floorboards (a flat-lay dream!) and double-heighted ceilings. It makes the space look and feel so much bigger…but onto the tour!

 photo Flat Tour 2017 46_zpssuz6giju.jpg photo Flat Tour 2017 54_zpstqojqcjf.jpg photo Flat Tour 2017 57_zpsyyftob7p.jpg photo Flat Tour 2017 51_zpspkxtdngq.jpgStarting with the main living area (ignoring the big space for the dining area!). Now, aforementioned sofa was a bit of a nightmare to find. We knew what we wanted. We just couldn’t find exactly it. We veryyyyyy nearly ordered the Dylan from Made, but in the end a 15% offer from Swoon and slightly better despatch time had us order one from Swoon Editions (now sold out). In retrospect it was a great decision. The ‘cushions’ are attached so there’s no sliding around, and the colour is lighter and just slightly nicer – though I’ve had to ban chocolate binges on the sofa for now!

Of course, a new sofa means new cushions (and blankets!) and these ones from Rooi are SUCH good quality. Thick, non-scratchy material and a plump insert, they’ve made my slightly unforgiving sofa a lot more comfy. We went for the Goose & Dandelion*, and the Bee Cushion in Grey*. A bit of a backstory here – I’m terrified of geese, W really isn’t a fan of bees. So yep, I got cushions to represent the things we are scared of!

 photo Flat Tour 2017 41_zps53qufuak.jpg photo Flat Tour 2017 24_zpsbw6hoevs.jpgThis bit of the flat isn’t quite yet finished though. We’d like to pick up a side-table (I’ve already kicked one cup of tea flying…) and I’m desperate for a mustard-yellow armchair too. If anyone has seen one that’s not over £250 let me know!

Oh, and apparently we need a large TV too…

 photo Flat Tour 2017 35_zpso7jol0xm.jpg photo Flat Tour 2017 38_zpsucyuvtew.jpg photo Flat Tour 2017 36_zpsbqu9sgba.jpgWe’ve kept pretty much the same desk set-up as in our previous flat. I’m working on getting some slightly nicer pen pots, and we desperately need a desk lamp but it’s quite a nice place to work – being right by the big windows means plenty of natural light on study days which was a big problem last year.

 photo Flat Tour 2017 44_zpshcq7nnlx.jpgThe kitchen is quite possibly my favourite part of our new flat. It’s not huge, but it’s layout means it feels SO much bigger than our previous one. Sure, I miss the clean whiteness (and ease of taking photos) in the old one, but I’m loving being able to dance around the kitchen, not have to plan ahead about when/where I can plug things in and having a decent size fridge! No more playing tetris with the food shop…

There’s a lack of kitchen photos in this post purely because I had no motivation to clean it. So just trust me when I say it’s a lot bigger than it looks!

The kitchen layout also means we have a moveable ‘island’ where we’ve installed our stand mixer. The baskets underneath are perfect for storing baking bits, so we’re managing to do just that little bit more now. Just in time to for the Bake Off Bake Along!

 photo Flat Tour 2017 3_zpsiuttbwqm.jpg photo Flat Tour 2017 7_zpsej9mmust.jpgThe bedroom is both our most and least finished room in the house. We don’t *need* anything else in there, but we feel it’s a little bare.Though it’s far better now W has built these lovely bedside tables! It’s home to what is the biggest wardrobe I’ve ever had, so everything is neatly stored away. I’d really love a double bed in here, but that’s the problem with renting – it’s difficult to make big changes. I reckon more cushions will make this room look a bit more cosy and inviting…

Oh, and we have a bath. I may or may not have indulged in one most nights since we moved in…

How do you make a rented flat your own?