Lifestyle: Happy Fortnightly Things #64

I usually try to keep these Happy Monday posts true to their name. Happy. Positive. Free from negativity. Unfortunately I’m not quite feeling that way as I sit down to type this, despite it being a beautiful sunny warm Sunday. Nothing dramatic, I’m just horribly stressed with work and health-wise I’m not the best either right now. Hopefully it’s all about to improve – and luckily typing the little list below has cheered me up slightly. So, what has been making me smile lately…?

 photo Happy Things 2_zpstx894dal.png

    1. Finding what look to be my dream trainers to wear with dresses. Ok, a bit too late as I’ll be switching back to ankle boots shortly, but I’ll be ordering them to stash ahead for next year!
    2. As always, some Ottolengi recipes need a mention. In the last fortnight we’ve made four new ones, as well as some which were already favourites. This Courgette Feta Pasta is a real winner…
    3. A really good grilled cheese sandwich. Gooey melted cheddar, soft pear and salty prosciutto. So good!
    4. Making birthday plans. Yes, it’s not until December but I do like a good plan! So far it involves lots of food and a theatre trip too…
    5. Mars Bar Ice-Creams. I just can’t resist them!
    6. It’s almost pumpkin season! I’m determined to do a little more autumn-themed baking this year. So far I’ve earmarked pumpkin pie, pumpkin pasta, , pumpkin-spice cookies and I’m working on an idea for a lasagne too…What do you want to see first?
    7. Re-reading the Harry Potter’s. It’s made me feel all nostalgic!
    8. The smell of a roast chicken in the oven. I honestly don’t think there is anything better…
    9. Booking a restaurant for our anniversary dinner. It was such a tough choice but we’re so excited to be heading back to somewhere which did us an amazing meal a few years ago!
    10. Things from the internet I’ve loved lately:

    How was your summer? What are you looking forward to this month?