Lifestyle: Art of the Brick & Childhood Favourites

 photo IMG_0628_zpsaece4675.jpg photo IMG_0629_zpsfd33573e.jpgI was quite a deprived child; LEGO wasn’t something I had, wasn’t something I played with. That’s changed since my relationship began at 16 – my boy loves LEGO, he’s studying engineering and I’m pretty sure LEGO inspired this! I arranged for myself and a group of friends to buy him the campervan for his 18th, and there’s probably a list of kits he’d love longer than my MAC wishlist…Going to this exhibition was a no-brainer, so on a rainy wet and grey November Saturday that’s exactly what we did!

 photo IMG_0627_zpsaeaac86a.jpg photo IMG_0632_zpsb0ebff4c.jpgI wasn’t planning on posting about this; it was just a casual couple’s day out but I was so taken with the exhibition I just had to share – especially now it’s been extended until April. I can’t stress how enjoyable it was, I’m not an arty person but loved this! Word of warning though. It isn’t a particularly child-friendly event, no matter how it has been marketed. It’s art predominately, the fact that it is all made out of LEGO is really quite irrelevant.

 photo IMG_0634_zpsb0887626.jpg photo IMG_0636_zpsaf2b1dba.jpgThis also got me thinking, reminiscing about childhood toys. I was definitely a mixed up child – I liked nothing more than climbing trees and running around with my dog, but when I did sit still I was either reading (I was fond of Jacqueline Wilson, followed by Rosie Rushton once a little older – strange as she’s very close to W’s family!) or playing with dolls. I had the full collection of Annabel’s and Baby Born’s. I loved Barbie’s too. Not Bratz, not anything too fancy, but old fashioned Barbie’s. I collected stuffed dogs – I had 57 of them, and they all had names. I can probably remember where they all came from too! But my most loved toy of all? I had Bear, a Baloo from the Disney store that now has no resemblance to Baloo at all. He has ‘lost’ his claws, got holds in his nose, the blacks of his eyes are scratched white, and his fur is no-where near as fluffy as it was. I know because I bought a “vintage” baloo from Ebay last summer and it turned out to be the same one. Just in far more pristine condition than bear! LEGO might be cool, but it’s not quite got the sentimental factor that a bear has!

What was your favourite childhood toy? Have you been to see Art of the Brick?