Friday Favourites: Beauty Blogs

 photo Blogs_zps57407db5.jpgAnother Friday, another Favourites post. Its scary how quickly these are coming round, mainly because when I sat and scheduled the first two (Lifestyle, and Food) my exams hadn’t even started, yet by the time this one goes live I will be 24 hours away from freedom. Today I’m going to talk about beauty blogs. I probably read beauty blogs more often than others, purely cos I am a bit of a product junkie, but careful with my pennies so I like to consider purchases carefully. I don’t think I’ve bought something without reading 15 or so bloggers opinions on it!

I actually found it really difficult to write this list as I love a lot of blogs, so I went with ones that I always read new posts immediately, instead of waiting until a quiet moment.

 photo MyPaleSkin_zpsbfe4988e.pngFirst off we have My Pale Skin. I found this blog through googling for pale foundations (I really, really struggle to find a decent match!) and have been hooked ever since – especially now Em is doing the ‘Pale Test.’ I love the layout of this blog, so minimalist but different (the blue colour seems so original!) and the photography is excellent. I’m a sucker for good photography, I just wish mine was up to scratch!

 photo BedintheKitchen_zpscd6178c9.pngJaye’s blog Bed in the Kitchen is definitely one that I stop and read whenever she posts – I just love her writing style as its a great mix of to-the-point reviews and her chatty style. I really loved her Desktop Beauty post, I’m also a bit of a workaholic so definitely need to make time to pamper myself at the desk!

 photo SweetElectric_zps12d79dbf.pngSweet Electric is a blog I’ve followed for quite a few months, and I love the mix of budget and high-end reviews – the last thing I want is a blog full of products I just can’t afford! I’ve bookmarked Zoe’s Improving Photography post as that’s something I really aim to do once exams are finished. I also love Sweet Electric for a slightly selfish reason – I recently won a Nuxe giveaway on there, and so have an exciting parcel waiting for me to get home once these exams are out of the way. I can’t wait!

 photo HelloOctober_zpsbdd9b6e1.pngFinally there’s Hello October. Probably more of a lifestyle blog, but I love her beauty posts! She recently posted a Matte Brown Smokey Eye tutorial which I’m looking forward to following! I love the mix of posts of this blog, again its really a lifestyle blog but definitely one of my favourites!

Well done girls for making it into my favourites, and remember from this post that one of you I’ve nominated for a Cosmo Blog award! Nominations close on Monday I think, so get nominating!

What’s your favourite blog award? Have you nominated any yet?

Blogging: Liebster Award Nomination

I was nominated for this award by Katie Ann ages ago, way before I moved my hosting. Then my drafts got lost in transit, and due to a silly error I started scheduling posts for 2015 so my apologies to Katie Ann for it only going live now!

This award is designed for newer bloggers (ideally those with less than 200 followers), you have to nominate others when you are awarded, and give them questions to answer or facts to write.

She’s given me 11 questions to answer, so I will do those now. Then I’m going to nominate a couple of blogs I think are deserving of this award. It turns out I follow over 800 blogs on Bloglovin’, so sorry if I nominate ones with ‘too many’ followers, and I would also like you to take part and answer my ‘question’ if you want – just tag me in it in the comments, as I’d love to read it!

1)    How many languages do you speak?

Quite embarrassingly I only speak English. I did French GCSE (and am very proud of the B I got – I really struggled!) but really can’t remember much at all, definitely not enough for a conversation. I would love to learn German though.

2)    What’s your Holy Grail product?

I’m not sure I really have one! I’d probably go for coconut oil – its natural, a great hair treatment and body moisturiser, and I always like to use it. Other than that I’d say Umberto Giannini’s Curl Jelly, which I’ve used for about three years.

3)    Can you play any instruments?

Again I’m embarrassed to say no! I did used to play Clarinet and loved it, but had to give up due to medical reasons. I’m definitely not a musical type though – I’m always asked to stop singing as I’m never in tune!

4)    What’s your favourite destination?

A few years ago I’d have said Turkey – I loved nothing more than heading to Side with my family and lazing about the pool/beach for a fortnight. Lately though I’ve been keen on short European and British breaks – my must-do list at the moment includes York, Bruges, Paris and Rome. I desperately want to go back to Edinburgh/North Berwick too!

 photo 2013-08-13172908_zpsac8e59bf.jpg

5)    How long have you been blogging?

I actually started blogging about two years ago, but only really ‘properly’ with regular posts, promoting myself and thinking a bit more last May/June time.

6)    And how and why did you get started?

I wanted an online diary to come back to in a few years, but most importantly I wanted any readers I had to learn from my experiences – be it not to make my budgeting mistakes, or how to make a good Toad in the Hole!

7)    How old are you?

I’m 20 – that feels old, and every time I answer that question I feel a little sad that I’m not a teenager any more!

8)    Who’s your favourite blogger?

Oh, I don’t know! Can I choose two? I love Thoroughly English by Bess- it’s the kind of blog I feel like reading on a miserable day, and it feeling like chatting to a close friend. I also love the Inelegant Wench, partly because of the fab name, and again I love the chatty style. And another one! A more student-y one is Handbags and Cupcakes. I’ve loved reading about Rachel’s year abroad, and I also love her handbags! She’s made up a pretty good brownie recipe too!

Thoroughly English photo ThroughlyEnglish_zps28e33586.png


9)    And what about YouTuber?

I’ll confess – I don’t watch any YouTubers at all! However Lottie’s Little Kitchen has just started vlogging, so I might need to have a watch sometime!

Lottie's Little Kitchen photo ThroughlyEnglish_zps9ab73888.png

10)    Do you see yourself blogging for the long term?

I hope I will stay blogging, however I don’t know if I’ll keep my current name – I hope to be a ‘ninegrandgraduate’ by the summer of 2016, so I’m not sure what I’ll do then!

11)    What’s your favourite colour?

I love a deep red/pink berry colour – a nice raspberry tone!


Now for my questions – I can’t think of anything specific, so I’d love my nominees to write down 15 random facts about themselves. These can be anything and everything, I’d just love to read them!

My nominees are:

Looking forward to reading your random facts! I would love it if you could add the link to your post in the comments below, so I know I definitely won’t miss it!

What’s your favourite blog? I love finding new ones to read, so would greatly appreciate any recommendations!