Fashion: The Nude Satchel

Neutral colours are everywhere this season. Camel coloured coats are hugely popular, and a certain Kylie Jenner has meant one of my most lusted after lipsticks is permanently out of stock. Other than lipstick, though, nude colours just don’t suit me. I’m too pale, too pink-toned, with too-ginger hair to pull them off. This bag is my concession to the nude trend.

 photo 7f392a89-4388-4d33-9dea-c604034ed455_zpstgpgorg8.jpgAnd, in my defence, I’ve wanted one in this colour since I first became aware of the Leather Satchel Company.

This arrived just before Christmas, along with a whole load of other goodies (the box weighed 7kg…). I actually got this as part of my affiliate work with the company; you all brought enough satchels with my code (which is no longer in use) for me to treat myself, my mum and my boyfriend to some shiny bags. This is my favourite.

 photo e1a54682-e096-4a5f-930c-fbcfef544e5e_zpsouqfpn6o.jpgIt almost tips my Oxblood one off the top spot. But not quite, so don’t panic! The colour is just so perfect, pale, brown enough not to look white, dark enough not to show too much dirt, and patent (so shiny!) makes sure that any dirty wipes straight off. My only wish is that I’d opted for popper fastenings on this one, as I’m worried the patent finish will start to crack on the straps.

 photo b874ec03-77a4-42a3-b81d-ba9bf8ce75a2_zpspejr3jnh.jpgAt 14″ this is big enough for a notepad. It justtttt squeeze in my camera (it’s not got an extended gusset), and I can fit in everything I need for a weekend. It fits my Chromebook perfectly too.

 photo 1efaaa8c-9be1-41b3-9bbc-567a71e0dd70_zpshrfqxcnh.jpgMade to the Leather Satchel Company’s high standards, the quality is outstanding. I could look for hours and not find any flaws. And as always, service was superb. I chose the satchels on the Friday, they turned up on the Monday. If I had a discount code for you all, I’d happily share it but unfortunately they’ve changed the scheme. Fingers crossed they have something exciting up their sleeves later in the year!

 photo 2015-01-18 16.22.26_zpsn6bvrfhw.jpgBut for now, go to their site and lust over their bags. I do this periodically. It might not be the flashiest of sites, but the bags are second to none. Far and away in terms of quality compared to others I’ve tested. And the colour on this one – amazing. I’d recommend you snap up a Naked Taupe whilst you can!

What bags are you using at the moment? Do you like the nude colour trend?

Fashion: A Satchel for Autumn

I’ve finally got round to showing you this satchel. Despite having had it since last Christmas (technically. A mix up with delivery meant it sat unloved in an empty student house for four weeks) I’ve only just managed to get some photos of it.

 photo 499b903a-2267-4e16-a528-b172e40b3cf7_zpsaf4a792b.jpgAn unexpected Christmas present, I actually won a facebook competition ran by Groupon to get this beauty. My favourite competition win of the lot! It’s from The Leather Satchel Co, who regular readers will know is my favourite satchel company. Extremely friendly staff, amazing customising options, free leather swatches, fast delivery – everything you want in a company. Pretty much customer heaven, and the bags are pretty gorgeous too.

 photo 4bb842e4-6d6d-4a83-96f7-5f147125e09b_zps700bea5b.jpgThe quality of their bags is second-to-none. Just look at that attention to detail! This has survived dropping to the floor on several occasions (including the middle of two roads) as the strap hooks are a little flimsy. That’s my one real complaint with this bag, my giant Oxblood has a completely difficult strap system which is far more robust – but I just switch the strap if I know my bag will get heavy. I wouldn’t take this climbing mountains, but I wouldn’t be so petty as for it to never leave it’s dust bag either.

 photo 01505198-e0e0-42cd-b812-63bd79cfe086_zps34ed7f50.jpgColour is gorgeous. Completely season appropriate, it looks like a bar of dairy milk with stripes of bournville. I’m on a diet, so chocolate is on the brain! If my foggy memory serves me right, the lighter colour is Chestnut Brown, the darker being Chocolate brown. I’m hoping Keith will correct me if I’m wrong! This is my go-to bag at the weekends – its big enough for all of my junk (phone, camera, keys, purse, kindle, and about five lipsticks…), without being too heavy on the shoulder. I love my Oxblood, but I can’t deny it’s heavy. At least twice the weight of this one when it’s empty.

 photo fa74284c-96a8-4be4-9cb2-bf0b88699644_zps137f182a.jpgNow, customisations. As with the Oxblood I’ve had the gusset extended on this guy, by about 1/3. I’d recommend this to everyone as it makes the bag so much more useable. I’ve had poppers put on instead of buckles fasteners too, but I’ve got to admit it can take me just as long to do them up. Obviously it’s a two-tone design, I’ve added a briefcase handle, and I also have a shoulder pad. Not sure I would ever order one without, my Yoshi and Cut Make Trim satchels feel uncomfortable as they are a plain strap. No embossing on this. Sizewise, this is a 14″. I can fit a pad of paper in there, but not an A4 folder.

Ah, a satchel for all seasons. I’m currently wanting a mini cream (Naked Taupe if at all possible!) one, possibly with black detailing. It would be the perfect accessory to my 21st outfit. You wouldn’t believe the difficulties I’m having ordering a dress, but thats another post. If my fifth one fits.

 photo 499b903a-2267-4e16-a528-b172e40b3cf7_zpsaf4a792b.jpg Disclaimer: my Oxblood satchel was a PR gift, all opinions are my own, and this gorgeous satchel was a competition prize. 

Do you like the classic brown satchel look? What would your dream satchel be?

Student Summer: Barrel Bag Giveaway

I promised giveaways during my Student Summer series, and here is the first. The lovely people at Unineed offered to donate this fabulous Zatchels bag as a prize. Now, I have no experience with this particular bag brand, but I do love the design and colour. Its small, so the perfect size for taking on an evening out, or nipping out to the shops.

As a site, I’ve become really impressed with Unineed. Some of the savings are pretty impressive, and I’ve not had a bad ordering experience. I still prefer to buy makeup in a shop, purely cos then I know if it gets damaged its my fault, but this site is great for just about anything else you could want. It reminds me of an online duty-free shopping experience!

Onto the giveaway  you’ll win the lovely bag that’s pictured throughout this post. It’s run through Rafflecopter (obviously given the widget below!) and I’ll be picking one winner at random in two weeks. I’ll give them 48 hours to get back to me before picking another. Oh, and I’ll also be checking entries. Please no serial comp accounts! Finally, the prize will be sent out directly by Unineed; I bear no responsibility to damage, loss etc caused by shipping – though obviously I doubt this will happen! Here you go…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This is also great timing – it celebrates A-level Results Day two days ago (so congratulations if it applies to you) and the publication of some of my blog work (ok, two little snippets!) in the Guardian!

Are you liking the Student Summer Series? What would you like to see more of?

Review: Initial Impressions of Cut Make Trim*

CutMakeTrim photo 2014-04-08084902_zps246e48c9.jpgI was recently contacted by the lovely Alice on behalf of British company Cut Make Trim, and was delighted to be offered the opportunity to review a product of my choice. As you all know I am a huge satchel fan (I own my custom sized massive one, which I’ve blogger about a few times, as well as another from the Leather Satchel Co which I actually won in a competition and really should post about) so I immediately accepted the review opportunity, and not-so immediately placed an order.

Having some experience of satchels I know what size I wanted to go for (15″ to fit A4 – the company also offer 13″ and 11″ as well as an interesting barrel-style satchel. Choosing a colour was far more difficult, in the end I went for ‘ranger‘ which I expected to be either dark brown or black. I was secretly rooting for it to be black, so was very excited when it was. Delivery was quick, and the ordering process was very simple (expected, given there are no customisation options). I must admit though that I was a little put off by the fact that the company themselves never answered a query I sent before placing my order.

My impressions with the satchel so far? I am very impressed with the buckle straps, as they are a lot thicker than my other satchels and do feel a bit more substantial. The rest of the satchel is made up of a thinner leather, and it is a lot more flexible than my Leather Satchel Co offerings. I’ve found I can much more easily squeeze a coat inside this satchel. One thing I will say is that if you are a little shorter than average be prepared to go and get extra holes added in the strap – it reached below my knees! The quality is definitely good, though I found that the edges are a little sharp and a lot more pointy than anything I am used to – they’ve laddered a few pairs of tights and added a few bruises (though having said that, my oversized satchel causes huge bruises for the first few weeks).

The finish is definitely the biggest selling point of this bag. I can’t comment on their more ‘regular’ leathers as this is completely different – it’s matte and almost pre-scuffed. I’ve never seen anything quite like it, and it looks unusual. I have a feeling this will last well too, as any additional scuffs and marks will just blend in nicely. If you want a satchel that looks preloved and almost vintage, I’d definitely recommend this style.

CutMakeTrim photo 2014-04-08084914_zps771f171b.jpgYou can order online here, and they’re also sold in Covent Garden Market on certain days. I’m hugely thankful for the opportunity to review this satchel, and I think I’ll be doing a few more posts comparing my bags – I also have a post planned on showing you the (small amount of) wear and tear two terms has caused my oversized original satchel.

What do you think of satchels?