Beauty: Bargain Makeup Storage*

I’ve lusted over other bloggers’ Muji drawers for far too long, but simply never been able to part with the cash. Its a lot of money, and they are actually quite big – I wasn’t sure if I actually had enough makeup to fill them! Plus with moving to and from university every year I just wasn’t prepared to take the risk of investing and then damaging them. So, Muji drawers out, where to next?

 photo 2014-07-29180423_zps898afa98.jpgI’ve mainly used the combination of makeup bags (Debenhams range is the best, in my opinion) and pretty mugs to store makeup in, so I was delighted when Viking asked me to choose some products from their site. I immediately honed in on what seemed to be Muji-dupes, in the form of the Osco Desktop Organiser. They do a slightly bigger version here, but I find that this is the perfect size. I’ve now got hold of two (only one came from Viking PR!) and think they look great on my shelves. Plus it seems to be just the right size for my makeup.

 photo 2014-07-29180428_zpsd8da3325.jpgThe only slight issue is that these aren’t very deep, so they won’t hold foundation bottles. I received the OSCO 5 Tube Pot* to hold my foundations, and it worked perfectly until the tallest tube suddenly snapped. Not sure why it did this, as it seemed strong – I’d still recommend it as I probably had thrown something in it too hard! The delivery from Viking was amazingly quick; I’d actually ordered from them a few times, so it’s definitely a site I love. Anyway, where else can you buy 1kg of Aero Hot Chocolate*?!

 photo 2014-07-29180439_zps50ce21e2.jpgAs for the rest of my makeup storage? My foundations are currently looking clean, so they are out on a shelf alongside my perfume and room spray. Any brushes and really regularly reached for things like mascara sit in a Cath Kidston mug; I love these as they look great and are a large size. Some people say they are expensive, but really I’ve always got a lot of use out of them; the size makes them perfect for storage and hot chocolates!
 photo 2014-07-29180418_zpsac08235f.jpg

How do you store your makeup?

The Leather Satchel Co – New Website & Discount

As you all know (from this post, this post, and possibly this one too!) I’m a huge fan of the Leather Satchel Co. I love my satchel (it’s a bespoke custom design), it gets lots of comments from people (including impressing on a recent interview), and it fits everything I need into it. It’s the perfect bag for me!

2013-11-20 15.36.36

The company my satchel came from are pretty much the original satchel makers (they’ve been about a LOT longer than the Cambridge Satchel Company), and they were absolutely delightful to deal with. They listened to everything I had to say, did virtually everything I wanted, and delivery was exceptionally quick (though they did email to warn me of what they felt was a delay). However, some things did go amiss. There was confusion about a small part of my order, and a mix-up of delivery addresses. I felt these problems stemmed from the fact that they didn’t really have a proper website, more an online display, and customers needed to email to order. It was a long-winded way of doing things, and to be perfectly honest I wasn’t the hugest fan of their system, nor their website design. But all that has changed!

They have this month launched a new website, and whilst it’s still the it’s tweaking stage I personally believe it’s a huge improvement! There’s a wider selection of photographs open, and you can buy a variety of standard satchels easily straight off the site – but you can still order your customised satchels too!

2013-06-17 15.17.58There’s also a much-improved care guide (though I’m curious as to the product photographed – I’m trying to find out more about that!), an excellent size guide, and the colour guide seems a lot more accurate now. I think my favourite part is the fact you can order standard satchels directly from the site now – I have my eye on these (a blue one, and a lovely brown one).

To top it all of for you, I have a unique discount code that is still valid, which entitles you to an amount off of your order. I don’t get paid any money for providing you with this discount, and all the opinions of the company are entirely my own but the code is unique to my blog/name so please don’t share it out anywhere else!

EDIT: due to my code being shared externally to this site it was removed by the company – understandably as it was being used excessively. I’m hoping to do more collaborations with The Leather Satchel Company in the future, so watch this space!

I genuinely do recommend this company – my bag is amazing and I’m sure others made by them will be too. For all of my readers wondering about longevity of the bag, a post will be up soon. But for now, go ahead, use my code and treat yourself!

What’s your favourite satchel? 

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