Beauty: Drugstore Favourites

I wrote a few weeks back about my high-end favourites, well today it’s the highstreet’s turn. Whenever I wear makeup it’s more often than not a combination of pricier items together with budget-friendly picks. For one, I can’t afford to plaster my whole face in high-end products, and two? I’m pretty sure that I’d struggle to find a higher priced alternative that does a better job!

Drugstore Makeup 5

I must admit I shy away from cheaper lipsticks and eyeshadows, but everything else? I’m a magpie for a bargain!

These bits are all favourites of mine. Some of them I use every single day, other’s I have rediscovered over the last few weeks and need to refit into my routine. I can’t believe I’d forgotten about some of these gems!

 Drugstore Makeup 12

Bodyshop’s Mineral Foundation

This is on the verge of not being budget friendly, shooting up to a price of £15 nowadays (I’m convinced it was £2 less this time last year). However it is my most-commonly worn foundation, my everyday foundation if you will. A light dusting of this takes under 30 seconds to apply, yet evens out my skintone and lasts all day without feeling heavy. A pot lasts me a good eighteen months, so when there’s a 40% off code floating about it’s not too bank breaking!

Max Factor Match Masterpiece Foundation

My ‘going out’ foundation that has quickly replaced my entire Rimmel collection – the finish of this one just looks a lot more natural and it photographs well (full review here).

Drugstore Makeup 13Drugstore Makeup 7

No. 7 Illuminating Stick

One of my favourite products of 2014, since I’ve stopped wearing liquid foundations this has been a little neglected. It’s a shame as it’s a lovely daily highlighter – enough to add a glow, but not too OTT or glittery. I’m definitely aiming to use this more over the summer!

Max Factor Blushes

I’ve spoken about these a few times, they were pretty hyped up this time last year but (typically) the blogging world seems to have forgotten about them. By far the best drugstore blushes I have tried, these definitely deserve a lot more love! Pigmented, yet with natural colours, radiant without being glittery, super-blendable and a good shade range – these are on a par with Hourglass blushes that I have swatched and winced at the price of.

Barry M Light Reflecting Concealer

This is something that is hugely overlooked – it’s my go-to undereye concealer. With an amazing shade range for pale peeps, this is a light fluid that actually soothes the undereye area, brightens it up and makes me look a whole lot more awake. It’s not the highest coverage I’ve tried, but the fact that it NEVER creases means it’s a winner in my makeup bag. I would avoid using it as a spot cover though (I pick up 17’s Stay Time for that job!).

Drugstore Makeup 16

Burt’s Bees Coconut & Pear Lip Balm

Whilst I’ve a big lover of Nuxe Reve de Miel in evenings, I find it too heavy to wear during the day. I picked this up when visiting W one weekend (my lips suddenly decided to chap and I needed some form of balm). The scent is gorgeous, it’s hydrating yet matte, sinks in quickly and actually makes a difference. Kinda like what I hoped the Nuxe stick would be!

Drugstore Makeup 8

Of course, there are other bits and pieces I love in the drugstore. There’s KIKO lip liners (of which I want to own alllll the colours), Revlon Matte Balms (though admittedly these now irritate my lips), Natural Collection mascaras (because nothing has done the job better), and Barry M nail polishes. Oh, and Collection’s Gel top coat – by far the best I’ve tried.

What’s your favourite bits and pieces of drugstore beauty?

Beauty: Autumnal Tones

Autumn. It’s my favourite season, partly because of the memories it holds, partly because of the beautiful colours of the trees and the sunsets. It doesn’t hurt that ‘on trend’ Autumn makeup includes all of the shades that I love, that suit me perfectly.

 photo Autumn Makeup 8_zps7ugnhffk.jpgIn Autumn I can get away with dying my hair progressively more and more ginger (doing so in the summer results in a slightly orange look). I can paint my nails with dark colours and not look gothic. I can wear the same scarf and ankle boot combo many times and not look like I’m recycling outfits.

 photo Autumn Makeup 3_zpse8vczghh.jpg photo Autumn Makeup 6_zpsxbmzwol6.jpgThe majority of my autumn makeup has been rolled over from last year, with just the addition of some new nail polishes. After seeing swatches I couldn’t resist picking up some from Tanya Burr – both colours are so different to anything else I own, the finish seems glossy, they’re ridiculously cheap. Now I just need to find time to paint my nails…

I’ve also gone slightly away from the norm with some of my nail choices. I adore the chocolate brown shade – it’s so rich and glossy, I’d swear I’d just dipped my nails into melted chocolate. The red is unlike anything I’ve ever owned – it’s warm, orange-toned but slightly muted. The perfect bold shade that’s just a little easier to wear than a pillar-b

 photo Autumn Makeup 2_zps2ua2bff7.jpgThere’s unfortunately nothing new in the lip department. I’m mixing and matching lipliners with my MAC lipsticks, and to be honest I’m relatively satisfied with my collection at the moment. Though I wouldn’t say no to having Diva in my collection…My favourite everyday shade has to be Velvet Teddy (bit of a cliche I know, however the warm tone is super flattering on me), and I love Craving for a night out. If I need something to stay put all day then I’ll go for the Rimmel matte balm in Sultry – a staple in my makeup bag.

A slick of plum lipstick, an oversized scarf and really I’m good to go. Autumn is just so easy compared to summer.

What’s your go-to makeup look at the moment?

Beauty: A Love of Lip Liners

Up until six months ago I thought lip liners were a waste of time and my precious pennies. Why on earth would I need another layer of colour to do what my lipstick was doing perfectly well?!

 photo db7ea3b6-0f0e-46fc-99a1-c9ec80161bd4_zpsvm151mfz.jpgAnd now I have loads. Most of them are from a recent trip to Kiko, where I added a grand total of six to my collection. Safe to say I’m pretty obsessed.

I’ve matched most of them to my lipsticks, but I also have some brighter, bolder colours to wear either on my own or under a sheerer colour (I find MAC Patisserie a really wishy-washy colour without a bold liner behind it – definitely not one to live up to it’s hype). I’ve found the perfect match to Velvet Teddy, a match that keeps the red-brown tone and doesn’t turn it mauve like most of the recommended liners seem to do. I’ve found the most lovely colour that is almost a match to my natural lip colour, just a touch more red. I’ve found deep berries, vibrant fuschias and even a warm coral (not entirely convinced this suits me).

 photo 2015-05-15 20.29.34_zpsbo6bk1z4.jpgI’ve written about my L’Oreal wine-toned liner before, and whilst it’s not my favourite formula (a little too much slip), the colour is second to none. Max Factor provided me with an introduction to lip liners, and I do love the formula. For a while. I find these dry out really quickly, especially if the lip falls off in a crammed make-up bag. A little disappointing perhaps…

 photo b1dd371a-2161-41dd-9572-1a560ea64d4d_zpseemhyxk3.jpg photo 11c5dec1-9efc-4e7d-97c6-d6691a2bc06a_zpswvweygvd.jpgThe Kiko formula is pretty much spot on. A couple of the pale-pink colours don’t have quite the pay-off I’ve like, but the bolder and nude ones? They apply like a dream. Soft and creamy enough to wear on their own, these have a great lasting power that really glues my lipstick on. They haven’t dried out yet, the colour selection is amazing (I really need a dark brown one!), and the best bit – they cost £1.20. Can you really blame me for picking up a handful?!

 photo c0d418f2-b3ae-4ad0-b608-38ce64d273f2_zpst33aykaj.jpgA bit of a quick post from me today, I completely forgot to schedule anything for today until late Thursday night. Slightly tipsy from leaving drinks, an early train to Devon on Friday. I knew I wouldn’t have chance to get anything live and had this half done in my drafts. I was planning on doing a ‘matching liner with lipstick’ post, so do let me know if that’s something you’d still like to see and I’ll whip the camera out!

Are you a fan of lip liners? What’s your favourite Kiko product?

Beauty: The One I Tried To Resist

I really didn’t want to buy this. Honestly, it is something I’ve resisted for well over a year. An yet a few weeks ago it made it to the tills, and now it’s in my daily rotation. Call me weak-willed if you like…

17 Highlighter1 photo 3dd56db7-253c-4dba-8952-3d8cca3e810e_zps1fdukrg2.jpgSo, my reasons for not wanting this product? Here’s a list;

  • I’m not a huge fan of 17 makeup. I use the Stay Time concealer because it’s the only damn one on the high-street that’s neutral toned and pale enough for me. Trust me, I’ll be trying out the new Barry M ones as soon as my current tube has run out.
  • The packaging. It’s cheap looking, it gets absolutely filthy, and the pump releases either no product, or enough to give my whole body a glow.
  • Primers break me out. Nuff said.

When I decided I wanted to try a more liquid highlighter, something I could mix into my foundation to give it even more of a boost, my aim was to pick up the B. Highlighting Pearl Serum thing. It IS a lovely colour, the packaging is beautiful. And the product seems terrible. I tried to swatch it and it balled up all over my hand. No go!

17 Highlighter3 photo 0abf4714-a099-44b6-9e12-f188fcacfa74_zpsyj3fj6f9.jpg17 Highlighter4 photo ab46b4d6-b21f-411d-866d-35af465c2a06_zps93p66ccf.jpgA browse through the shelves and I spied an offer on Seventeen promoting a free lip pencil if you spent £X amount. This primer was just a little over £X amount (£5?!), and despite my dislike of the packaging, despite the tester pump spewing a LOT of product over my hand, I picked it up. I can’t resist a free lip pencil. I haven’t used the free lip pencil…

Turns out that the packaging is still awful, the pump is still terrible, the product is pretty damn good! It doesn’t break me out, it gives my foundation the ‘oompf’ I was after, and if used as a primer it really does prolong my makeup (but who has time for primer on weekdays?!). I don’t particularly like using it as a standalone highlighter as I feel it does remove my foundation slightly, but to provide an all-over glow – it’s perfect!

17 Highlighter2 photo 40ce5989-4882-41c2-a4bd-1ce63f44dfb2_zpss9rmoczu.jpgAnd that, my friends, is why you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s covers. Or makeup by it’s packaging.

Have you not purchased something because of it’s packaging? Any more highlighter recommendations?! 

Beauty: Forgotten Staples

I’ve recently gone back to some old favourites, products I’d forgotten I’ve ever used, items that I now don’t know why I even stopped using.

Baby Oil photo 53714f53-7dc6-417a-864b-54df26a501e3_zpszwfmrc1i.jpgTo be fair, the last time I used Baby Oil was probably when my parents stopped using it on me, but still! I started using it again after finding an unopened bottle in the bathroom cupboard when we moved into the flat. I smooth some on after a shower, still as wet as possible (I can’t see myself keeping it up in winter!), pat dry with a towel and that’s it – wonderfully soft and glowing skin. And it stays feeling soft and moisturised for days. As long as you rub it in as well as possible then pat dry I don’t find it too greasy, the scent is almost unnoticeable and it just agrees with my skin. It gives the effect of coconut oil, but I find it much less greasy and slightly easier to apply.

Ponds Cold Cream photo 89963951-3b97-43bf-a85a-954e935b323d_zpsenqn8ofw.jpgPonds Cold Cream photo 51326481-8c06-45b2-861b-36c13029e240_zpsxpgihiab.jpgNow, Pond’s Cold Cream. I used Cold Creams YEARS ago, but stopped when I got to university. I’m not sure why I stopped as I only used them in the morning, or late at night for a quick second cleanser if I needed it. My favourite version (surprise surprise, it’s Garnier!) also didn’t need washing off so was a great late-night fix.

The Pond’s offering is something I won in a giveaway a while back, and whilst I won’t say it’s my favourite, I do like it. My skin has responded relatively well to it, it hasn’t aggravated what I believe is hormonal acne, and it’s made make-up removal a breeze. I find it especially great for removing lipstick as it doesn’t taste icky, but gets everything off. Lady Danger is a nightmare to get off with anything else, and if left on it stains white pillows like a bitch.

Another old favourite I’ve discovered recently is warmed up Ribena. It’s the perfect thing for a sore throat…

Have you discovered any old favourites recently? Do you use any of these products?

Beauty: Bargain Brush Set

I’ve probably achieved the most alliteration in that blog title ever!

 photo Ecotools Brushes 3_zps546zjjnj.jpgBefore my holiday I was well aware of the limited space I would have for my makeup bag. Faced with paying more for checking-in luggage that our own seats me and W decided to share one large suitcase between us – and my usual tactic is to pack all the things just in case. Hmm.

This meant I was on the hunt for new makeup brushes, especially for powdering and bronzing – nobody got time for contouring on holiday! I usually use the ‘body brush’ from The Bodyshop for powder and love it, but it is rather chunky…

 photo Ecotools Brushes 1_zpspldjkpxq.jpgI was routing through the Boots Reduced stand (my tweezers have been discontinued so I’m stocking up!) and found a couple of the Ecotools Travel Sets, down from £13 to £5. I’m not sure whether they are being discontinued but I’m still spotting them at this cheaper price so my advice – get in there while you can.

I don’t think too much to the two smaller brushes – they are okay, but I’m not really sure what their purpose is. Slightly too big for eyes, far too small for face…I’ve been using to blend concealer and pinpoint apply powder, though I confess these too will probably end up being recycled fairly soon.

 photo Ecotools Brushes 2_zpszf6ruljq.jpgThe bigger brushes are marvelous. Don’t let their dinky size put you off, they are soft, densely packed so as to actually provide some sort of application but without being so dense that they wipe off your base. I used the longer one for applying powder, and the teeny one for blending bronzer. Probably the wrong way round, but that’s how it worked for me. For £5 you really shouldn’t let this bargain get away!

What makeup brushes do you use? Have you tried any Ecotools brushes?

Beauty: Highlighters

I fell in love with highlighting last summer, and throughout this winter it’s become a daily essential. With working under artificial light and in dry air conditioned conditions, my skin looks a bit lack lustre. It needs all the help it can get!

 photo 40fdc6bb-3516-4ecf-be1a-1ba8c87da233_zpseofkxlgq.jpgI hate glittery foundations – I think Rimmel Wake Me Up looks horrendous. To me it highlights all imperfections and looks like I’ve bathed in glitter. Not a good look! I prefer a glowy finish, something like Match Perfection or the original Lasting Finish (the newer Nude version is more matte) – in case you haven’t guessed I love Rimmel foundations, mainly as Light Porcelain is the perfect colour for my skintone.

Highlights are easy. A quick swipe across the cheek bones, the brow bone, near my hairline, down my nose (it disguises the slight bump that has suddenly appeared 18 months post-op…). An even quicker blend and I’m done. They’re super easy to reapply to, and can make the transition from office-to-evening wonderfully easy.

 photo d074c0af-4b62-40c1-a314-2e29f8e87639_zpsfd9f4j6k.jpgWhich is my favourite? An easy choice for me, I adore my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. The shades are just right for me, the result is glow not sparkle, and it’s super easy to use. It feels so glamorous, adds a teeny bit of coverage and sticks around all day. Slightly OTT for the office, but perfect for glamming up for after-work drinks.

 photo d3b2ed7f-2968-4b99-b3eb-d00185067e41_zpsyyamt88q.jpgMy every-day staple is the No7 Highlighting Stick. Subtle, ridiculously easy to apply, and the highlight sticks around all day. I just swipe with the stick and blend with the fingers – just be sure to apply any powder products afterwards or it cakes! I love this so much I even bought my Nan one for Christmas…

 photo 917878cb-7ed2-44ba-9856-1a351691f958_zpscb7wpl88.jpgNot strictly a highlighter, but my Mineralize Blush from MAC (full review here) offers a gorgeous slow as well as a serious pack of colour. It’s perfect for my pale days, or when I’m wearing a heavier base than normal.

 photo 2015-02-08 15.19.45_zpscvqdrsnb.jpgFinally, new addition! The Makeup Revolution highlighter has become my one for when I realllyyy need a glow. It’s slightly too shimmery for my liking, but with a light hand and a lot of blending it can look great. For £3 it’s okay, but if you are looking for a natural look I’d spend your pennies elsewhere!

Highlighters just finish off my everyday look, making me more awake, more natural and just more ‘done.’ Do you use highlighters regularly? What are your recommendations? 


Beauty: All The Rimmel Foundations

 photo cbdb74dc-8ff2-4fb7-a972-c09f7358cbf8_zps6b3788a5.jpgSince working out that Light Porcelain was a pretty perfect colour match for my skin tone (it’s still a littleeee dark on occasion, but nothing decent blending can’t solve) I’ve been buying up every Rimmel foundation in the shade. I was applying my makeup a few days ago, pondering which one to use, when I realised that there’s very few foundation comparison posts out there. Especially ones comparing all the Rimmel foundations for pale skin – so here’s mine!

 photo 7f84a710-c18b-4dd0-acd2-38361301341c_zps301ad740.jpgMatch Perfection was my first purchase. I’m pretty glad it was, had it been the one that nearlys made it I doubt I would have bought any more Rimmel products. Match Perfection is my go-to when I want decent coverage, but not necessarily a whole day’s wear. It lasts well, a good six-ish hours, but not quite well enough throughout a work day. Pretty sure air conditioning doesn’t help with it. This provides the most natural looking finish – it evens out my skintone, hides blemishes pretty well, makes me look more refreshed, but doesn’t look caked on. Definitely one of my favourites for weekend wear.

 photo b5daeabe-4427-46ad-b3eb-bb6469346279_zpsfc4ab6f7.jpgNext up is the blogger-loved, hyped up Wake Me Up. I don’t like it. If I had bought this one first my Rimmel foundation collection would never have started, I dislike it that much. The colour is actually far more yellow-toned than the others so it goes a little orange on my skintone, and it’s horrifically difficult to blend. It often looks really cakey, particularly around my nose, and it has glitter which I notice. No matter than no-one else seems to care, I can tell it’s there. Oh, and this slides off within a few hours, smells a little over-fruity, and I’m pretty sure it breaks me out. I do wear it, a little mixed in with some of the others, but its not something I would repurchase. Definitely over hyped in my opinion, though I know a lot of people do love it so don’t write it off purely based on my opinion.

 photo 283cbfb6-9ec5-40eb-b64b-30441fa31389_zps98cad5b5.jpgI bought Lasting Finish specifically for work, and I’m glad I did. This lasts forever – its still there when I get home, it would still be there when I went to bed if I let it. I’ve worn it on a warm day in London, followed by a Coldplay concert, and still had to remove at 1am when I got in. Not 25 hours, but longer than foundation has ever lasted before. It can look a little cakey if not blended properly (and I need to blot after my speed walk to the office), but its the closest colour match out of the lot. Coverage is spectacularly high, to the point it covers my freckles. I’d prefer something lighter, but this is going to be a staple in winter as it stops my face drying out in the office. Seriously, I can’t be the only person whose skin despises being at work?!

 photo cc70a8a7-7d38-49a5-9635-2263483bf370_zps1900aa13.jpgMy prayers were answered with Rimmel’s latest release – Lasting Finish Nude. A lighter coverage version of the original Lasting Finish, this is pretty much my idea of foundation perfection. It isn’t thick enough that it covers freckles, but it does a damn good job with blemishes and dark circle. It refreshes my skin and leaves a similar finish (though not quite as dewy) as Match Perfection, and it lasts really, really well. I’ve only worn it to work (so applied at 7.30, removed at around 6) and it looks pretty much the same as when I applied it. For summer this is superior to Lasting Finish as it just feels so much lighter, but still stays around for the whole day. If you only want to buy one foundation, make it this one!

 photo fb064dbf-1a77-4c44-9f30-76415092a3de_zpse54c7b53.jpgSo realistically, the only dud for me is Wake Me Up – a foundation I can’t stand. Its unusual to read a negative review of Wake Me Up, but it just isn’t for me. I love Match Perfection, but with my lifestyle at the moment I need something that lasts all day – and the two Lasting Finish foundations do it for me. Though I have to say, Lasting Finish Nude is slowly sneaking its way to top spot…

Have you tried any Rimmel foundations?

Beauty: Spend or Save on Lip Crayons

I’m a bold lip person. I love a neutral defined eye and an outfit-matching lip; I’ve even been known to plan my clothes around what lipstick I feel like wearing. I read other lip-product posts on blogs and I have probably a tenth of the products, but what I do have I tend to use and love. The past year I’ve completely fallen in love with lip crayons, but do I think you should splurge or save your pennies on these? Read and find out!

 photo 0e6c7df6-8045-495a-92be-03ec6a876b84_zps6f03fea4.jpg photo 637f69c9-3ca1-47aa-9656-c2182556c6d0_zps7008c76a.jpgSorry about the pretty stereotypical blogger photos – I couldn’t have flowers in my room (thanks to my lovely boyfriend!) and not include them! Also apologies about the obviously fading light as you go through these. I clearly took longer setting up than I anticipated!

 photo 8bdf7634-f7a0-44ba-a05d-6901bd4b1354_zpsf81f2cef.jpgOn the cheap-as-chips front we have the Power Pouts by MUA. I’m in two minds about these – sometimes I love them, sometimes I am not so keen! I find the shade range is a bit odd, and they can also go a bit melty in your bag (though strangely stay put on the lips). Sometimes they also really dry my lips out and make them peel; I think these kind-of react to office air conditioning as I enjoy them a lot more at home! I have three shades; the darker purple I haven’t touched yet as I’ve been storing it up for Autumn since a 3-for-2; I loved the pink for summer but the brown, always overlooked shade is my favourite. It actually comes off a coral-toned pink on me, livening up my face and being the perfect subtle colour. At £3 they certainly aren’t a waste of your money and I’d definitely recommend them!

 photo 608fa725-c645-4375-a963-3accc8151a1b_zps4319ecde.jpgNext up are the blog-famous Revlon Matte Balms. These are my favourites, apart from the Elusive shade. All the others are smooth, pigmented and moisturising; lasting for ages without any dodgy fading. Elusive not so much. It’s too bright and barbie pink on me (so many bloggers say its a neutral-toned pink – I don’t get it?!), it feels drying, and it fades away in patches. With the right outfit and a silly amount of lip-prep I can get away with it, but that much effort means I rarely wear this. Sultry on the other hand is something I’m thinking of getting a handbag backup of. The perfect anyday lip, this really, really compliments my skin tone. I lusted after the shade for so long (I can’t buy a non-sealed lip product) and I wore it pretty much everyday for a fortnight when I finally got hold of it. Striking is my other shade of choice, and this bold, dark red is stunning all year round. I have a similar tone to Jenny Purr, and she loves both these shades – I’m just trying to ignore her love for certain Nars products now!

 photo 2014-08-03154057_zps0866fcd5.jpgAnother famous product next, but one with a slightly higher price tag! You guessed it, the Clinique Chubby Sticks. I was so, so excited with Glamour announced these as magazine freebies. I, quite literally, scoured the country for them as their release coincided with my Devon holiday. No luck. I resigned myself to the fact that I’d never own these. Then I moved to Surrey, grabbed some stuff in Waitrose, and the two shades were sitting on the magazine rack by the till. I grabbed them, proudly instagrammed them, and now have them thrown into a satchel each. They are pretty similar to the MUA offerings, perhaps a little more pigmented, more moisturising, and a little more reliable. These definitely don’t melt over my satchel! I’m not a huge fan of Woppin’ Watermelon, again a little too barbie pink, but Super Strawberry is my end-of-the day throw on. You never know who you might bump into on the way home from the office! Some of the other shades look gorgeous, but at £17 I’d sooner stick to MUA. I could almost buy a Power Pout and a MAC lipstick (my other love) for that!

 photo a5364e73-ed5f-481e-8caa-003ac14021f1_zps38b33ee4.jpgAs an addition, I also have the CID Lip & Cheek tint, free in Cosmopolitan the same month as Glamour offered the clinique products. Yep, I did see this as a bit of a booby prize! I have to say I love the colour – its more orange-toned and a little fresher than my Revlon red. However the glossy finish means it does slip down off your lips. Blotting solves this, making it more matte, which I actually prefer, but its something to bear in mind. I would say these are no higher quality than the MUA offerings though, I certainly wouldn’t part with £15!

So, would I recommend you splurge or save on lip crayons? My best bet is to go with Revlon; a mid-price point, quite often on offer, and the best quality out of all the lip crayons I’ve tried. Having said that, if I need to break into a note, I’d happily go pick up a Power Pout!

What lip products do you recommend?

Beauty: Bargain Makeup Brushes* Review

 photo 2014-07-29175827_zpsc38abd80.jpgI’m always on the look out for cheap brushes; I love my Bodyshop brushes, but I’m desperate for some kind of buffing brush (too tight to pay out for a Real Techniques though!). When I heard Glow Beauty Shop were looking for bloggers to review some brushes, I jumped at the chance.

 photo 2014-07-29175417_zps30da0fd3.jpgI must say I was slightly disappointed at first; they arrived in a very battered envelope, and were also quite squished in. They were also quite smelly when I received them; a synthetic plastic smell that took a good few days airing to disappear to a level I felt comfortable with putting near my face. Problems aside, I’m actually really impressed!

 photo 2014-07-29175519_zps9b23450d.jpgThe first set I tried out was the little travel set I received; I unfortunately can’t find a link online, but if anyone spots one I’d be so grateful if you could point me in the direction! This is possibly one of the best quality travel sets I’ve tried; impossibly soft, but with a decent range too. The biggest brush is actually big enough to apply more than a stripe of powder, the eyeshadow brushes are fluffy enough to actually blend. The pouch is pretty practical too; I often prefer black to patterns as I’m fussy about colours/floral etc…

 photo 2014-07-29175633_zpsfafdab78.jpg photo 2014-07-29175647_zps11f573e1.jpgMy feelings lasted to the second brush set too; the Value 12 Piece set which at around £4 at the moment (£6.25 full price) is just amazing. Some great quality brushes; the foundation brush is flat and tradition as opposed to buffing, but its a little fatter than ones I’ve used previously – I’m liking it so far! I’m majorly impressed with the quality of the handles; too many brushes have light, flimsy ones but these are strong, sturdy and a lot longer than I’m used to too. I’ve seen little shedding from all of the brushes; the only one I’m slightly unimpressed with is the fan brush as it arrived with a lot of hairs out of place…but I’m not sure what these are used for anyway!

 photo 2014-07-29175827_zpsc38abd80.jpgIf you’re looking to start building a makeup brush collection, or you just want a cheap travel set, then I’d highly recommend these; just give them a good airing and wash before their first use! A side note here: Happy 25 Wedding Anniversary to my parents, hope you have a lovely day!

What makeup brushes do you use?