Fashion: Discovering Playsuits

Playsuits have never been top of my fashion list. I always pretty much avoided them, thinking they were odd, would never suit me, would be a nightmare when I needed the loo. The latter point still exists, but I’ve discovered that I really, really like them!

 photo 2015-05-17 16.05.23_zpssxtbfuk7.jpgTurns out they are super flattering on my curves and save me from the embarrassment of constant threat that a blow of wind will flash my knickers to the world.

I’ve picked up my three from New Look and despite them being all different sizes (8-12) they all fit really well. The quality of material is good, and the patterns are great – all of them should be wearable throughout the year.

 photo 2015-05-17 16.06.19_zps724yvqgp.jpgMy newest addition is a shirt-style playsuit, silky, very floral with slightly longer sleeves – I’m looking forward to wearing it in the winter with thick black tights. It did state that it came with a tie belt, but my order was missing this (I’ve had problems with every single New Look order, anyone else?).

 photo 2015-05-17 16.05.56_zpskpbf8p6t.jpg

 photo 2015-05-24 14.35.12_zps6vuxrzzh.jpgMy other two are the same style, just in different patterns. And completely different sizes, one being a 12 and the other an 8. The 12 is too big, admittedly, but at £5 (slight rip in the arm reduced it further) I couldn’t say no. The darker pattern makes it ideal for dressing up or down, and I’ve worn it to go ‘study’ in Costa. Read: blogging whilst W does revision. It’s easy to throw on a top underneath (and realistically, I should be doing that with a 12!), tights and lats for a casual look – and it goes perfectly with my new bag. The bag deserves it’s own post because it’s just so PRETTYYYY, but there’s no prizes for guessing where it came from…This outfit took me from hours in Costa, to park picnics, to rugby-watching-down-the-pub, and I’m wearing it for a team away day too. It’s love.

Smart, pretty, comfortable and no risk of losing my modesty, these are fast becoming my go-to pieces. They’ll definitely be in my suitcase for Italy!

Are you a fan of playsuits? Have you seen any nice ones lately?

Festive Friday: Christmassy Jumpers

I’m not a huge jumper fan. I rarely wear jeans, I live in floral dresses and skirts (and pyjamas…) and cosy cardigans are my go-to cover ups. But there’s something about a festive jumper that screams Christmas, and for a few weeks I’ll happily live in one. I tend not to go too festive, and I still tend to accessorise with tartan scarves, but these are my wardrobes concession to festiveness. Excuse the slightly yellow light – the new lightshade in my room might look pretty, but isn’t helpful for blog photos!

 photo 2014-12-03183821_zps21671c4a.jpg photo 2014-12-03183838_zpsde03ec6a.jpgNot strictly a Christmassy jumper, but I’m so glad I splurged on this Terrier number from Joules (one of my favourite shops!) last year. Not only does it match my fur-baby, the cashmere makes it feel wonderfully soft and luxurious – as it should for the price I paid (especially considering the assistant neglected to give my three-year NUS card back, and I never saw it again). The colours make it suitable to wear whatever time of year, and it looks great dressed with with smart trousers as well as thrown over jeans.

 photo 2014-12-03184037_zps5fd79350.jpg photo 2014-12-03183859_zps6199e167.jpgSorry to say, but I failed at taking a photo of my real dog against my jumper-dog! Real dog just wouldn’t sit still for the camera, so his feet are the best I have! See here for the likness!

 photo 2014-12-03183234-Copy_zps8fb923d9.jpgNext up and I couldn’t resist included my boyfriend in his festive jumper. A classic reindeer in a lovely berry shade, this was a bargain from New Look. I think men’s jumpers are so much nicer than womens – especially this year as there’s far too many pastel colours around! M&S have some lovely ones this year, there’s one I’m desperate to get him but being short on funds makes this unlikely…sorry my love!

 photo 2014-12-03183853_zpsd072b36f.jpgNow for my favourite festive item – not a jumper, but a ridiculously oversized cardigan. It’s unbelievably a Size 8, and from Warehouse, but I’m afraid you’ll only pick this one up by rifling through attics as it’s actually older than me! This was one of my mum’s 18th presents many years ago, so many that it is officially a vintage piece. I’ve loved this for years, and I finally bagged it two years ago. Perfect with skinny jeans, and it acts as a festive dressing gown on Christmas morning too. Oh, and its warm enough to wear without a coat. I love it!
 photo 2014-12-03183831_zps67a0837a.jpg

Are you a fan of Christmas jumpers? What one are you wearing this year?

Lifestyle: Packing A Small Suitcase

 photo 2014-07-17164523_zps39cee783.jpgAs I’ve mentioned before, my long-distance relationship often means I have to back a small case/bag for a weekend quickly (I have managed to pack and make a train 85 minutes after a lecture finished once, though never again!), and I often need to pack sensibly. I’ve been caught out by heatwaves, and become stranded due to snow, so a few extra outfits is a must! Recently I went away to Devon with my family and was told I could take one case and one satchel only. As this case is a cabin-sized wheel-on I thought it would be a great post opportunity as I can show you just what I can cram into a small space!

 photo 2014-07-17165349_zpsdc3e81da.jpgI actually ended up getting seven outfits into this case, as well as shoes (two pairs) and toiletries. The only thing I didn’t fit in was my walking boots – but they take up half the case so I decided to wear them! Oh, and just to point out that although we only went for a weekend I spent the surrounding nights at my boyfriends so packed extra, I didn’t just go too mad! My key packing tips are to stick to ‘convertible’ outfits. I went for dresses that look great with sandals, but work equally with black tights, shoes and cardigan – perfect in most weathers! I also picked neutral colours cardigans, so the few I took went with everything. You may notice that I also stuck to florals, they’re definitely my favourite kind of print! Finally I stuck to rolling everything up. This saves so much space, although it is a little time consuming!

 photo 2014-07-17181404_zps674b85a2.jpgIn terms of makeup I pretty much followed what I took to Edinburgh, but without foundation (I just relied on concealer and Java Rice Powder instead!) and with a hair gel instead of tousle cream. I’m still loving the Wilkinson’s plastic bottles I bought – I’ve noticed them still on sale in my store so if you’re going away I’d highly recommend you pick some up! There was a new addition of an MUA cream blusher, and I also stuck to just MUA power pouts for a more sheer wash of colour – I have a dog that seems to love the smell of the Revlon Matte Balms, and sitting next to him in the car would not have been an enjoyable experience had I been wearing them! I ended up having a great time – posts to come soon!

Are you off on holiday this summer?