Lifestyle: Getting Crafty

It’s been an aim of this academic year to make the most of not studying (it’ll be the last for a while as I’ll be doing professional exams after graduating). I wanted to concentrate on my blog, I wanted to get fit, and I really wanted to get a bit more creative.

 photo 2015-04-12 18.46.37_zpsli2gqgwg.jpgI love drawing, but find it frustrating as storing paper gets on my nerves. I wasn’t end up creasing it and my hardwork is wasted. Eurgh. I’ve been attempting to knit for nearly two years and that’s still very much a work in progress. But over the past few weeks I’ve started a few other little projects, which I thought I’d tell you all about today.

 photo 9ed7ad79-d433-47dc-a623-42f09ae6e8be_zpsep4mdl2r.jpgWho doesn’t love a bit of Cath Kidston? I’ve got to admit I love the brand and, despite thinking it’s overpriced, I do have a few bits from there. I’ve always avoid the bags, but now I can make my own! Hobbycraft (I’ve loved the store since I was a child!) sent me the Cath Kidston Sewing Book*, and I’ve fallen in love. I’ve not started a big, big project, but I’ve started creating the Sewing Kit, especially as the materials for making this are included with the book. I’ll be updating my instagram with progress on the project as and when technology allows (my phone camera has completely died, so it involved a lot of faffing with SD cards!) so make sure you are following!

 photo bc96822a-0c32-4365-9862-a43eb9f92a48_zpsijcgdzq0.jpg photo 575a161d-bace-40d4-bf9f-0cf679e348be_zpsn5nn5zi3.jpg photo 386434c5-5505-4ede-8ce7-dbbcd1968bdd_zpsbhbtzatl.jpgThe book is great as it covers a lot of the basics and, most importantly, the vast majority of projects don’t need a sewing machine! Templates for all projects are provided, and I’m hugely tempted to make a bag next. It’s even got me thinking about potentially making my own clothes, though I desperately need to improve skills before I start on that!

 photo 4683efea-524a-4f51-aa3e-26560f76bc72_zps2tggw8zd.jpgI also received a HUGE box of goodies from Sykes Cottages a few weeks ago, filled with enough crafty projects to keep me going for months. And tea. And biscuits. Because being crafty is hard work. And guys, Earl Grey & Lemon Shortbread is the best! I haven’t even gotten started on the majority of the box, but here’s the highlights.

 photo 31aaf488-e1c5-410d-9eaa-afb869a41953_zpsshn1hkht.jpgScented candles. Because everyone needs candles, and this student can’t afford to burn money. They are ridiculously easy to make, I’ve been making them in mugs, and melting the wax in the mug, using a microwave. Simples! I’ve even gone out and bought extra essential oils and wax as I’ve really enjoyed making them, can’t wait to produce them as presents for people!

 photo 9382b2bf-996e-4383-8918-99dcda0d1dc7_zpssdyyfadj.jpg photo 6cc6be45-157c-4f0c-9a15-92f6ff261fc7_zpswy0n42yx.jpgAnd covered notebooks. Kirstie Allsopp is someone I’ve always loved (I do so adore watching Escape to the Country with a cuppa). I missed a lot of her crafty series but I’ll definitely be hunting down past episodes if this kind of thing was covered. Again, all equipment was provided (including a notebook), and the instructions were so easy. I just wish I had more use for notebooks this year now!

Have you made anything recently? Are you into making little bits and pieces like these?