Fashion: Everyday Floral Style

I’m a massive lover of floral clothes, particularly dresses. It’s of much amusement to W, he’ll just pick up anything in a shop and suggest it to be just because ‘it has flowers.’ My go-to outfit, summer or winter, rain or shine, is a floral dress, and a plain-ish thin cardigan. Add a coat in winter, lose the tights in summer, alternating between sandles, flats and boots. It’s pretty much all you’ll find me wearing.

 photo 63091836-865e-415f-a535-2c2679bceb38_zpsvrqmroub.jpgThat being said, I have recently purchased a pair of jeans, taking my total pair of trousers owned up to two. Though I may have a pair of shorts hiding somewhere…

 photo d241e614-96b7-4d28-a065-03c748feaf9a_zpshjuceosa.jpgThis dress pretty much sums me up. It’s red, a colour I love. It has flowers on. It isn’t tight – I hate bodycon dresses with a passion as my hourglass shape means I have to size up at least once. It looks good with tights and boots, and not bad with bare legs. It’s a little short, so the bare leg situation will be on one of the hotter days of the year when there’s zero chance of wind. It has the tendency to make me look slightly like I’m hiding a bump due to the fit, so I’d always belt it, but this has the bonus of hiding the massive lunch I had before taking these photos…

 photo 812a5dab-8dba-4d34-a83d-e0f5b4d312ca_zps9fckalx0.jpgIt’s from Less Than 10 Pounds, who offered to send me a few items. Understandably the quality isn’t brilliant (think similar to Primark), but it’s fab for the price. The site would be fab if you are experimenting with different styles, or need a few going out clothes. I love this dress. They also sent me a jacket, which I’ll be featuring soon, which was of AMAZING quality, I wouldn’t have complained paying three times the price for that. Other items in this outfit are Primark coat (lovely, but it’s bobbled like hell, a pet peeve of mine), Dorothy Perkins boots (reduced to £10, and the first non-fat leg boots I’ve worn in years), scarf from a scarf shop in Edinburgh, and my beloved Leather Satchel.

What’s your everyday style? Are you a fan of dresses, or living in jeans?

Fashion: Killing The Pain of Heels

I adore wearing heels, and since starting work in July I rarely wear flats. It might be the fact that I’m pretty short (I fit nicely under W’s armpit) but I just feel so much more confident and professional in a pair of heels! Plus my legs need all the slimming they can get in a pencil skirt…

 photo b4a646f0-d6a9-4042-a134-73f80d7b3ded_zpscvttl3xf.jpgThat said, heels can be painful, particularly if they don’t fit well. I’ve found that New Look (size 4) and M&S (size 3.5) fit me really well, though Primark (size 3) aren’t too bad, just a pain to get hold of! Even then after walking nearly two miles to work, wandering round town/the park at lunch and then walking back home it’s safe to say my feet definitely don’t feel as comfortable as they could! When I was offered the chance to try out some products from Premier Health I jumped at the chance to see whether I could help my poor little footies recover more easily in the evenings…

 photo b8034858-c93a-4726-a9cf-10ab899d59d9_zpszw0zbtug.jpg photo 37ad0017-b39d-4b17-8cfa-2d48e878c0bd_zpseljwjnns.jpgThe little red roller thing you see (I can’t find a link and can’t remember exactly what the packaging said it was!) has been a godsend for my aching arches. I have pretty flat feet so wearing heels is helping to correct this, but it’s painful. There are days when I curse my heels, but rolling this under foot really helps to take the pain away.

 photo b28054de-43d3-404e-88cd-ca7c73ab7c1c_zpsobvxmhmw.jpgThe foot care cream comes in a massive squeezy tube (far nicer for feet products than tubs – ahem Bodyshop) and is nicely moisturising, whilst sinking in quickly and feeling freshing. They also have a lighter and more minty-smelling lotion for ‘refreshing’ and ‘cooling’ which I am reserving for summer use.

 photo 438fc09b-518c-4262-b61a-e5d357346f86_zps2a2zddbh.jpgI’m even more in love with the smaller tube – it’s a heavy cream for cracks and dry skin (sorry!), and it is one of the best options I’ve used. I tend to use it before bed. Perhaps doesn’t help with heel wearing, but it will certainly go a long way to giving me presentable feet for flip-flop weather!

 photo 23c390ae-8272-4df1-a839-1d8df0423844_zpsfecdyoku.jpgOnto a long-standing favourite, and this spray from Bodyshop is great when you have a burning pain from wearing heels or going for a run. It’s instantly cooling and soothing, although it doesn’t smell great. And don’t forget to check where you are spraying it – it stings eyes like hell!

 photo faeba61d-3bee-4753-bbd0-943882918d21_zpsuabxromi.jpgSaving one of the best til last is this gel pad. I’ve never been a fan of these before as they slid around and made my shoes fit weirdly. This is slightly different to others in that it sticks to your foot and not your shoe – and it stays there all night. I wouldn’t use these everyday, but I’ve found them great for days when my team socialises after work. I’ll slip these on when leaving the office and feel like I’ve only just put my heels on.

 photo 477ed5b4-03be-405a-a613-a85ba9903af7_zps0de1zktf.jpgOf course, another way to help with the pain? Remember to walk to/from work in flats and take heels with me.

Do you wear heels regularly? What are your tips for relieving the pain of them?

Fashion: 5 Steps to Thrifting

I love charity shops. One of my favourite things to do on a solo weekend is to take £10 and have a good browse. More than often it’s just books and nick-nacks I come away with (I bought a vintage shortbread dish a few months ago – it’s so cute!) but I’ve gotten some pretty fabulous fashion bargains too. I’m quite picky with the clothes I pick up from a charity shop, only ensuring I come away with real gems, so here’s the questions you should be asking yourself before parting with your cash…
 photo 2015-02-08 16.01.57_zps7y4ylsav.jpg

1. Do you really need it? Will you wear it?

If you’ve got a wardrobe rammed with clothes you don’t wear already, it’s probably wise not to add to it. There’s also the big question of whether it will actually get worn. You may love the statement skirt, but if you know you aren’t brave enough to wear it it’s best to leave it.

2. Is it actually a bargain?

I’ve noticed recently that you can pick up a lot of lower-priced brands in charity shops – I’m talking Primark, New Look, Peacocks etc. I have no problem with this, but I do take a bit of exception to the price being charged. Most charities have a set price for items, which is fair enough. But I’m not paying £2.50 for a second hand Primark t-shirt that’s seen better days when they are £3 new in-store. I try to go for high-end brand, or at least the more pricey end of the high-street!

3. Does it fit?

If it doesn’t fit, the likelihood is you won’t wear it. And then it’s not a bargain. Having said that…

4. Could you alter it?

Complete contradicting my last point! But there are occasions where you find something so exciting, so should-be-expensive that even if it doesn’t fit, it needs to be purchased. Most clothes can be taken in by up to two sizes, bottoms can be added if missing, hems can be taken up or let down. If the changes seem feasible, go for it! Just remember to factor in the cost of alteration when considering the price.

5. Is the condition good? 

Yes, most charities check items but things still filter through. Check there’s no damage that can’t be fixed, no dodgy stain and (most importantly for me) no odour. Gross but true.

Having said all of this, thrifting clothes is great for switching up your style and experiment – you can test out if you feel comfortable in something completely different without spending a fortune.

Image: The Lovecats Inc– one of my favourite blogs!

Other top tips;

  • Pick and choose your area – charity shops in a more affluent area tend to stock better quality brands, simply by default through donations.
  • Learn when stock rotates – pop in regularly and chat to staff, or even volunteer yourself.
  • Take cash – most have a card spending limit.
  • Try not to be too specific – don’t go in think ‘I want some Topshop Joni jeans’ but instead ‘I’d like some nice fitting jeans.’ You are more likely to find great bits if you aren’t searching for a particular item.

 photo 2015-02-08 16.01.36_zps5iimzawk.jpgI love having a sift through and seeing what I can find…I harbor a (rather unrealistic) dream that I’ll find my wedding dress in a charity shop too!

Do you buy from charity shops? What’s your best bargain?

Beauty: Smashbox Double Exposure Palette (Review)

Two high-end purchases in a row (my last beauty post featured the Hourglass Ambient Light Palette), I feel this is quite poor for what is essentially a student blog! I do have some budget beauty posts up my sleeve though…

 photo 2015-01-24 11.29.55_zpsnvvy8oun.jpgIn my defence, this purchase cost me nothing. Not a single penny. Technically. You see, I have what amounts to an obsession about building up Boots Points. I collect through everyday purchases, using all the vouchers (and now the app – though for some reason it is convinced my name is Debbie…), and I use Treat Street wherever I can. I scored Advantage Points on holidays, on laptops, and numerous amounts of clothes. All this meant that after just 18 months, I had a nice little amount to splurge.

The decision was overwelming, and I’d been putting it off. I was going to go for a foundation, but (1) my Rimmel ones are working perfectly, and (2) I’d be pretty damn pissed if it broke me out. Then I looked at Channel lipsticks. But even with my points, I couldn’t justify it. I’m perfectly happy with MAC, and there was no shade that jumped out at me. Benefit was a possibility, but I hate the packaging. Onto eyeshadows. Clinque was tempting, the assistant in the store rude. I decided I didn’t want to give her a sale. Then I walked by the Smashbox stand. It’s not a brand I’ve even looked at before. I saw the flurry of posts on the first Exposure palette, but it didn’t really appeal. But I spotted this. The variety of colours. The matte shades. The massive mirror. One swatch of the matte cream and I was sold. A quick google for reviews wasn’t conclusive – it’s hardly been reviewed, and what is out there isn’t appealing (the colours seem a bit washed-out – these photos are unedited in the hope they reflect the true colours!). I slept on it. I discussed it’s pros and cons (sorry Will!). And the next day I picked it up.

 photo 2015-01-24 11.37.04_zpssbepxwep.jpgTwo weeks on and I’m besotted. It’s different enough from both Naked 2 and Naked 3 that I don’t feel like I have any palette I don’t need. The colours are all fabulous.

 photo 2015-01-24 11.34.55_zpsv0seqzjz.jpg photo 2015-01-24 11.35.04_zpsgdil9dcn.jpg photo 2015-01-24 11.35.14_zpshm5oyp5m.jpgI admit I don’t get much wear out of the blues, but the rest?! LOVE. I’m especially loved a purple smokey eye, which somehow suits me really well. I never thought it would, especially with pale skin, blue eyes, and almost-ginger hair.

 photo 2015-01-24 11.37.11_zpssizddiyt.jpgThe quality is definitely on a par with the Naked Palettes, with even the matte sades being creamy (although slightly less so than the others). I’ve had zero fall out, and they are ridiculously easy to blend. Nice and long lasting too, no need to re-apply if I’m going out after work…I find with the lighter shades of Naked 3, I need to add a little more after about 8 hours.

 photo 2015-01-24 11.36.04_zpsgxmc969g.jpgI really think this palette deserves more hype than it’s getting. It’s the perfect palette for a trip away as it covers everything you will need. Neutrals, greys, purples, blues, even a pink tone. I have no doubt it will suit most skin tones, and the quality is fantastic. This is definitely a palette worth the splurge and, if you are put off by a completely neutral palette, I’d highly recommend this.

Have you tried anything from Smashbox? Do you save up your Boots Points to treat yourself?

Fashion: The Nude Satchel

Neutral colours are everywhere this season. Camel coloured coats are hugely popular, and a certain Kylie Jenner has meant one of my most lusted after lipsticks is permanently out of stock. Other than lipstick, though, nude colours just don’t suit me. I’m too pale, too pink-toned, with too-ginger hair to pull them off. This bag is my concession to the nude trend.

 photo 7f392a89-4388-4d33-9dea-c604034ed455_zpstgpgorg8.jpgAnd, in my defence, I’ve wanted one in this colour since I first became aware of the Leather Satchel Company.

This arrived just before Christmas, along with a whole load of other goodies (the box weighed 7kg…). I actually got this as part of my affiliate work with the company; you all brought enough satchels with my code (which is no longer in use) for me to treat myself, my mum and my boyfriend to some shiny bags. This is my favourite.

 photo e1a54682-e096-4a5f-930c-fbcfef544e5e_zpsouqfpn6o.jpgIt almost tips my Oxblood one off the top spot. But not quite, so don’t panic! The colour is just so perfect, pale, brown enough not to look white, dark enough not to show too much dirt, and patent (so shiny!) makes sure that any dirty wipes straight off. My only wish is that I’d opted for popper fastenings on this one, as I’m worried the patent finish will start to crack on the straps.

 photo b874ec03-77a4-42a3-b81d-ba9bf8ce75a2_zpspejr3jnh.jpgAt 14″ this is big enough for a notepad. It justtttt squeeze in my camera (it’s not got an extended gusset), and I can fit in everything I need for a weekend. It fits my Chromebook perfectly too.

 photo 1efaaa8c-9be1-41b3-9bbc-567a71e0dd70_zpshrfqxcnh.jpgMade to the Leather Satchel Company’s high standards, the quality is outstanding. I could look for hours and not find any flaws. And as always, service was superb. I chose the satchels on the Friday, they turned up on the Monday. If I had a discount code for you all, I’d happily share it but unfortunately they’ve changed the scheme. Fingers crossed they have something exciting up their sleeves later in the year!

 photo 2015-01-18 16.22.26_zpsn6bvrfhw.jpgBut for now, go to their site and lust over their bags. I do this periodically. It might not be the flashiest of sites, but the bags are second to none. Far and away in terms of quality compared to others I’ve tested. And the colour on this one – amazing. I’d recommend you snap up a Naked Taupe whilst you can!

What bags are you using at the moment? Do you like the nude colour trend?

Festive Friday: Christmassy Jumpers

I’m not a huge jumper fan. I rarely wear jeans, I live in floral dresses and skirts (and pyjamas…) and cosy cardigans are my go-to cover ups. But there’s something about a festive jumper that screams Christmas, and for a few weeks I’ll happily live in one. I tend not to go too festive, and I still tend to accessorise with tartan scarves, but these are my wardrobes concession to festiveness. Excuse the slightly yellow light – the new lightshade in my room might look pretty, but isn’t helpful for blog photos!

 photo 2014-12-03183821_zps21671c4a.jpg photo 2014-12-03183838_zpsde03ec6a.jpgNot strictly a Christmassy jumper, but I’m so glad I splurged on this Terrier number from Joules (one of my favourite shops!) last year. Not only does it match my fur-baby, the cashmere makes it feel wonderfully soft and luxurious – as it should for the price I paid (especially considering the assistant neglected to give my three-year NUS card back, and I never saw it again). The colours make it suitable to wear whatever time of year, and it looks great dressed with with smart trousers as well as thrown over jeans.

 photo 2014-12-03184037_zps5fd79350.jpg photo 2014-12-03183859_zps6199e167.jpgSorry to say, but I failed at taking a photo of my real dog against my jumper-dog! Real dog just wouldn’t sit still for the camera, so his feet are the best I have! See here for the likness!

 photo 2014-12-03183234-Copy_zps8fb923d9.jpgNext up and I couldn’t resist included my boyfriend in his festive jumper. A classic reindeer in a lovely berry shade, this was a bargain from New Look. I think men’s jumpers are so much nicer than womens – especially this year as there’s far too many pastel colours around! M&S have some lovely ones this year, there’s one I’m desperate to get him but being short on funds makes this unlikely…sorry my love!

 photo 2014-12-03183853_zpsd072b36f.jpgNow for my favourite festive item – not a jumper, but a ridiculously oversized cardigan. It’s unbelievably a Size 8, and from Warehouse, but I’m afraid you’ll only pick this one up by rifling through attics as it’s actually older than me! This was one of my mum’s 18th presents many years ago, so many that it is officially a vintage piece. I’ve loved this for years, and I finally bagged it two years ago. Perfect with skinny jeans, and it acts as a festive dressing gown on Christmas morning too. Oh, and its warm enough to wear without a coat. I love it!
 photo 2014-12-03183831_zps67a0837a.jpg

Are you a fan of Christmas jumpers? What one are you wearing this year?

Festive Friday: The Party Look

It might only be November, but I am freely admitting that there’s just a hint of festive feeling now. My walk home is brightened by Christmas lights, and Wilkos have been playing “Stop the Cavalry” for four whole weeks. With this in mind I thought I’d start a little cheery feature to celebrate my favourite time of the year.  First up is what I’m guessing will be my party look this festive season.

 photo 2014-11-05174249_zpsfde9fe88.jpgMakeup wise it’s a pretty classic combination, made perhaps a little bit ‘on-trend’ by the brown-toned lipstick. Flawless base, courtesy of Rimmel Lasting Finish, with a combination of concealers and a powdering of Java Rice Powder. An added glow and sculpting from my current two favourite products, and my base is looking pretty good and ready to dance the night away. Or attend university awards, like the night I took these photos. Yep, no staging here, I was actually getting ready! Base done, it’s time to wriggle into my tights. Once I’ve got them on unladdered (with the two laddered pairs thrown across the room in despair), it’s time to dance around the room curling my hair and burning my fingers. I must be the only girl my age who is so drastically unskilled in hair styling. I can’t put it up, I can’t straighten it nicely, and adding proper curls seriously risks my fingers. I’m hoping for some heated rollers this year, but failing that? A new set of hair please!

 photo 2014-11-05174502_zpsf3cd59ae.jpgOnto the eyes, and my go-to party look is far heavier than usual. Smudged eyeliner (brown or grey seems far more flattering on me than black), and a selection of the darker tones from Naked 2. I love this palette, buying it discounted from Cohorted was definitely a wise decision! So easy to blend, and everything goes well together making it pretty damn foolproof. Well, I can apply it anyway. Some heavy duty mascara, and I’m almost good to go…just need to add a dress!

 photo 2014-11-05174106_zps431de1dc.jpg photo 2014-11-05174114_zpsc816d41a.jpgI’ve had a nightmare finding a party dress this year, and this is the only one I’ve found that looks half decent. I’ve had to go up two sizes and down a length (Next really do know how to make a girl feel attractive) but eventually I’ve found a figure hugging dress, a little daring without being revealing. I can’t say red would be my first pick of colour, but it’s not horrifically bright. And bright is better than sequins (that will come off before I’ve left the house) any day. Bonus – this is still available to buy online at£50, but it was in a local discount store as a ‘second’ for £25. And I get a company discount in the discount store. So yep, pretty cheap dress right there.

 photo 2014-11-05174311_zpsbc123802.jpgA quick spray of L’Oreal Elnett (I don’t think you can get a better hairspray) and black accessories later, it’s time for the finishing touch. A good lipstick is something I hardly ever go without. Now, either I have a dodgy skintone, or I’m wearing the wrong colours, but I never seem to like the ‘popular’ MAC lipsticks. Velvet Teddy? I went to buy it and despised it. Creme in Your Coffee was what I went for instead and I haven’t been disappointed. Creamy and pigmented, this has just enough dark brown to look a little vampy, without seeming like I don’t own a mirror. It’s neutral enough to be pulled off alongside smoky eyes, and long lasting so I don’t need to top up constantly.

 photo 2014-11-05174746_zps9c580073.jpgI’m gutted I don’t have any photographs of the finished look. I put off taking my own as I was running late and knew they would be an official photographer at the dinner. And typically, we missed him. But I’m probably wearing this exact same thing (unless I can find a dress on Saturday…any suggestions?!) for my twenty-first next week so I’m sure it won’t be long before you get a glimpse!

Are you feeling festive yet? Brought a new dress for the party season – I need inspiration?! Have a lovely weekend!

What’s Occurring Wednesday: Birthday Outfit Woes

You might have gathered from rants on Twitter over the last few weeks that I’m struggling to find an outfit for my birthday. I turn 21 in less than three weeks (eek!) and am going out for a nice meal with family and boyfriend. Whilst it’s nothing posh (we’re off to the Red Lion), I obviously want to look nice. I thought I’d found the perfect dress in Next, turns out the size I want is out of stock. I’m currently around £200 awaiting refunds, and still without a dress. I’ve had orders go missing, wrong sizes turn up, damaged items. You name it, what could go wrong has done. I only need the hairdresser to slip with the scissors on the day and I’m all set…

Birthday Wishlist

Back to the dress…I want something different, yet classy. On trend, but wearable again. And something that fits. A lot of dresses this season seem to be far too long on me, but petite lengths are always oddly-fitting. Sigh. I was asked by Avenue 32 to create a wishlist based on their website; I took this as the perfect opportunity to get browsing, gather ideas, and maybeee come up with my perfect birthday outfit.

Birthday Dresses


Black is a classic colour, but these dresses are both a little different. The grey lace overlay on this dress is stunning, and takes the harshness away from the black. And I’ve never seen anything like this dress! I love it, though I’m not sure I’d dare to wear that plunge neckline to dinner with my Nan!
Birthday Accessories

I’m sure most of your have guessed that I love berry and burgundy colours – and I feel they really suit me too. They are the perfect accessorising colour for a black or grey dress, so I’d definitely go with these. The bag looks the perfect size for a night out (I really need a teeny satchel!), and the shoes are just gorgeous. I’m becoming more and more of a shoe girl by the week, no longer content with slobbing round the office in flats, I’m now tottering in patent heels. I feel so much more grown up!


Of course, I’d need a new coat to stay warm in the December air. I get a new coat virtually every birthday/Christmas (joint present!) from my Nan, it’s something of a tradition. I’m feeling a grey coat this winter, mainly due to their beauties. I’m especially in love with this classic one, although this almost blazer style one looks deliciously different to the norm. That said, the shape of these would never suit my rather curvy figure…

I loved browsing the Avenue 32 site, they have some pieces which are completely and utterly my style. Their lingerie offering is pretty lovely too – it’s quite rare that I say that as I’m very fussy. Unfortunately the prices put off the student in me, but I am hoping from a little surprise on my birthday! Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post, although all opinions are my own.

Do you like having a new outfit for a birthday? Any recommendations of places to look whilst searching for a dress?!

Fashion: “Wide” Leg Boots from JD Williams

I, apparently, have fat legs. I can wear Size 10 skinnies (admittedly they’d be an 8 if it wasn’t for the thighs!), but I struggle every year to get a pair of boots that fit. Last year I dragged my boyfriend round every single boot-selling shop in several towns before buying the first pair that did up. Embarrassingly, even the ‘wide-leg’ range in places can come up very tight. And if I do get a pair to fit on my legs, chances are I’ll have to go up to a size 5 (I wear 3-4 generally), and they will also be wide foot width. And I have narrow feet. To put it simply, I dread needing new boots as I will pretty much always end up in tears and starving myself for a few days.

 photo 2014-11-09162706-1_zps6fa069e9.jpgWhen I saw on Twitter that JD Williams were looking for bloggers to review their products, I did audibly squeal with excitement. Checked their website, and you can specify fit on the calf and the foot. Then crossed my fingers in the hope that they’d want to work with me. Luckily they did, so I sent off a couple of choices and let them surprise me. These delights turned up a few days later.

 photo cee637f7-6c35-4180-9fc9-0d11186f8b09_zps0f5e622c.jpgThe Legroom High Leg Boots* have a subtle brogue style design – it’s more subtle in the black, the two-toned brown pair are slightly more of a statement (and absolutely stunning in my opinion). Old habits die hard and I did order a size 5 – I could have got away with the 4, but a pair of thick socks and these are good to go. They are outstandingly comfortable for new boots. I say that as someone sporting a blister the size of 2 50p pieces from boots I bought last year. Water-tight as I unfortunately discovered whilst shopping on Saturday. Andddd…wait for it…big enough on the calf. I went for the Curvy calf option after the not-so-delightful task of measuring my calf. They come bigger and smaller than what I went for, which is damn good if you ask me. Still slightly too wide in the foot as they come in E as the smallest, but nothing thick socks can’t fix.

 photo 2014-11-09162830-1_zpsadf8f276.jpg Photography fair – I had accidentally set a 10-second timer for all shots…

I’ve since spent hours browsing JD Williams site. Their ankle boots are gorgeous – I have serious, serious lust over these beauties. And I don’t tend to like ankle boots! The site has an amazing array for A/W suitable boots and shoes, quality is high so your feet will stay dry, and the size options is better than I’ve seen elsewhere. I don’t think the price is too high either – between £60 and £100 is standard for a pair of real leather knee-highs, and I have a feel these will last far longer than my last pair. These photos were taken on a very soggy walk in the park (a lull in the rain brought us out!) and my feet stayed warm and dry.

 photo 2014-11-09163219_zps59171173.jpgI’m also wearing a beanie hat from Primark, a shift dress from New Look, and a Mango jacket from four years ago. My boyfriend felt left out so I shot some photos of him – he’s far more photogenic anyway! And here’s the usual disclaimer: I was sent these boots for the purpose of a review, however all opinions are my own and 100% honest. Annnd a cheeky ask – I’d love it if you could vote for me in the 2015 UK Blog Awards. I’m lucky enough to have been nominated in the Food, Young Bloggers (not too sure where this entry is) and Lifestyle categories! Thank you to those who nominated (I hand on heart didn’t nominate myself), fingers crossed to all entrants!

Hope you all had a good weekend – I had a lovely one. Afternoon tea, walks in the park, and a gorgeous Sunday lunch of Salt Beef.  Do you prefer knee-high boots or are you an ankle-boot lover?

Fashion: A Satchel for Autumn

I’ve finally got round to showing you this satchel. Despite having had it since last Christmas (technically. A mix up with delivery meant it sat unloved in an empty student house for four weeks) I’ve only just managed to get some photos of it.

 photo 499b903a-2267-4e16-a528-b172e40b3cf7_zpsaf4a792b.jpgAn unexpected Christmas present, I actually won a facebook competition ran by Groupon to get this beauty. My favourite competition win of the lot! It’s from The Leather Satchel Co, who regular readers will know is my favourite satchel company. Extremely friendly staff, amazing customising options, free leather swatches, fast delivery – everything you want in a company. Pretty much customer heaven, and the bags are pretty gorgeous too.

 photo 4bb842e4-6d6d-4a83-96f7-5f147125e09b_zps700bea5b.jpgThe quality of their bags is second-to-none. Just look at that attention to detail! This has survived dropping to the floor on several occasions (including the middle of two roads) as the strap hooks are a little flimsy. That’s my one real complaint with this bag, my giant Oxblood has a completely difficult strap system which is far more robust – but I just switch the strap if I know my bag will get heavy. I wouldn’t take this climbing mountains, but I wouldn’t be so petty as for it to never leave it’s dust bag either.

 photo 01505198-e0e0-42cd-b812-63bd79cfe086_zps34ed7f50.jpgColour is gorgeous. Completely season appropriate, it looks like a bar of dairy milk with stripes of bournville. I’m on a diet, so chocolate is on the brain! If my foggy memory serves me right, the lighter colour is Chestnut Brown, the darker being Chocolate brown. I’m hoping Keith will correct me if I’m wrong! This is my go-to bag at the weekends – its big enough for all of my junk (phone, camera, keys, purse, kindle, and about five lipsticks…), without being too heavy on the shoulder. I love my Oxblood, but I can’t deny it’s heavy. At least twice the weight of this one when it’s empty.

 photo fa74284c-96a8-4be4-9cb2-bf0b88699644_zps137f182a.jpgNow, customisations. As with the Oxblood I’ve had the gusset extended on this guy, by about 1/3. I’d recommend this to everyone as it makes the bag so much more useable. I’ve had poppers put on instead of buckles fasteners too, but I’ve got to admit it can take me just as long to do them up. Obviously it’s a two-tone design, I’ve added a briefcase handle, and I also have a shoulder pad. Not sure I would ever order one without, my Yoshi and Cut Make Trim satchels feel uncomfortable as they are a plain strap. No embossing on this. Sizewise, this is a 14″. I can fit a pad of paper in there, but not an A4 folder.

Ah, a satchel for all seasons. I’m currently wanting a mini cream (Naked Taupe if at all possible!) one, possibly with black detailing. It would be the perfect accessory to my 21st outfit. You wouldn’t believe the difficulties I’m having ordering a dress, but thats another post. If my fifth one fits.

 photo 499b903a-2267-4e16-a528-b172e40b3cf7_zpsaf4a792b.jpg Disclaimer: my Oxblood satchel was a PR gift, all opinions are my own, and this gorgeous satchel was a competition prize. 

Do you like the classic brown satchel look? What would your dream satchel be?