The London Diaries: A Floating Cinema

No, I’ve not gone mad. Yes, you did read it correctly. A floating cinema. Only in London, hey?!

 photo Currys Movie Night13_zpsaamichng.jpgI was invited to enjoy #CurrysMovieNight on Sunday. With little clue as to what this entailed, as soon as I saw Mean Girls was the movie of choice I said a quick “Yes Please and Thank You” and worried about the consequences later.

 photo Currys Movie Night8_zps4gg4wnfm.jpgFor your information, Mean Girls has to be in my list of top ten films of all time. I can quote probably 90% of the lines, I’ve watched it more times than I care to remember, and even W will willingly sit through it. So to watch Mean Girls along with some lovely bloggers, a few too many glasses of bubbles and plenty of popcorn? My dream night out!

 photo Currys Movie Night10_zps13p20kn3.jpg photo Currys Movie Night9_zpsja5t1cjk.jpg photo Currys Movie Night16_zpswxoqpafg.jpgAside from the fab night I had (more on that in a sec), I’ve got to witter on a little about why I love Mean Girls so much. I went to an all girls school until post-sixteen, and the bitchiness from Mean Girl is EXACTLY what it was like. There was the back-stabbing, the name-calling, the girl-on-girl fights. Yes, there were some lovely people but realistically I have stayed in touch with one person. There was a huge lack of respect for both each other and ourselves, just like in Mean Girls. We’d call each other sluts, refer to one another as whores. And that just isn’t right. As the films says, it’s just giving guys the right to call us exactly the same. So yep, it’s a bloody excellent film. It’s girly, it’s funny, but it comes with a message of respect for yourself. And that message is such an important one, I hope Mean Girls stays popular for when I have a teenage daughter.

The skipping class ‘cos you don’t want to lose friends? Been there (in my defense, it was my last ever Biology class and I’d already revised that section, sorry Dr Webster). The Burn Book? I’m pretty sure my form group had one of those at one point in time. The Plastics? There’s many a clique I could have assigned that name to. I remember the Queen Bee being ‘caught’ wearing her hair in a pineapple in a photo – it started a trend of people wearing the pineapple to school. Hmmm…

 photo Currys Movie Night6_zpsnobejhce.jpg photo Currys Movie Night7_zpsuk3gayx0.jpgSo a good great film. And the night itself? Utterly fabulous. Some lovely girls (none of whom I’d met before, I felt very much like Cady on her first day…though I didn’t quite feel as bad as sipping my Prosecco whilst hiding in the loo!), far too much popcorn, far too much to drink. Special shout out to Emma, Leanne and Erica for being so lovely!

 photo Currys Movie Night11_zpsubcrpj3j.jpg photo Currys Movie Night14_zpsgefoplj2.jpg photo Currys Movie Night15_zpstnfqzpdo.jpgThe boat itself definitely wasn’t what I imagined a ‘barge’ to be – it was extra wide, modern and rather swish. With comfy cushions, blackout curtains, plugs and wifi, I could have moved in! Not only does the Floating Cinema do just that (film nights floating down the canal), they also project films onto a massive screen. Those ‘grass’ steps by Granary Square near King’s Cross? Get yourself down there for four days of open-air Sci-Fi films in September! Admittedly Sci-Fi isn’t quite my thing, but next time they put on a chick-flick I’m there!

An absolutely fabulous way to spend a Sunday night, many thanks to Currys and Joe Blogs for having me – hope to see you again soon!

What’s your favourite film?