Beauty: The Holy Grail Conditioner Search

I find my HG conditioner years ago, completely by accident. I’d gone away with my family and completely forgotten to pack some, so I grabbed the cheapest and most moisturising-looking once in ASDA.

Conditioner 2 photo 958dc526-cb3e-41e0-b24a-1a353abb9020_zpscxtpv4af.jpgGuys, I loved this conditioner. Light texture, moisturising, it never weighed my hair down AND it was silicone free (I rarely use shampoo so this is a must for me). At £1 a bottle, it lasted a good six months. I could slather my hair in handfuls of it for a deep treatment, I could add a little to a spray bottle of water for a pick-me-up. A 10p sized dollop would be enough for my entire head, it detangled like a dream.

Conditioner 1 photo 3a7d065a-9813-428a-bd43-bc24544d768b_zpsfpzqbxlb.jpgBut they discontinued it. In truth I am pretty sure they discontinued it a few years back, but I stumbled across three bottles on a shelf last year and grabbed them. I’m now coming to the last of these and face searching for a new conditioner for the first time in years. Urgh.

So, any recommendations for a light but moisturising conditioner, preferably under £2 a bottle (definitely no more than £5!), no silicones, and easily available? 

Have you ever had a product you love be discontinued?

Brand vs Budget: Volumising Shampoo/Conditioner

Over Christmas (read about my holiday here) I ended up leaving my big toiletries at university due to very limited suitcase space and so just used whatever hair washing products were hanging around. I ended up concentrating around two different sets; a Pantene silicone-free duo aimed at fine hair, and a set of Boots own-brand “Provitamin” products designed to be volumising. As both of these are really aimed at the same thing I thought I’d try my hand at a comparison review.

2014-01-15 11.04.01First up, let’s discuss the brand version – the Pantene Pro-V Aqualight Duo, priced at £3.69 each. One important thing to note is that although the conditioner claims to be ‘silicone free’ the shampoo doesn’t. I forgot to check the ingredients on it before I threw away the empty bottle, or I’d give them a quick analyse for you (I did the co-washing trend a few years back, so am pretty clued up on ‘goodies’ and ‘nasties’ in hair products).

I’ve got to admit I really didn’t get on with the Pantene shampoo. To me is felt sticky, didn’t lather (not a deal breaker for me, but it just didn’t feel pleasant) and I actually felt my hair was drier than before. It also seemed to make me a little tangled and bird’s-nest like which definitely isn’t a good thing!

The conditioner was more of a success – I loved the smell (not too strong!) and it felt moisturising but didn’t weigh me down. Now I definitely do NOT have fine hair (if you suggested that to my poor hairdresser he’d probably die laughing, the amount of hair I have is the bane of his life!) but I do find my very thick hair gets weighed down easily, so I like a lightweight but nourishing conditioner. This came pretty close to being ideal!

2014-01-15 11.05.23

Moving onto the budget version!

2014-01-15 11.04.24At £1.99 per huge bottle (and normally on Buy 1 Get 1 Free too!) it’s a lot cheaper than the Pantene offering, and by far my favourite.

The shampoo actually feels like it’s washing my hair, without stripping it. Granted it isn’t as gentle as my favourite Tresemme Naturals product, but it definitely feels a good-quality product.

The conditioner is perhaps a little runnier than I would like, so you have to use a good handful, but it is light and feels nourishing. I do feel I get a little build-up from this product so wouldn’t want to use it long-term, but its an excellent budget choice for holidays.

2014-01-15 11.05.59-2All in all, I definitely prefered the budget duo when comparing these two sets of products. For a significantly cheaper price there’s actually a slight improvement in quality. However I don’t think I’ll be sticking to either of these products over a long period of time…currently I’m extremely excited as what used to be my all-time favourite conditioner seems to be newly available!

What are your favourite hair-washing products?

Beauty on a Budget: MyBeauty Compare

We’ve all heard about comparison sites for insurance; we all know to Compare Markets not Meerkats (is it just me that’s totally in love with meerkats purely because of this advert?!). Well there’s a new kind of comparison site online and its one that seems far more interesting. MyBeauty Compare works on the same principle as other comparison sites; you put your details in, what you’re looking for, and it offers recommendations before (and this is the most impressive bit) directing you to the place where you can buy it the cheapest.

 photo Cover_zps1510e3d4.png

For a budget-restricted window shopped like me, this is bad news! A site where I can look at makeup matched to me, and then find where I can buy it cheapest. Too easy! But I reckon if you have self-control this is an easy way of grabbing items from your lust-list at the cheapest possible price.

The registration process is a little more long-winded that other websites, but I can only describe this as a good thing. When your register you answer a not-too-long, not-too-short questionnaire giving details about your skin and hair condition, as well as skintone and eye colour. All of this helps to ensure that you will never be recommended unsuitable products by the site. I was really impressed with the layout of the questionnaire; very intuitive! I completed my registration in 10 minutes, so it doesn’t take long at all.

 photo Join_zps1c023abd.png

I did at first think the website would be gimmick-y and not to my tastes, and I certainly didn’t think that products would end up being tailored to me. I’m pleased to say I was very wrong, and I’m really impressed with the site. I’ve not noticed a single product that I thought ‘eurgh’ about, which is great!

I’m also pleased to see that the site is directing users to the cheapest offering of the product they wish to buy – even little differences like a £1 here or there add up when you’re on a budget! If you are a beauty and product lover like me, this website is likely to become invaluable!

 photo Questions_zpsec63338b.png
One of my favourite things about the site, though, has to be the product reviews (written by other beauty fanatics, and people who really know what they are talking about) and the forum. Talking to other users is definitely going to become a little bit of addiction, so much so I’ll be adding this site to my ‘block list’ during the week as I know it’ll be a distraction!

The site is free to register on, and it only takes a few minutes, so I highly suggest signing up here and having a browse – I’m so glad there’s now a beauty comparison website, and I’m sure my bank balance is too!

 photo Logo_zps3aaa0e83.png

What do you think of MyBeauty Compare?

I was not paid for this post, but I was promised a few small products in return. All views are my own, and I was actually visiting MyBeauty Compare before being asked to write this post.