Lifestyle: Best Things I’ve Eaten

My strongest holiday memories often involve the food I was eating. I hate how greedy and indulgent that sounds, but it’s also totally true. It’s partly because I’m a total foodie, and partly because holiday meals have always been enjoyed as a family, they’re always a bit occasion. When Travelbag asked me to write about the best food I’ve eaten abroad I jumped at the chance. Then realised I couldn’t choose just one single thing. So, here’s the top ten things I’ve eaten ever:

 photo Clean Eating Challenge1_zps1eioqlvr.jpg photo Clean Eating Challenge2_zpsql5uk3u7.jpg1. Lahmucan

This is one of my all-time favourite things ever. I spent a few years going to Turkey every summer and without a doubt one of my favourite things to eat was Lahmucan. Flatbread that was crispy on the edges and soft in the middle, topped with spicy mince, wrapped around a little salad. I could have eaten this every day! I’m not entirely sure if the authentic versions are made with tomato, but I’ve managed to recreate it a couple of times just to ease the craving.

2. A Deep Fried Mars Bar

I couldn’t resist! I finally tried one of these in Edinburgh last year and really enjoyed it. The combination of savoury batter and thick, sickly chocolate was odd but I loved it. #sorrynotsorry

3. Baked Alaska

Something I was lucky enough to try at the age of 8, I think I loved this more because of the theatre of it (a flaming pudding, balanced on top of the waiters head, on a cruise ship!) than because of the taste – I wasn’t refined enough back then to appreciate pistachio ice cream! Still, I’d love to have this again sometime soon!

 photo VenicePasta2_zpslyvdv34m.jpg photo VenicePasta1_zpsrfsihdib.jpg4. Seafood Pasta

In Venice we came across a restaurant we ended up visiting two nights in a row – it was that good. They served me the most delicious off-menu seafood pasta to account for my tomato-allergy. Swimming with clams, mussels, squid prawns and other bits I couldn’t indeify, it was beautifully flavoured with wine, garlic and chilli. Just perfection. The dish of courgette and langoustines was almost as good.

5. Veal Sausage & Rosti

I’ve spoken about my love of Swiss Food before, but one of my favourite meals ever has to be a veal sausage, swimming in onion gravy, sat on top of a potato rosti. For me the perfect rosti is crisp on the outside, but still gets soggy from the gravy. Perfection – and the setting of a revolving mountain-top restaurant wasn’t bad either!

Imli Street Restaurant Review3 photo cfcfb507-31df-4f94-8a37-279c0d391fcb_zpsduezg9iw.jpg6. Fresh Grilled Fish

Another one from Turkey. In our regular hotel I always used to have a ‘starter’ of a fish from the outside grill, a tomato-based couscous and salad. The fish varied depending on the catch of the day, but it was always fresh, grilled whole and just so lovely. If only I could afford fresh fish more often!

 photo St Moritz Restaurant Review Soho 12_zpsxj1zl5o7.jpg photo St Moritz Restaurant Review Soho 17_zpsm3esxrlw.jpg7. Fondue

Ah, fondue. I don’t really need to say much more!

8. Chocolate Ice Cream

When I was little I challenged myself to find the best chocolate ice-cream. There were several contenders, and in fact until this summer the winner was a massive cone eaten in Sicily. However the gelato served on the same road as our hotel in Rome took the crown – so rich, creamy and utterly delicious!

 photo Pane amp Vino 2_zpsht0zmrlp.jpg9. Mozzarella & Prosciutto Sandwich

Another Italian moment, and a sandwich I’ve been craving recently. Putting together this post hasn’t helped! If you’re ever in Rome I highly suggest a visit to Pane & Vino for the warmest welcome and the freshest sandwich. It was perfect after our early flight, but they are equally fab as a cheaper alternative to a restaurant lunch.

 photo Pump Shoreditch 6_zpsxv2enez2.jpg photo Pump Shoreditch 7_zpsj6xwmrft.jpg10. Korean Fried Chicken

Probably a little bit of a cheat here, but I did fall in love with Korean Fried Chicken when I visited Pump a few weeks back. So moist, tender and utterly flavourful. Spicy, crispy, tasty – what’s not to love?!

As it turns out, putting together a list of ten choices was just as difficult! I can safely say there’s no way I’d be able to choose just one thing…

*Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post, but as always all opinions are my own!

What’s the best food you’ve ever eaten?


Beauty: A Little Duty Free Haul

My parents went on a (seemingly lovely) holiday to Turkey recently, and to make up for leaving me at the 9-5 grind I gave them a little list of things I might like to receive from duty free. Now, this list wasn’t overly long, and it also makes up my 21st birthday wishlist – I was also asked to make it longer than just a few items so they had a choice, and I wouldn’t end up disappointed if they didn’t have specific items. Plus it meant I got a surprise in terms of what I actually received! Here’s what I got…

First of some Toblerone. This was technically for my boyfriend, but I’m sure I can get him to share! My parents also brought me back some Turkish biscuits. They are packet ones, not traditional, and cost about 30p for each packet – they are delicious and I’ve actually dreamt about them in the four years it’s been since I went out there. I may or may not have about six packets now…

 photo abc24cbd-b0eb-4a18-8a34-4e6612072a6a_zps8b51875b.jpgI also have a lovely new perfume. Since my operation last year (I had what is essentially nose-job, but not for cosmetic or beauty reasons) I’ve found my sense of smell has changed quite a bit. I’m now not as in love with some of my older perfumes, so I took the chance of asking for something new. I love a lot of the Miss Dior fragrances, but was given the original. This is a really sophisticated scent, it smells great on my skin, lasts ages, and just smells light enough for the office, but strong enough to actually smell distinct. I’m in love!

 photo c5c3b973-f52b-4e0a-91fd-e4159c8f53df_zps27f371a9.jpgFinally I have one of the (many!) MAC lipsticks I asked for. A lot on my list were either bolds or neutrals, but my lovely mum picked up Craving. On me this sits somewhere in the middle. Its not a nude colour, but it’s not totally bold either. It’s a lovely pink, but not berry toned (as I do tend to wear a lot of them!), and not the dreaded barbie pink either – you’ll know from this post last week I hate barbie toned pinks on me! I’m really looking forward to wearing this for work, as I’m conscious of nude colours washing me out under office lighting. I do wince at the price tags, but for the colour choice and wear-time I do think MAC lipsticks are worth it. If anyone has a recommendation for a dark, almost burgundy red, then please do suggest away!

Do you have a duty-free wish list?