Lifestyle: A Mini Flat Tour

Only three months too late!

 photo Flat Tour 7_zpsdymmpebu.jpg photo Flat Tour 3_zps29ohq4xi.jpgI can’t quite believe we’ve held the keys to our little flat for three months now; it’s gone so quickly, but equally it feels like it’s been our home forever.

We’re only renting so are a little restricted with what we can and can’t do – no painting or banging things into the wall. Luckily everything was already in a very ‘us’ colour scheme – netural but with splashes of colour (red in the kitchen and living area, purple in the bedroom). We’ve played on this and added in bits and bobs in those colours and now you’d never tell this wasn’t “our” place.

 photo Flat Tour 12_zps007eg36o.jpg photo Flat Tour 14_zpsmeggostm.jpgOf course, I had to add touches of grey and copper everywhere too. So blogger-esque. We picked up some lovely desk lamps in IKEA that work really well at the side of the bed – and I spent hours hunting down the perfect floor lamp for the lounge area. I found it: one with an exposed bulb, wire cage, copper AND marble. For under £40 this was a bit of a steal. I’m forever hunting down cushions that would work and our bedding took a lot of research. I find my skin is super sensitive to bedding material (I still have the scars from a reaction to Primark sheets three years ago), so if anyone finds a super-soft and cosy white set I’d love to know about it!

 photo Flat Tour 18_zpsprjvzjuu.jpg photo Flat Tour 16_zpsdiv4s29w.jpg photo Hygge 2_zpsnj1shpic.jpgOne of my favourite areas in the flat is, I say rather lazily, my bed. I’ve created a really cosy little corner and there’s nothing I love more than snugging up with a warm drink and a good book. W built me some ever-so-on-trend ladder shelves to fit in my tiny gap between bed and wall. Dressed with fairy lights, I think they look pretty damn good! They’re perfect for storing all my bits and bobs: bridal magazines; books;lip balms and probably a few too many used mugs!

 photo Flat Tour 21_zpsluqhklfx.jpg photo Flat Tour 22_zpserliupxb.jpg photo Flat Tour 13_zpsvxxkmxux.jpgAnd the best thing about living with W? I get part-ownership of his Kitchen Aid – when he’s out of the flat at least! (Or, as he says, I get to use his Kitchen Aid). It makes whipping up a batch of his famous cookies far too easy, plus we have an ice-cream attachment. He made a Chocolate & Whisky ice-cream a few weeks back and it was divine. I definitely need to keep up my exercise regime now baking is such a huge part of our lives.

 photo Flat Tour 4_zpsls0m3lsb.jpg photo 2016-10-23 16.21.25_zpsfj2tkf9o.jpg photo 2016-10-23 16.19.58_zpssxpptb8y.jpg photo 2016-10-23 16.17.43_zpsojjjtnj8.jpgFor what is essentially a studio flat, we have far too many things, far too much stuff. We have a lot of much-loved nick-nacks (we’ll be looking for a bigger place if we I bring home any more). You’d never know from our bookshelves that half of our cookbook collection is actually still in Northampton. The majority of my clothes are stored in boxes under the bed (though shush, I’m not sure W is aware of how many clothes I actually have!). Yet we have a gorgeous flat, with equally gorgeous views – and of course our “pets!”

Where do you get your homeware bits from? Any recommendations for copper pieces?

Beauty: Dressing Table Dreaming

One of the things I have always, always wanted, ever since I was a little girl, was a grown-up dressing table. When I was younger there was something so impossibly glamorous about the idea, even though no-one I knew had one. Somewhere to sit and get ready for the day, somewhere to display my perfume, and the pretty bits of my makeup collection.

 photo Room Tour Summer 2016 1_zpscbjysfmu.jpg photo Room Tour Summer 2016 3_zpsmd7mskvu.jpgWhen showing you my ‘summer room‘ (i.e. how I’d done up my old childhood room for the last few months I’d be spending in it, post-university and pre-graduate job), I introduced my mini-dressing table. Made up of my fold-up desk (Argos), and wicker drawers (similar in Wilkinson), and then my makeup storage, this fits in perfectly next to my sofa bed and lets me have all my bits and bobs to hand – so useful as I’m here, there and everywhere this summer. I’m not too sure that, other than Brighton, I’ve spent more than two nights in the same place since the beginning of July!

Unfortunately I’m not to sure whether Ian bring this set-up with me when I move – whilst it isn’t overly big, and our flat isn’t ridiculously small, I know I’d sooner use any spare space to set up a little desk. After-all, when working full-time I know damn well I’ll be running around in the morning, throwing makeup on whilst eating my breakfast, so someone dedicated to sitting and getting ready just isn’t worth it.

All above photographs taken, in order, from the blog posts linked below.

That hasn’t, however, stopped me lusting after other bloggers’ dressing table set-ups though! One of my favourite type of posts to read is room tours (what can I say, I’m nosey!). Jasmine has given me some major goals with the products she has on hers, plus I have major respect for this girl – so much stuff, yet it all looks so tidy. I don’t know how she does it! I adore Kate’s interior style, and have done for years, and her dressing table is no exception. I love how modern it looks, whilst still being luxurious. If my flat looks half as lovely as hers does, I’ll be one happy girly! Sticking with the more modern look, I love how Kerry has combined a dressing table with a workspace, this is definitely something I’ll have to see if I can squeeze into the flat. I’m loving the motivational quotes too! Belle’s dressing table is a lot more traditional, a lot more like my childhood dreams and I’m definitely in love. One thing I’ll definitely be doing in my new flat is adding a bit of greenery to the space; I’ve been desperate for some catci/succulents for a while now, so this is the perfect time. I love how Rebecca has mixed cacti onto her dressing table, giving the feminine beauty products a more masculine background!

 photo Room Tour Summer 2016 2_zpsipxjbxzi.jpgSo many gorgeous dressing tables out there, the blogging world is full of inspiration. And don’t get me started on Pinterest, I may as well have my own ‘dressing table dream’ board on there. In fact, I may just create one right now…

Are you a fan of dressing tables? If you’ve posted a room tour post, please send over the link!

University: The Practicalities of Moving Out

So, you’ve got everything you need (and more – I’ll be writing a post about that soon enough), all the paperwork is complete, your overdraft is ready, student finance sorted. You’re all set to move out…or are you? There’s so many practical ‘life skills’ involved with living more independently that some may find themselves struggling.

 photo 2015-06-27 11.44.30_zpsajuau0gv.jpgIn the third week of second year, the bathroom light blew. Four girls in the house, none of us had ever changed a lightbulb. Que me standing on a chair peering at it, the lightbulb eventually smashing into the bathtub. I’ll be forever proud that I managed to sort it though!

 photo 2015-05-31 15.28.48_zps6o49plsj.jpgShortly into our second term, our smoke alarms decided to intermittently beep all day. All very well and good, until 9pm came and they decided to go off fully. And not stop. We eventually worked out which one had the fault and got it off the wall, still going… It took a knife and a pair of tweezers (and a very helpful male student next door!) to get the batteries out and the wires severed.

So, my practical tips for moving out…?

Know How to Change a Bulb

A simple one possibly, but it’s one I definitely overlooked. I can know change a bulb if I have to. It’s awkward at my height as even standing on a chair can make it a stretch. Apparently 1 in 4 Brits don’t know how to change a lightbulb – an interesting stat!

Locate Your Fuse Box

I’m currently on placement and in accomodation found on SpareRoom – I live with my landlady in a two-bed terrace, yet 11 months on am still not sure where the fuse box is. I blew the lights a few months back and just went to bed until someone came home and fixed it…
 photo 2015-07-07 19.34.13_zpscaichsk4.jpg

Know What Cleans What

Generally speaking, you can’t use the same generic cleaning fluid on all materials. What makes stainless steel shine might might windows and mirrors blurry. It’s even more important if you have real marble or granite surfaces as some chemicals can permanently damage these.

Buy A Pan Stand

We’ve all done it, had a hot pan we need to put somewhere. Just remember that (especially in student housing) worktops are often plastic and DO melt. As do chopping boards…

Identify A Friendly Neighbour

I’m not sure we’d have managed to sort out smoke alarm problem without the help of the guy next door – it always pays to have someone you can rely on to sort things like that! My parents live next door to a plumber and electrician which was very handy when water started to come through the dining room ceiling a few months back!
 photo 2015-07-01 07.48.37_zpsfivmpnuh.jpg


But it’s not all about me – here’s the top five life skills people wished they had learned at school;

  • Car maintenance (39%)
  • How to wallpaper or paint a wall (33%)
  • How to set up and pay for bills (31%)
  • How to take out a mortgage (30%)
  • How to set up a bank account (25%)

What life skills do you think are essential for moving out? Did you have any disasters when you moved away from your parents?