Review: Klang Earphones

A slightly different Tuesday post for me, as it doesn’t really fit into the usual ‘beauty’ or ‘fashion’ theme – though this earphones certainly add something to an outfit.

Klang Earphones1 photo 028c8d6a-fecd-4392-b296-272c62544d4f_zpszyt4nvza.jpgI was recently offered the opportunity to review some Sudio earphones of my choice, and I jumped at the chance. I rarely listen to music as I’ve never found earphones that fit and comfortable and stay in. Having long, thick hair means I frequently dislodge them just by walking, my small ears mean they can be quite painful and my pet hate is being able to hear other people’s music as it’s too loud. I was intrigued by the Klang’s wire design, with one wire looping round the back of your neck. It doesn’t help that these earphones are beautiful.

An odd thing, perhaps, to describe earphones as beautiful. But these really are lovely, stylish, modern, yet sleek and almost feminine. They just look so much better than standard headphones.

Klang Earphones2 photo de3ebf66-b8db-4b57-87a2-1caf9f237f1d_zpsh2neae9c.jpgKlang Earphones4 photo bb7a81eb-babc-4b22-b3f8-4c336432fb1f_zpsxujtku5b.jpgThe beautiful styling wasn’t just limited to the actual product. Packaging was pretty much perfection, and the leather case for these earphones is slim, chic and just damn useful (I’m the one who shreds earphone wires whilst closing a drawer…).

But it’s no good just have pretty earphones, they have to perform too. And these do. Admittedly I don’t have much to compare them with, but I genuinely don’t notice any distortion to music compared to listening through a speaker. It’s clear, I can set the volume to a nice level – as in I can’t hear someone talking next to me, but they can’t hear my music. They stay in whilst walking, mainly due to the ’round the head’ wire preventing my hair knocking things out of place.

 photo 2015-06-15 19.55.58_zpsih9amdd5.jpgThe Klang earphones are designed to go with Apple products, though work well with Android (that’s what I use) – the extra buttons are just surperlous without an iPhone. That said, I used them briefly with W’s phone and they didn’t seem to work particularly well…possibly as that’s an entirely new concept to me.

With the rising cost of earphones these seem a bit of a bargain at $60 (though I’m not sure if that’s American!), and ship from Sweden within a few days. To make them even sweeter, using this Sudio discount code Ninegrandstudent15 will get you a cheeky 15% off. And they’re so prettyyyyy.

Disclaimer time! I was offered a pair of these to try out, opinions are my own as always!

Are you a fan of music on the go? What earphones do you use?

Student Summer: Logitech Speaker Adapter* (Sneaky Money Saving Tip!)

Now, speakers aren’t an essential bit of kit to take to university, but when you come to second year and living off campus it’s a good idea if you have a set in your house. They are great for parties, but also improving the sound quality during a film night, or even (in my case a few years ago) when the speakers on your laptop break. Now, wireless ones are best, purely because it doesn’t matter if you need to use the device, and its easy to pair up other people’s devices too. But wireless ones are often more expensive, and cheap ones aren’t too reliable. Here’s where Logitech come in.

 photo 2014-09-10175827_zps9e95ae3c.jpgThey’ve created a wonderful little device that converts your wired speakers into wireless. I won’t pretend to understand how it works (though in reality it’s probably quite simple) but it works well.

 photo 2014-09-10175524_zps89d9f317.jpgI was lucky enough to be spent some gorgeous (is that a legitimate way to describe speakers?!) speakers* as I didn’t have any, just so I could test the adapter* out! The speakers work really well, I’ve always loved Logitech’s pieces anyway, and the build and sound quality of these is second to none. From what I’ve tried at least!

 photo 2014-09-10175510_zpsc050e64e.jpgWhen using the adapter the sound quality does drop slightly, but it’s only noticeable if you go from one to the other virtually immediately. It definitely doesn’t detract from whatever you’re playing. My only niggle with the adapter is that I’d love it to match my speakers – the white and black look is a little strange in my opinion! But I keep the speakers out on show, and only use the adapter when needed so it’s not a huge deal. Something to consider if you’re buying both at the same time though.

 photo 2014-09-10175806_zpsf591d325.jpgIn terms of whether to pick up an adapter for your existing speakers or buy a whole new set, I would wholeheartedly recommend the adapter. Probably cheaper in the long-run, as I find cheaper wireless speakers just aren’t great. Definitely something worth picking up!

 photo 2014-09-10175854_zps77f2e7c7.jpgDisclaimer: I was sent the speakers and adapter for the purpose of this review, but I genuinely enjoy using them and do think the adapter is a great bit of kit for students! I also love how the speakers don’t out of place in my new shabby-chic room! And now I shall stop writing…and dance around the room to what is probably excessively-loud Bon Jovi. Yep, weird music taste alert!

What music do you listen to?